Game Report

27th Asian Baseball Championship starts. Japan overpowers China in their first game with 14 hits and 12 runs!

September 16, 2015

 The 27th Asian Baseball Championship began in Taiwan on 16th, and SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur faced China by first match.

 When first inning, Japan make chance of one or two base with the third Yuichi Tabata (Honda), consecutive walk of the fourth Toshiyuki Hayashi (Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.) from two outs, we score the first one point by timely hit to in front of center of the fifth Yohei Kawato (Honda).
 Good omen is good, and the Japanese forerunner, Taisuke Yamaoka (Tokyo Gas) which took the first goal controls attack of Chinese first inning in three people. Show tenacious throw though runner is sent to second inning to third base by two hits; is no Run in this time.
 Japan which tided over pinch is top of the third inning. Two points fascinate by in front of left field timely hit of the seventh Takuya Kinoshita (TOYOTA) when we assume two outs one or two base from walk of the fourth Hayashi and the sixth Yuichi Adachi (Panasonic).

 Furthermore, in forth inning, the second Mikio Watanabe (JX-ENEOS) gives off two-run homer to light stand from dying first base and widens the difference in points. In addition, Japan where we collected runner in in walk is one point in timely of the sixth Adachi in front of left field. The seventh following Kinoshita is progressing seven to 0 with the batted ball forward left field. Three base to tear the L middle of the eighth Katsuya Kawashima (Honda Kumamoto) afterwards, in front of left field two base of the ninth Masanobu Tanaka (JR Kyushu) and Japan are massive attack taking seven points of one action away in this time.

 We assume two outs one or two base by two hits, and the batted ball which the sixth Adachi gave off invites throw mistake of partner and adds one point to fifth inning. The seventh Kinoshita is 11 score eyes by hit to become the third more on that day.
 In sixth inning, 12 points of insurance Japan which fascinated is over in singled to center field of the fourth Hayashi seven times; and 12 to 0. We won a great victory in seventh inning Called in China of first match.

Hit that the forerunner, Yamaoka of SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur threw fifth inning when threw, and permitted only as for two of second inning. We completely suppressed the Chinese batting order and, by Junichi Katayama (JR East), continual pitching of Hitoshi Kondo (OJI), gained complete blockade victory.
 At first SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur which we nominated victory for by first match will face Pakistan tomorrow from 12:30 (local time).

SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur 2015
The 27th Asian Baseball Championship
Warm-up Game
Selection camp
  • From Saturday, August 1, 2015 to 3rd Monday
  • The Chiba prefecture
  • Sunday, August 2 SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur candidate 5-3 Tokyo Gas
  • Sunday, August 2 SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur candidate 0-4 Hitachi, Ltd. Game Report
  • Monday, August 3 SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur candidate 8-4 JFE East Japan Game Report
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