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Samurai Japan U-12 National Team won the game against Pakistan, enjoying 3 successive wins in Preliminary Group B

December 11, 2016

 "The ninth BFA U-12 Asian Championship" in Sunday, December 11, China, Guangdong held third day. SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 of preliminary Group B which already won straight victories in Philippines, Korea, and decided semifinals advance fought in group league final match with Pakistan at bear cat boy baseball field from 11:00 in Japan time.

 This game, Pakistan where possibility to semifinals advance remains if we win. SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 is tormented in the early stages by fast ball of Pakistani starting S.A.SHAH. Top of the first inning is scoreless without making use of chance though we make initiative machine of dying 2.3 base. Top of the second inning was got out on two grounders by one out and the bases loaded, too and missed initiative chance. And bottom of the second inning, starting Keitaro Taguri (door tail Fighters) are exposed to three-base hit of center over in S.M.SHAH of partner cleanup hitter, and we increase disorder of defense, too, and S.M.SHAH enters the tall figure home. SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 just permitted lead that meeting had never met.

 Top of the third inning, SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 counter the attack without thinning. The second, Yuki Konishi (brocade Yankees) of opening batsman decides safety bunt to pitcher, and partner mistake affects, too; to third base. It is net win by two points of two-base hits that the sixth, Shin Hoshikawa (Kitahara Eagles) still breaks from dying 2.3 base between L average when Seiya Fukuhara (Yonagusuku Giants) catches up with tie score by left line two-base hit indicating guts of cleanup hitter after the dying. Yuma Hikita (east 16 chome flippers) of participation gave off two points of timely hits to right on the way and we added every time point to top of the sixth inning and took 8 scores in total away from top of the fifth inning dying 2.3 base afterwards.

 On the other hand, powerful pitch of 8 striking out that three times of starting Taguri includes 5 continuations in hill staff for 1.12-thirds people. Two times of the second person Hoshikawa is no Run with a one-third. And Hakuto Aizawa (Kotesashi Fighters) of the third person that rose from bottom of the sixth inning two outs second base kills the last hitters for struck out swinging; game-set. SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 which tore Pakistan with eight to one performed 3 successive victory finish of Group B.

 Fight to be finally connected directly with Asia top from here. The next game faces the semifinals with host country, China of preliminary group A2 rank at bear cat boy baseball field from 15:00 in Japan time on Monday, December 12.

Comments by Players

Keitaro Taguri pitcher (as a starting member)

"We could give up strike than we thought without being tense and were enough today as there were many strikeouts and was produced. Next does its best to be able to control at point zero in walked carefully. "

Manager Toshihisa Nishi

Look back toward group league
"Movement of players was feeling more than expectation. There were not many plays below expectation. There was not game to collapse as pitcher could take out well properly. Player who can make game well plays from the first inning and thinks that they threw just as wanted.
The Philippines was downgrading by attack and this was the top, but was puzzled than Korea thought as ball was fast in today's Pakistan, and breaking ball was sharp. Drag bunt of Konishi after it was opened the scoring (in meeting theme of every evening "that we think, and the player plays") was good idea."

It is the semifinals, Final Game from tomorrow
"We want to do the semifinals in the same way as preliminary so that there is not defeat, but we have the forerunner try hard as we want to leave pitcher what kind of state it can face Final Game in as it is important and want to prevent you from using the number of people if possible.
There is thought that we want to win from defeat at this meeting before 11th grade all the time if Final Game becomes Chinese Taipei. We want to win for future meeting as we think that we become rival for the time being in U-12."

The ninth BFA U12 Asian Championship

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From Friday, December 9, 2016 to Tuesday, December 13

Group B

The Friday, December 9 11:40 Japan 15-0 Philippines
Saturday, December 10 11:00 Japan 11-1 Korea
Sunday, December 11 11:00 Pakistan 1-8 Japan

Monday, December 12 15:00 Japan 9-0 China

Tuesday, December 13 15:00 Japan 4-1 Korea

※The start time Japan time (China, Guangdong: at time difference -1 time)


China (Guangdong)

Participating nation

Group A

Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China

Group B

Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Korea

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