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Showing fine plays and defeating Canada, Samurai Japan Women’s National Team achieved 21 consecutive victories and finally became the 5th consecutive champion in the World Cup!

September 11, 2016

 "The seventh WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup in Korea, Pusan held is finally the last day, too". Opening round 3 successive victory, Super Round 4 successive victory. SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which went through baseball without World Cup 20 successive victory and their chances to advocate in all games hung clean score championship and expected from the game that really matters.

 SAMURAI JAPAN Women's, Manager Koichi Okura throws a one-third first inning by Super Round, game with Korea on the day before and confirms the touch of mound. We just sent Ayami Sato (Hyogo D Ohnet) which "did its best for this day" into the forerunner of the meeting third at the ready. It is Chihiro Funakoshi (Heisei International University 12th grade) which shows remarkable growth whenever we repeat games at meeting now that make Sato and battery.

 Battery shows harmonious start from the early stages. As for first inning, the Sato, Funakoshi prevents second base steal of runner who permitted going to the first base by error by strike throw after the dying if we kill two of three people for strikeout. We get even top of the second inning, crunch of dying 1.2 base out on grounded out to SS double play and are used to charm defense of Japan National Team which exceeded pinch over and over again of meeting now.

 Victory pattern of SAMURAI JAPAN Women's making rhythm from defense is shown sufficiently in this final. When bottom of the second inning, the fifth, Ayumi Terabe (Hyogo D Ohnet) get to first base by the team's first hit, the sixth, Yukiko Kon (Hornets Ladies) is success by just sacrifice bunt. When Terabe lets third base steal succeed after two outs, and pressure Canada, seventh, Funakoshi who "concentrated on only that take one point swats high fastballs of 2 ball 2 strikes from the top without thinking about nothing"; and to left in front of. Funakoshi pushes up the right arm in initiative timely which I wanted and expresses joy.

 Bottom of the third inning after Sato held in check in three up three down, SAMURAI JAPAN Women's accelerate towards meeting the fifth straight victory more. When add one point by mistake linkage, cleanup hitter, Yuki Kawabata (Astraia) is sacrifice fly to right; three to 0. It is the fourth point by balk of partner pitcher. Finish is also six to 0 by between the right and center breakthrough two-base hit of Funakoshi. Flow of game completely became thing of SAMURAI JAPAN Women's in this.

 SAMURAI JAPAN Women's is still one point by sacrifice fly of Fri in bottom of the forth inning. We add three points to bottom of the fifth inning by the second, Miki Atsugase (Hyogo D Ohnet), bases-loaded walk of timely and Terabe of the third, Iori Miura (Flora), and ten hits of 10 gets a score in total. End game 2 inning became countdown to the fifth straight victory.

 Top of the seventh inning two outs that we also reached. The batted ball of the 98th pitch that Sato cast to the front of first baseman, Yukiko Ishida (Shinba). Ring of delight spread on the mound as soon as Ishida went through first base base. Ten to 0. Meeting the fifth straight victory. World Cup 21 successive victory. SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which was energetic in sosemeshu accomplished great great achievement.

 In addition, Ayami Sato that meeting MVP becomes 2 first-ever meeting continuations. In addition, Kawabata is elected to Yurika Arisaka (Asahitrust), the best starting pitcher in most home run (nothing) by Sato, the best second baseman.

As "we were thinking about the fifth straight victory from moment when we did the fourth straight victory, thank you, we are doing feeling and hot. Manager Koichi Okura who spells thought of thanks by smile of the whole face saying present players did really well. The best. There was pressure, too, but was able to enjoy in these members. Including Akiko Shimura (Asahitrust) of captain who told, there was no serious thing, 20 players, Minoru Shimizu coach, Risa Nakajima coach, staff will take triumphant return homeward journey to Japan on September 12 tomorrow.

The seventh WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup

The seventh WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup Players (July 10, 2016 Announcement)

Meeting Schedule

From 3 to 11 on September in 2016

Opening round
Saturday, September 3 19:00 Canada 2-8 Japan
The Sunday, September 4 14:00 Japan 12-0 Netherlands
Monday, September 5 14:00 Japan 18-0 India

Super Round

Wednesday, September 7 14:00 Venezuela 2-7 Japan
Thursday, September 8 19:00 Japan 10-0 Chinese Taipei
Friday, September 9 19:00 Japan 10-0 Australia
Saturday, September 10 14:00 Japan 6-0 Korea

Final Game
Sunday, September 11 18:00 Japan 10-0 Canada


Korean Busan Metropolitan City kijan county

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