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Samurai Japan U-23 National Team achieved a comeback victory over Australia 10-3 and became the first champion!

November 7, 2016

The final of "the first WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup" (Mexico Monterrey) is carried out on 6th (Japan time 7th), and SAMURAI JAPAN U-23 national team turns down Australia flatly with ten to three. It was such wonderful fight and won the first king.

 The other party of Final Game is 11 to two and Australia that won a great victory by opening round. For such a game of strong pressure, striking out 2 Run and Taiga Kasahara (Fukuoka SoftBank) which pitched well went up in Opponent last time in forerunner mound for 9 for the seventh inning middle. The Kasahara held in check in first inning, second inning and no Run, but is broken between 1B, second base after the 1 out by the first, Andrew White field when bathe in consecutive hits, and is done with no outs 2, third base in third inning by the seventh, S. Kennelly, the eighth, B. Leslie; and 2 Run. Furthermore, in continuing forth inning, fastballs from full count is caught by the third, Z. shepherd, is hit with solo arch at the left middle. We will leave third inning 0/3 six hits in 3 Run.
Saying "did not imagine that Kasahara had its point stolen earlier"; Manager Masaki Saito. However, play the glove of partner first baseman by infield grounder of the fifth, Koki Yamashita (Yokohama DeNA) when Kai Ueda (Hanshin) gets to bottom of the forth inning by partner error from 1 out, and get chance of 1 out full bases, is the person of 2 safe return at a stretch. Furthermore, when the sixth, Takumi Miyoshi (Tohoku Rakuten) gives off sacrifice fly of tie score from 1 out 1, third base to left field, in front of left field timely go-ahead from 2 out 1, second base the eighth, Tomoya Kakinuma (Chiba Lotte). We succeeded in reversal taking advantage of disorder of defense of partner at a stretch.

 It is relief formation of Japan to have determined flow of game more. Nice pitch drama that Keisuke Honda (Seibu) is perfect, and it controls 2 innings by 5 striking out in total from sixth inning when the second person Kyosuke Ohno (MHPS Yokohama) holds two hits of second inning in check in no Run from the forth inning middle. When the batting order met the throw, and cleanup hitter, Yusuke Masago (Fukuoka SoftBank) threw home run of the meeting oneself fourth into the left stands in sixth inning now, the ninth, Taishi Hirooka (Tokyo Yakult) gave off king size 3-run to the left middle, too and we took one action 5 score away and decided game.
 Japan where ten points of double check fascinated in timely of Kengo Takeda (Orix) just after that afterwards when Jyunki Kishimoto (Chunichi) exceeded pinch of 2 out full bases in eighth inning. Hiroaki Saiuchi (Hanshin) goes up in mound of the last inning, and is tripartite continuation strikeout from there although gave the top walk; game-set. Nine rushed up to bottom in age that pushed up both hands on mound, and ring of delight was made.

 "We protect well, and Manager Saito who flew in seven times, sky in total after the game is delighted saying we get few chances were able to play baseball". Masago won meeting MVP and showed expression of relief saying it "was had a good experience for oneself". In addition, Takeda elects with Masago to Ueda of meeting 6 steal, the meeting top nine in steal Oh now in outfield section. Young SAMURAI JAPAN that smile split open. We got game of narrow margin by Super Round three games and shined with laurels of the first king by power of all the teams finally.

The first WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup

Overview Players Broadcast Schedule

Meeting Schedule

From October 28, 2016 to November 6

Opening round
Saturday, October 29 2:00 Nicaragua 1-6 Japan
Sunday, October 30 2:00 Japan 15-3 Chinese Taipei
Monday, October 31 9:00 Argentina 2-10 Japan
Tuesday, November 1 9:00 Japan 16-0 Austria
Wednesday, November 2 3:00 Japan 11-2 Australia

Super Round
Friday, November 4 9:00 Japan 2-1 Korea
Saturday, November 5 9:00 Panama 3-2 Japan
Sunday, November 6 9:00 Japan 3-2 Mexico
※The date and time are Japan time

The final
Monday, November 7 9:00 Japan 10-3 Australia


Monterrey City of Mexico

Participating nation

Group A
Korea, Venezuela, Mexico, Czech, Panama, South Africa

Group B
Japan, Chinese Taipei, Australia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Austria

Attention player introduction

Tomo Otosaka
Taishi Hirooka
Tomohiro Anraku
Hiroaki Saiuchi

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