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Samurai Japan U-12 National Team swept China 9-0, now ready for the champion

December 12, 2016

 "The ninth BFA U-12 Asian Championship" in Monday, December 12, China, Guangdong held fourth day. We won 3 straight victories in Philippines, Korea, Pakistan in preliminary Group B, and first place SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 which passed fought in host country, China and the semifinals of the preliminary Group A, second place at bear cat boy baseball field from 15:00 in Japan time.

 Knock out stage irresistibly high feeling of strain for. It is Jyoji Uchihara (Yonagusuku Giants) as well as preliminary Group B Opening Game to have stood in SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 forerunner mound. ujihara easily takes two-out by top of the first inning, pitching to point out low carefully, but ball which floated in the third MA Jun Yi rather high is carried on the head of right; two outs second base. We assume pinch from first inning.

 However, defense of SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 was calm and composed. In the case of on-deck hitter, send throw such as arrow to second base without thinning Seiya Fukuhara of catcher as soon as consider that lead of the second base runner is big; tag. In big play of Fukuhara saving teammate of Yonagusuku Giants, they change predicament to force of attack at a stretch.

 Turn, and bottom of the first inning, SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 advance to third base in second base steal and partner wild pitch when the first Yuki Konishi (brocade Yankees) gets to first base by safe bunt; chance of no outs third base. At first the second Tenma Hoshiko (Yuge King) is one point by light three-base hit to lose aside here. The fifth Yuma Hikita (east 16 chome flippers) is the second point by timely hit to break the third base side severely from two outs third base more. We took the important first goal in the best form.

 Force of SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 does not still stop. Begin with three-base hit of star child of opening batsman in bottom of the third inning, is addition with four points in Fukuhara, Shin Hoshikawa (Kitahara Eagles), grounded out to SS of 4 consecutive hits and Kiwamu Uchima (Maki excellent Sun Wave baseball club) of Hikita in total. Konishi who got to bottom of the forth inning by infield fly decides home steal; the seventh point. We added two points to bottom of the fifth inning, and 9 scores and batting order exploded with 11 hits in total from 2 Chinese pitcher.

 And 6 inning complete blockade victory that ujihara is saved for firm defense that completed 3 double plays and enfeoffs the China batting order as two hits, and meeting is the just first. Toward Final Game becoming all-out war, we hand baton without putting a burden on other hill staff.

 Thus, SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 which submitted check to the meeting first conquest. The final where the next game is started at 15:00 (Japan time) at bear cat boy baseball field on Tuesday, December 13. Opponent becomes rematch with Korea which defeated Chinese Taipei of meeting conqueror last time in the semifinals. Is partner winning a clear-cut victory over with fifth inning Called 11 to one in preliminary Group B, but don't be careless.

Comments by Players

Jyoji Uchihara pitcher (the forerunner, two hits of complete blockade)

"We took strike more and more, and there was pitching to let you beat, and to take today. Masaru wants to certainly win the championship together tomorrow."

Yui Konishi (we steal 3 going to the first base, 3 at the first)

As "the second was the (star child) sky truth, we thought that I went to base and stole and returned to scoring position well if I went and played. As we thought that force was given to team when runner appeared from nobody out, there was duty of batter most."

Yuma Hikita (three hits including two timely two-base hits)

"We wanted to go from the first ball more and more. Of oneself could swing, and it was good to be able to beat by chance. We want to do our best again tomorrow to be able to beat by chance."

The ninth BFA U12 Asian Championship

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From Friday, December 9, 2016 to Tuesday, December 13

Group B

The Friday, December 9 11:40 Japan 15-0 Philippines
Saturday, December 10 11:00 Japan 11-1 Korea
Sunday, December 11 11:00 Pakistan 1-8 Japan

Monday, December 12 15:00 Japan 9-0 China

Tuesday, December 13 15:00 Japan 4-1 Korea

※The start time Japan time (China, Guangdong: at time difference -1 time)


China (Guangdong)

Participating nation

Group A

Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China

Group B

Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Korea

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