World baseball WBSC premiere 12 Nov. 8 (Sun) to 21 (Sat) 2015

Top November 22, 2015

WBSC Premier 12: Sho Nakata and Shohei Ohtani have been selected as the Best Nine.

Top November 21, 2015

Won in the 7th inning under mercy the rule with splendid five homers! Japan came in the third place by defeating Mexico 11-1!

Top November 19, 2015

The doomed 9th inning…Japan suffered unexpected defeat at the end despite Ohtani's fine pitching with no runs allowed! Japan lost to South Korea 3-4 and will play the game for the third place.

Top November 18, 2015

Rakuten Card is now running a campaign to give uniforms signed by Samurai Japan players including Nakata, Ohtani, Maeda, etc.

Top November 16, 2015

Ace pitcher Maeda played 7 innings with no runs allowed! Japan swept Puerto Rico 9-3 with a perfect harmony between pitching and hitting, advancing to the semifinal game!

Top November 15, 2015

Dramatic Sayonara! Japan won 6-5 to Venezuela and swept all five games, advancing to the quarterfinals!

Top November 14, 2015

Brilliant come-from-behind victory by Tsutsugoh, Nakata, and Matsuda! Japan won the first round with the first place by defeating USA 10-2!

Top November 12, 2015

Superb outings by Sho Nakata again! Japan won three games in a row since the opening round by defeating Dominica 4-2!

Top November 11, 2015

Dramatic win by Nakata’s explosive five runs! Japan won a walk-off against Mexico with 6-5!

Top November 10, 2015

Result of WBSC Premier 12 on November 10. Mexico also opened with win and will play with Japan tomorrow.

Japan November 9, 2015

For "it is the strongest in the world"! It is showcase in SAMURAI JAPAN Official motivation movie, Official HP

Top November 8, 2015

An impressive player Ohtani scored 10 strikeouts in 6 innings with no runs allowed! A sweeping victory archrival South Korea with 12 hits! Opened with win for the first champion!

Top November 7, 2015

Now ready for the first game! The Premier 12 first game: Japan vs. South Korea will start at 19:00 on 8th, tomorrow. Samurais, Fight bravely at the battle place in the north!

Top November 6, 2015

Won a come-from-behind victory in the last-ditch 9th inning after a hard fight! “WBSC Premier 12” will start with the score of 2 wins in 2 games in the warm-up game!

Top November 6, 2015

Voting starts today! "Who is SAMURAI JAPAN No. 1 "SAMURAI JAPAN MVP vote? "supported by NISSAN"

Top November 5, 2015

Fine pitching by Maeda, a “Samurai ace pitcher,” 8 strikeouts in 3 innings! 12 hits and 8 runs in total from the first 2 runs scored by Akiyama!

Top November 4, 2015

Now ready for play ball! Previous day’s practice for the warm-up game on 5th. "The cleanup hitter for tomorrow will be Takeya Nakamura," says Manager Kokubo.

Top November 3, 2015

It's time to play! Many surprises revealed in the Samurai Japan's first send-off party! "Shohei Ohtani will be the pitcher in the opening game," says Manager Kokubo!

Japan November 2, 2015

Support Samurai tamabe e is open in Fukuoka on - Friday, November 6 on Tuesday (holiday) on November 3

Top November 2, 2015

SAMURAI JAPAN first Send-off Party tomorrow November 3 Tuesday (holiday) holding

Top November 2, 2015

Change of Players in SAMURAI JAPAN Top National Team

Top November 2, 2015

From Tuesday, November 3 to 6th Friday "SAMURAI JAPAN" X "animation captain" niconico LiVE support program, broadcast decision!

Japan November 2, 2015

Special event of the national baseball team "Samurai Japan" will start on GungHo's three game apps for smartphone.

Top November 1, 2015

Change of Players in SAMURAI JAPAN Top National Team

Top October 24, 2015

"Samurai Japan Send-off Party" will be held in Fukuoka on November 3 (Tue./holiday)!

Top October 22, 2015

NTT Plala has becomes a presenting sponsor for "WSBC Premier 12 Samurai Japan Build-up Game"

Top October 22, 2015

Change of Players in SAMURAI JAPAN Top National Team

Top October 21, 2015

Purchase an unreserved outfield seat ticket and get a "GungHo Original Supporter Towel" on November 8 (Sun.)

Japan October 21, 2015

Go support Samurai Japan at the WBSC Premier 12 wearing an original uniform

Top October 19, 2015

Introduction of Samurai Japan top team players

Top October 9, 2015

Samurai Japan "Premier 12" Press conference for announcement of final 28-member roster

Top October 9, 2015

WSBC Premier 12 Samurai Japan Top Team final 28-member roster announced!

Japan October 9, 2015

Go support Samurai Japan at the Premier 12 wearing an original uniform

Top October 9, 2015

WSBC Premier 12 Samurai Japan Training Games Japan vs. Puerto Rico to be aired on TV!

Top October 9, 2015

WSBC Premier 12 Samurai Japan Top Team Roster player changes

Top October 9, 2015

WSBC Premier 12 Samurai Japan coaches announced!

Top September 29, 2015

Project for Introduction of “Highlighted Members” Selected by Samurai Japan Top Team and Media Outlets!

Top September 25, 2015

WBSC Premier 12 tour giveaway promotion is run at Samurai Japan supporters' special website sponsored by GungHo

Top September 10, 2015

45 prospects for Samurai Japan top team to play in WBSC World Baseball Premier 12 are announced

Japan July 16, 2015

Announcing the conclusion of a contract with Brooks Brothers Japan as an official suit partner!

Top July 16, 2015

The primary candidate players for the Samurai Japan Top National Team "WBSC World Baseball Premier 12" announced!

Top July 16, 2015

Announcing a practice game for "World Baseball Premier 12"

Top July 16, 2015

Coaching staff announced for the Top National Team, WBSC World Baseball Premier 12!

Top July 16, 2015

Candidate Top Team first Accouncement of players! 65 people link the name for "WBSC Premier 12" performed in November

Top July 13, 2015

The press conference for the announcement of the "primary candidate players" for the Samurai Japan Top Team will start at 3:30 pm on Thursday, July 16, 2015.

Top July 13, 2015

Ground wave broadcasters for WBSC Premier 12 are decided Exclusive Broadcasting by Asahi National Broadcasting and TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television)

Top June 22, 2015

Decision, Manager Kokubo are tougher, "they fight." in schedule of "WBSC Premier 12"

Top June 22, 2015

It is decided in WBSC Premier 12, all game schedules!

Top May 21, 2015

The Japan National Baseball Team, history of fierce battle with Korea

Top May 21, 2015

We receive WBSC Premier 12, group league decision, and Otani interviews

Top May 21, 2015

We receive WBSC Premier 12, group league decision, and Nakata interviews

Top May 20, 2015

Partner of first match of "WBSC Premier 12" SAMURAI JAPAN is decided by Korea!

Top March 26, 2015

"Hikari TV 4K Global Baseball Match 2015 Samurai Japan vs. Europe" - Event Overview

Top January 19, 2015

Warm-up Game with ALL EURO is decided in March! We expect for team reinforcement for WBSC premiere 12

Top January 19, 2015

In a fight among the world’s 12 best baseball countries, Japan looks to become world champion in the “WBSC Premier 12” set for November!

Top January 19, 2015

“WBSC Premier 12 (provisional name)” - Event Overview

Top January 19, 2015

The “WBSC Premier 12 (provisional name)” – The international tournament that determines “World’s No.1” -

Top January 19, 2015

Samurai Japan Build-up Game 2015 “Samurai Japan vs. Europe” (provisional title)

SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Party Presented by Lawson HMV entertainment

November 3 Tuesday (holiday) SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Party
Special venue in Hilton Fukuoka sea hawk

Hikari TV 4K presents world baseball WBSC premiere 12 SAMURAI JAPAN Warm-up Game Japan VS Puerto Rico

Thursday, November 5

Puerto Rico VS. Japan
Puerto Rican 3-8 Japan
Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome

Friday, November 6

Japan VS. Puerto Rico
Japanese 3-2 Puerto Rico
Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome

Opening Game

[Group B] November 8th (Sun)

Japan VS. Korea
Japanese 5-0 Korea
(Sapporo Dome)

[Group A] Monday, November 9

Selected Team VS. Netherlands
The Chinese Taipei 4-7 Netherlands

Preliminary group

Group A
Selected Team
・Taipei (the fourth place)
(the third place)
(the fifth place)
(the seventh place)
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
(the ninth place)
(the eleventh place)

※() Rankings indicated in parentheses refers to the WBSC ranking as of January 2015.

Group B
(the first place)
(the second place)
The Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic
(the sixth place)
(the eighth place)
(the tenth place)
(the twelfth place)

※() Rankings indicated in parentheses refers to the WBSC ranking as of January 2015.

What is world baseball WBSC premiere 12?

It is No. 1 baseball (the baseball strength of a nation) deciding match of the whole country where makes result of international game that received WBSC Host meeting and authorization of WBSC that U12, U15, U18, U21, the top participate in point depending on results, and is given the participation right in high rank 12 countries. It becomes the first memorable meeting this time.


Host WBSC (World Baseball Softball Confederation)
Location Japan (Opening Game: Sapporo Dome, Semifinals and finals: Tokyo Dome)
Taiwan (1st Round, Quarterfinals)
Period 2015: Nov 8th (Sunday) – 21st (Saturday). Games held on 9 days. Total of 38 games.
Participating Countries and Regions (provisional) Japan, Chinese Taipei, the United States, Cuba, the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic,
Canada, Korea, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Italy, Mexico
Meeting form The first round divides the teams into two groups of 6 teams for round-robin play (every team plays every other team in the group.)
The top 4 teams from each group advance to the quarterfinals for single-elimination play.
Tournament Regulations No pitching restrictions
Rules are based on the Olympic Charter; possession of a valid passport is the eligibility qualification for participation.
DH system: Available
Called: Available (more than 15 points of fifth inning more than ten points of seventh inning). We are not applied in the semifinals, Final Game
Extension rule: After ten times, tie-break from no outs 1st and 2nd bases
The order decision method of preliminary
(1) Victory or defeat of all games
(2) When line up by victory or defeat, as a result of direct confrontation
※After that we conform to Tournament Regulations when it is not decided.
Meeting official site

Game with Japan broadcast plan

Hikari TV 4K presents world baseball WBSC premiere 12 SAMURAI JAPAN Warm-up Game Japan VS Puerto Rico
Schedule[Stadium]GameMatchupsBroadcast Station
Thursday, November 5 Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome Warm-up Game Game 1 Puerto Rico vs. Japan TV Asahi Network
Friday, November 6 Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome Warm-up Game Game 2 Japan vs. Puerto Rico TBS Network
WBSC premiere 12
Game Schedule Game Matches [Stadium] LIVE Recording
11/8 Sunday 19:00 1 Japan - Korea Sapporo D TV Asahi Network J SPORTS 3 24:00 ...
11/11 Wed. 19:00 9 Japan - Mexico Tianmu TV Asahi Network J SPORTS 1 24:00 ...
11/12 Thursday 19:00 16 Dominica - Japan Taoyuan TBS Network J SPORTS 1 24:00 ...
11/14 Saturday 19:00 22 United States - Japan Taoyuan TV Asahi Network J SPORTS 2 24:00 ...
11/15 Sunday 19:00 28 Japan - Venezuela Taoyuan TBS Network J SPORTS 2 24:00 ...
Monday, November 16 19:30 34 Japan - Puerto Rico Taoyuan TBS Network J SPORTS 1 24:30 ...
November 19 (Thu) 19:00 35 Japan - Korea Semifinals TBS Network J SPORTS 1 11/19 24:00 ...
J SPORTS 1 11/20 23:00 ...
November 21 (Sat) 13:00 37 Japan - Mexico 3rd Place Match TV Asahi Network J SPORTS 2 11/22 10:00 ...
J SPORTS 1 11/30 14:00 ...



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