Semifinals at Dodger Stadium - Game is over

Game started at 10:00

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
United States 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 2 6 0
Japan 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 4 1
Japan At-bat: Nobuhiro Matsuda
  • B●●●●
  • S
  • O
U.S. Pitcher: Gregerson
  • 3.7TUE-3.11SAT

    1st round pool B

    Tokyo Dome

    3.7  19:00  11-6
    3.8 19:00   1-4
    3.10 19:00 7-1

  • 3.12SUN-3.16THU

    2nd round pool E

    Tokyo Dome

    3.12 19:00 6-8
    3.14 19:00 8-5
    3.15 19:00 8-3

  • 3.19SUN-3.20MON

    Practice game (Arizona)

    Sloan Park / Camelback Ranch

    3.19 5:05 Cubs 6-4
    3.20 5:05 Dodgers 3x -2

  • 3.21 TUE-3.23THU

    Final Round

    Dodger Stadium

    3.21 10:00 semifinals 4-3
    3.22 10:00 semifinals 1-2
    3.23 10:00 Final Game    0-8

WBC Players

28 people

PITCHER Yuki Matsui
Yuki Matsui Tohoku Rakuten
Uniform Number 10
PITCHER Tomoyuki Sugano
Tomoyuki Sugano Yomiuri
Uniform Number 11
PITCHER Ryo Akiyoshi
Ryo Akiyoshi Tokyo Yakult
Uniform Number 12
PITCHER Takahiro Norimoto
Takahiro Norimoto Tohoku Rakuten
Uniform Number 14
PITCHER Naoki Miyanishi
Naoki Miyanishi Hokkaido Nippon-Ham
Uniform Number 15
PITCHER Shintaro Fujinami
Shintaro Fujinami Hanshin
Uniform Number 17
PITCHER Hirotoshi Masui
Hirotoshi Masui Hokkaido Nippon-Ham
Uniform Number 19
PITCHER Ayumu Ishikawa
Ayumu Ishikawa Chiba Lotte
Uniform Number 16
PITCHER Shota Takeda
Shota Takeda Fukuoka SoftBank
Uniform Number 30
PITCHER Toshiya Okada
Toshiya Okada Chunichi
Uniform Number 34
PITCHER Kazuhisa Makita
Kazuhisa Makita Saitama Seibu
Uniform Number 35
PITCHER Kohdai Senga
Kohdai Senga Fukuoka SoftBank
Uniform Number 41
PITCHER Yoshihisa Hirano
Yoshihisa Hirano Orix
Uniform Number 66
CATCHER Ginjiro Sumitani
Ginjiro Sumitani Saitama Seibu
Uniform Number 9
CATCHER Seiji Kobayashi
Seiji Kobayashi Yomiuri
Uniform Number 22
CATCHER Shota Ohno
Shota Ohno Hokkaido Nippon-Ham
Uniform Number 27
INFIELDER Kosuke Tanaka
Kosuke Tanaka Hiroshima Toyo
Uniform Number 2
INFIELDER Nobuhiro Matsuda
Nobuhiro Matsuda Fukuoka SoftBank
Uniform Number 3
INFIELDER Ryosuke Kikuchi
Ryosuke Kikuchi Hiroshima Toyo
Uniform Number 4
INFIELDER Hayato Sakamoto
Hayato Sakamoto Yomiuri
Uniform Number 6
Sho Nakata Hokkaido Nippon-Ham
Uniform Number 13
INFIELDER Tetsuto Yamada
Tetsuto Yamada Tokyo Yakult
Uniform Number 23
OUTFIELDER Seiichi Uchikawa
Seiichi Uchikawa Fukuoka SoftBank
Uniform Number 1
OUTFIELDER Norichika Aoki
Norichika Aoki Houston Astros
Uniform Number 7
OUTFIELDER Ryosuke Hirata
Ryosuke Hirata Chunichi
Uniform Number 8
OUTFIELDER Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh
Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh Yokohama DeNA
Uniform Number 25
Seiya Suzuki Hiroshima Toyo
Uniform Number 51
OUTFIELDER Shogo Akiyama
Shogo Akiyama Saitama Seibu
Uniform Number 55

United to become World Champions

WBSC World Baseball Ranking

1 Japan 5699
2 United States 5378
3 Korea 4789
4 Selected Team 3901
5 Cuba 3737
6 Mexico 2961
7 Venezuela 2804
8 Australia 2433
9 Netherlands 2071
10 Canada 2020
11 Puerto Rico 1759
12 Italy 1708
13 Czech 1362
14 Panama 1318
15 Nicaragua 1267

Ranking as of March 28, 2017

Samurai Japan Tournament Schedule & Results

Top Team
Asia professional baseball championship 2017
BFA 28th Asian Championship
Collegiate National Team
41st USA-Japan International Collegiate Series
29th Universiade Tournament
28th WBSC U-18 World Cup
ninth BFA U-15 Asian Championship
fourth WBSC U-12 World Cup
first Asian Baseball Championship


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"2017 World Baseball Classic" (WBC)
The semifinals that reached in 6 successive victories hill staff as for the nice pitching
One point of defeat that is regretful in the United States
9th BFA U-12 Asian Championship
Samurai Japan U-12 National Team won all 5 games and achieved its first victory in BFA U-12 Asian Championship
"SAMURAI JAPAN Warm-up Game Game 3" (November, 2016)
Japan won a walk-off against the Netherlands with the Shota Ohno’s (Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters) RBI single in a 10 inning tie breaker
"The first WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup"
Samurai Japan U-23 National Team won the first championship
"The seventh WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup"
Samurai Japan Women’s National Team achieved five-time consecutive champions without losing a game
"The eleventh BFA U-18 Asian Championship"
SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 which stood in top of the fifth Asia that it was such 2 meetings by six clean scores
The 3rd WBSC U-15 Baseball World Cup 2016 in Iwaki
Yumeto Taguchi (Tochigi lower field little senior) which was picked by the top nine (second baseman) and best defense player
"The 40th USA-Japan International Collegiate Series"
SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team which decides 2 meetings consecutive the 18th championships, and is boiled in delight
"The first world baseball WBSC premiere 12"
SAMURAI JAPAN which gained victory in 3rd Place Match, and won bronze medal
"The 27th Asian Baseball Championship"
In the first game, Takuya Kinoshita (TOYOTA) contributed to victory with three hits and three RBIs.



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