Game Report

SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 lost a close game against the United States by one point, ending in two-time consecutive second place.

September 6, 2015

 The final of the 27th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup is carried out in Koshien, and U-18 is defeated with one to two in the United States. We missed meeting first championship of earnest wish regrettably.

 Sena Satoh (Sendai Ikuei) that the forerunner of U-18 just gave complete blockade victory in vs USA of 1st Round by meeting 2 pitching the whole game. Though give first inning, opening batsman walk, catch super by hit-related hits from 1 out first base to between the right and center center Okoye Louis (Kanto Ikko). We took struck out swinging in high fastballs and stole out of pinch afterwards though we were considered to be 2 out 1, second base.
 Was Sato which killed for tripartite consecutive strikeouts in continuing second inning, but throw to third base is confused while processing grounded out to P from 1 out second base in third inning; and 1 Run. It was timely two-base hit and lost two points without eager diving of right, Shoki Katsumata (Tokai University Sugao) slightly reaching while letting partner cleanup hitter, amudaidisu clog up from 2 out second base.
 Cleanup hitter, Kotaro Kiyomiya (Waseda business) which continues though third, Katsumata gets to first base by lucky two-base hit equal to first base base from forth inning 2 out when it is perfect, and third inning is held in check the 16-year-old starting left arm in front of Pratt in the batting order where we want to counterattack in the early stages is struck out swinging. okoe resisted from fifth inning 1 out back in front of center, but is check death just after that. It was suppressed to no score of 8 strikeouts by two hits by fifth inning.
Four times of Sato is left in 2 Run saying "fork is ascertained well and became careful". When Shotaro Ueno (Chukyo University Chukyo) proud of team first-rate sense of stability to from fifth inning goes on mound, we draw flow by tripartite easy retire of 2 innings by smart pitching. And when top Ryo Shinohara (Tsurugakehi) chooses walk as sixth inning, this time, the first, Naruki Sugizaki (Tokai University Sagami) gives off two-base hit to right line after the 1 out and makes 1 out 2, perfect plane of third base. And in turn at bat the second, Shouki Tsuda (Urawa academy). Third base runner, Shinohara that aimed at home daringly for chance when catcher lost the back with the second pitch is tag and timely which it was, but Tsuda carries to in front of right for passion from 2 out third base regrettably. We were able to excite Koshien with all victory pose.
 Furthermore, Katsumata, Kiyomiya tie, and 2 out is with the bases full in consecutive hits successively. However, it is blocked by good defense of partner say to fall out between 1B, second base of Taiga Hirasawa (Sendai Ikuei), is sharp, hitting, and narrow escape is out. Top Yuya Gunji (Sendai Ikuei) made chance of 1 out second base from hit in eighth inning, but follower falls down, and home of tie score cannot receive Wataru Funabiki (Tenri) of pinch runner. Ueno showed 6 striking out nothing Run and approximately perfect relief with one hit of fifth inning saying "point did not intend to be taken when mound is left", but the last inning is over for tripartite easy retire without the batting order being able to finish catching United States hill staff; and game-set. Another one step did not arrive until meeting first championship of earnest wish and ended in First Runner-Up by one point of defeat as well as meeting last time in the United States.

 Manager Koichi Nishitani who led team after the game "think that players did really well. While being the number one in the world, and chewing lips saying what was not led is regrettable, "is proud of players. It is Yale to the future of samurais who are young saying we want you to make use of this experience in the coming life. In addition, as for Norihiro Akahoshi ambassador of SAMURAI JAPAN "one has good thing per person. As for the pitcher in particular, all the members pass in the world. We thought batting whether you had trouble with correspondence to wooden bat more, but coped day by day. We watched as baseball person and praised luck of players saying, it was fun. Big expectation by local holding and U-18 which won and advanced to the stage of Final Game in 8 flawless successive victories while attracting attention. We choked back our tears in the last last, but applause that arose from the stands of Koshien did not stop sounding for a while.


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The 27th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup

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Wednesday, August 26 18:00 SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 (high school) national team 2-9 SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team
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