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Final round of the 9th BFA U-12 Asian Championship – Becoming the champion for the first time after winning the hard-fought game against South Korea

December 13, 2016

 "The ninth BFA U-12 Asian Championship" held in Tuesday, December 13, China, Guangdong for five days is finally the last day. We won 3 straight victories in Philippines, Korea, Pakistan in preliminary Group B, and it was nine to 0 in China, and SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 which we won a clear-cut victory over hung the meeting's first conquest, and the semifinals fought in the final with Korea at bear cat boy baseball field from 15:00 in Japan time, too.

 Korea which defeats Chinese Taipei of meeting conqueror with six to four in the semifinals in the last time, and gains momentum. Thus, game advances in turn, sense of oppression with fight in preliminary Group B where five times of SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 won a clear-cut victory over with Called 11 to one.

 We permit 2 walk and double steal, and starting Yamato Takahashi (Hidaka rubber-ball baseball club) assumes pinch of two outs 2.3 base top of the first inning. But, quit follower here; is no Run to second inning. The datashi batting order is scoreless without another one appearing to habit ball of Korean starting left arm, JUN Jaehyun while pushing forward runner in bottom of the first inning, bottom of the second inning and scoring position. Game presents aspect of pitchers' battle.

 It is third inning that score changed. SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 that the second person, Tenma Hoshiko (Yuge King) blockaded pinch of two outs 1.3 base steals second base without thinning when the back, the eighth, Hakuto Aizawa (Kotesashi Fighters) of participation on the way choose walk. The ninth Raito Suna (Taishima Stars) steals safe bunt the second base before pitcher right after we decided.

 The first Yuki Konishi (brocade Yankees) is no outs full bases with a choice of walk more. We open the scoring by shortstop grounder double play break of the second, star child when we catch perfect initiative machine. Shin Hoshikawa (Kitahara Eagles) of cleanup hitter is two points of timely in front of the left field of value a great deal of money from two outs 2.3 base more from Korean second person, KIM Jeonghwan. We took three points of one action and held initiative of game.

 As for the SAMURAI JAPAN U-12, the batting order rises itself in top of the fifth inning again on the back though one point is given back to Korea by high pitcher grounder of bound by dying third base. When Konishi of opening batsman decides consecutive steals after the walk, at moment that star child struck, we add one point by right over and entaitoru two-base hit that it is revealed. We decided game.

 And top of the sixth inning shows fastballs that the third person, Keitaro Taguri (door tail Fighters) is powerful. Finally, Seiya Fukuhara (Yonagusuku Giants) delivered fouled out to C to mitt well, and SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 accomplished five meeting first conquest of earnest wish by clean score.

 In addition, Tenma Hoshiko (Yuge King) elects in steal Oh with meeting MVP. In addition, Maki Yamashita (the Thu Swallows sports Boy Scouts) is elected in Keitaro Taguri (door tail Fighters), prize for best defense to the best relief pitcher by Shin Hoshikawa (Kitahara Eagles), outfielder top nine.

 They have the respect for partner at moment of championship and moderate joy, and 15 players of SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 which turned up as "Samurai" return in triumph to high spirit Japan inside and outside the ground on Wednesday, December 14.

Comments by Players

Manager Toshihisa Nishi

Really glad. Players were splendid particularly this time. It is big that there was star child (captain). As today's Final Game was partner who won once, carelessness was apt to appear and was hard to do, but way of holding feeling was game while it was difficult as player understood, "do not be off your guard" when it was tense adversely.
In U-12, figure which all grow up later, and plays this role is a pleasure very, but wants at first you to try next hard towards U-15."

The ninth BFA U12 Asian Championship

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From Friday, December 9, 2016 to Tuesday, December 13

Group B

The Friday, December 9 11:40 Japan 15-0 Philippines
Saturday, December 10 11:00 Japan 11-1 Korea
Sunday, December 11 11:00 Pakistan 1-8 Japan

Monday, December 12 15:00 Japan 9-0 China

Tuesday, December 13 15:00 Japan 4-1 Korea

※The start time Japan time (China, Guangdong: at time difference -1 time)


China (Guangdong)

Participating nation

Group A

Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China

Group B

Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Korea

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