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Won in the 7th inning under mercy the rule with splendid five homers! Japan came in the third place by defeating Mexico 11-1!

November 21, 2015

 Japan which 3rd Place Match of "world baseball WBSC premiere 12" is performed in Tokyo Dome on 21st, and showed 5 home runs and blow offensive in total is seventh inning Called victory with 11 to one in Mexico. We made demonstration of force in Throw/Bat in final match and just finished meeting with the third place.

 Opponent with Mexico defeated by the United States in Japan defeated by Korea in the semifinals of 19th and the semifinals of 20th. In rematch of Game 2 (with six to five victory of Japan) of 1st round, in Japan, left arm M. Pena went up 22 years old right arm, Shota Takeda of SoftBank, Mexico on the other hand to starting mound.
 When shock that suffered come-from-behind defeat in the semifinals was Japan worried about, but control follower with a slam while Takeda starts opening batsman in walk in first inning; the back 2 out runner nashikara third, Tetsuto Yamada is initiative solo which is "fully daring to left field saying swung for straight decisively". Saying when let Japanese team regain smile and confidence again, Yamada "flew at angle that was better than the first" from 2 out first base after having added one point to second inning which continued by partner mistake again; is two at bats of consecutive home runs to left field. Furthermore, we continued two run homer of Sho Nakata, two run homer and massive attack of Nobuhiro Matsuda and took seven points at a stretch in this time.
 When starting Takeda controls one hit of third inning in no Run even if Japan which took the lead in large quantities at the early stages gives up, Tomoyuki Sugano which went up to mound with the second person controls third inning in one hit of 1 Run only for solo blow and develops game of huge rock. Is timely of Ryosuke Hirata in sixth inning, and the first, Shogo Akiyama gives off two run homer to right from no outs first base in seventh inning which reached by eight points of leads nine points when fascinate; and the eleventh point. It became ten points at this point in time and became Called victory by rule.

 Saying gave glory to final match of meeting with perfect victory now, and "felt regrettable by game (game with Korea) in the day before yesterday (19th), and thought that what player changed (with feeling) was very serious, but all these visitor flocked to Tokyo Dome today, and what word street that it was said to be over in form good last could complete in Called was good"; Manager Hiroki Kokubo. It is batting average by eight games in total. 429, 3 home runs, 15 runs batted in and Nakata which exploded showed bright expression while looking back toward achievement of oneself saying "it was said that we were inspired or is surprised myself" saying "it was said though we were not able to win the championship and was able to play a game".

 Last "players fought out really magnificently. Manager Kokubo who lowered head for fan after having said, we want to show respect saying "please send applause to players of SAMURAI JAPAN which fought at the full blast once again." The third place not to have been able to get seat of the first king of "premiere 12" that was aim, but to lead to "next" by all means. Mission of "world's best recapture" will be inherited to WBC of 2017.

World baseball WBSC premiere 12

Schedule [Stadium] Matches Commentary
11/08( Sun) 19:00Sapporo DomeJapanese 5-0 KoreaReport
11/11( Wed) 19:00Tianmu(Taiwan)Japanese 6-5 MexicoReport
11/12( Thu) 19:00Taoyuan(Taiwan)Dominican 2-4 JapanReport
11/14( Sat) 19:00Taoyuan(Taiwan)American 2-10 JapanReport
11/15( Sun) 19:00Taoyuan(Taiwan)Japanese 6-5 VenezuelaReport
11/16( Mon) 19:30Taoyuan(Taiwan)Japanese 9-3 Puerto RicoReport
11/19( Thu) 19:00Tokyo DomeJapanese 3-4 KoreaReport
11/21( Sat) 13:00Tokyo DomeJapanese 11-1 MexicoReport

※Time for holding in Taiwan is Japan time

Hikari TV 4K presents world baseball WBSC premiere 12 SAMURAI JAPAN Warm-up Game Japan vs. Puerto Rico

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11/05( Thu) 19:00Fukuoka Yahuoku! DomePuerto Rican 3-8 JapanReport
11/06( Fri) 19:00Fukuoka Yahuoku! DomeJapanese 3-2 Puerto RicoReport
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