Overview of the Samurai Japan U-12 National Team’s first victory in the 9th BFA U-12 Asian Championship

December 16, 2016

 The ninth BFA U-12 Asian Championship started on December 9 in Chinese Guangdong Zhongshan city ends by championship of SAMURAI JAPAN. Toshihisa Nishi director 15 players to lead achieved the meeting first conquest of earnest wish and opened up the new history.

 It is won in 11-1 by two eyes Korea when we defeat the Philippines of first match in 15-0 in group league. Pakistan bursts in 8-1, too, and is clean score; to the semifinals. The final that defeats China in 9-0, and became rematch with Korea is 4-1 and five clean scores.
 It was SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 which showed overwhelming strength, but there was reason to beat naturally not to be merely only "baseball was not delicious as for Japanese players", and to merely beat on the back.

The strongest formation

 At first, as for this U-12, Manager Hitoshi inspects national convention (high Matsumiya trophy all-Japan schoolchild rubber-ball baseball meet [McDonald's tournament]) for recommendation from metropolis and districts Branch in order to assume the strongest team formation. Furthermore, anyone adds applicant by "digital challenge" that we can recommend ourselves for in Online and narrows down 53 people as primary candidate in total from players of the whole country. We parted from Tokyo in Osaka and carried out 2-day player selection camp each and picked 15 last members afterwards.

 Game form that side done side to select with intention of director to want to ascertain individual ability in this player selection camp slowly and carefully is apt to aim at result together performs selection by various number measurement and throws, blows, defense exercises without adopting.

Preparations to international game

 15 people who were picked just before practice game two games with 12 baseball teams Jr. team after domestic camp on December 6 to China. This is arrival that is earlier than which country. Of course it was able to perform the preparation to international game such as new meal and correspondence to culture to check ground sense by exercise.

 Manager Hitoshi demanded from players on the first day saying "prepare for heart because unexpected thing happened in international game in various ways", but preparations for players were also splendid. During until the meeting end, all the members gather by all means ten minutes ago without being ordered who local action is. Rather we were hasty with nature day by day with 20 minutes ago 15 minutes ago ten minutes ago, and there were no late people.
In addition, there was action unlike 11-12 years old that they who were top athlete of Age Range attached accent with every aspect as well as play routinely.


 It is ups and downs and training to have been characterized by SAMURAI JAPAN as another preparation. Quality, quantity was superior to other countries together. Generally, it is particularly difficult to let this Age Range understand importance except play exercise, but progresses while comparing each one movement by movement of baseball under the instruction of Kawashima trainer. For example, the need in baseball could understand even young players such as U-12 by explaining so that it was said, "movement of this training is progressing and muscle of foot which was necessary when outfielder chased rear fly" and we were interested and were able to wrestle.

Baseball to think about

 Team meeting was held during meeting every night, but Manager Hitoshi just demanded that "we always thought" from players. We let you write down "what should oneself do to win in situation in this present one's team?" in the start previous night and stated, "we want you to look back whether you were able to write by oneself when meeting was over".
In addition, we preached importance of baseball to think about to "be more likely to go the way want it to if we thought and played and prepared and played." and oneself let "good point" and "bad point" talk to themselves on that day and let the player think every night afterward.

Players being aware of "baseball to think" about changed clearly. When they did what Chinese Taipei where build and speed were superior to by card according to the semifinals that we spied upon in all the members again more clearly than Korea was defeated by after Thailand break in one of eyes when and it was scored the first 2 inning no score for fast ball which we went berserk by game with Pakistan thought to be able to easily win, and there was and breaking ball which well turned unexpectedly, they thought for them. We put up beacon of counterattack by safety bunt that was wonderful when Yuki Konishi was by the making of opportunity by game with Pakistan, and Tenma Hoshiko of captain promoted member with circle by semifinals game with China saying "let's challenge, anyway, game in front with every effort without being conscious of Final Game".
 In addition, players apply for the night behavior other than the game and carry out. Kaito Kanazawa stayed till the last every night and continued waving. Warm technical guidance by Manager Hitoshi and coach increased, and it was there in place to comprise in spite of being story thought slowly tomorrow.

 In this way, exercise and warm technical guidance playing a game practiced "baseball to think" about in response to instruction and it of way of thinking that stood on the long baseball life by Manager Hitoshi in spite of being last thing immediately, and it was just players who could move towards victory by oneself without being directed that was impressive through meeting.

Team appropriate for the winner

According to the words at championship press conference of Manager Hitoshi, "we can only say that it was really splendid players even if we looked back how many times", SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 was not only technology of play and was team appropriate for the winner in all.
 It may be said that this result is result that effort that each player repeated every day increases awareness to represent Japan as SAMURAI JAPAN in spite of being last thing and pride and the best teamwork that we included director, coach in above all until now and was able to form.

Players saying with "dream being with U-15, representative in each Age Range including U-18, and also entering Top Team sometime soon." Their baseball life still just began. There is not for pleasure of growth of young Samurai which we will take the future of baseball in Japan on in the future.

9th BFA U-12 Asian Championship

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From Friday, December 9, 2016 to Tuesday, December 13

Group B

The Friday, December 9 11:40 Japan 15-0 Philippines
Saturday, December 10 11:00 Japan 11-1 Korea
Sunday, December 11 11:00 Pakistan 1-8 Japan

Monday, December 12 15:00 Japan 9-0 China

Tuesday, December 13 15:00 Japan 4-1 Korea

※The start time Japan time (China, Guangdong: at time difference -1 time)


China (Guangdong)

Participating nation

Group A

Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China

Group B

Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Korea

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