Here comes False Japan to Fukuoka! They publicize "Asahi Super Dry Presents SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Match"

February 12, 2017

  "SAMURAI JAPAN" will first take on Cuba in the 1st round pool B of "2017 WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC™ (WBC) " at Tokyo Dome on March 7(Tue), trying to take the world champions back.
 As a prelude "Asahi Super Dry Presents SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Match(against CPBL Chinese Taipei selected team)" will be held at Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome on February 28(Tue) and March 1(Wed), and "SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Match Supportive Event" was held at "Canal City Hakata(Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City)" on February 11(Sat),

  Displayed at the event site, 2F Center Walk, were the 2006 championship trophy, WBC-uniform-wearing life-sized player panels of Nobuhiro Matsuda(SoftBank), Hayato Sakamoto (Giants), Motohiro Shima(Rakuten), Sho Nakata (Nippon-Ham), Tetsuto Yamada(Yakult) and Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh(DeNA) with manager Hiroki Kokubo standing in the center. In addition, collaborative panels between SAMURAI JAPAN and popular manga/animation "My Hero Academia""Ultimate Muscle""Secret Society Eagle Talon" were displayed. They attracted visitors' attention at the event site.

  And members of unofficial cheering squad "False Japan," Sakatomo, Are Shinnosuke, Uchikawa, and "All Might" of "My Hero Academia" showed up at 13:00. They publicized the send-off match handing out SAMURAI JAPAN send-off match's flyers and specially made wristbands to people walking through passages, and taking pictures with them. Also, SAMURAI JAPAN official mascot "Support Samurai Tamabe" joined at some point who received cheers from children bringing excitement to the event site.

 Halfway through the event a talk event was held on B1F Sun Plaza Stage, which was not planned at first. Are Shinnosuke called out, "let's take photos together" and Uchikawa said out loud "I want people in Fukuoka to support SAMURAI JAPAN too".

 The talk event is finished with Sakatomo mimicking infielder Hayato Sakamoto. Thus, the PR event was wrapped up achieving so great a success that half of 8,500 prepared handwrists were gone on this day.

Among the members of "False Japan" Uchikawa said "I felt that people in Fukuoka really liked baseball. I'm sure that they will bring enthusiasm to the send-off match. Also, Are Shinnosuke used Abe Shinnosuke's signature phrase "I was able to interact with many people today and 'haven't felt better'! " and encouraged "your one pitch will excite the people of Japan and your one swing will make them all stand up. So, players of SAMURAI JAPAN, do your best for the world champions." Sakatomo also sent cheers "I want SAMURAI JAPAN to win the championship. And if possible, we want to go to the US where the final round is held and support them in the stands wearing uniforms.

 "SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Match Supportive Event" will also be held at Canal City Hakata on February 12(Sun) in a similar way as Feb.11th. "SAMURAI JAPAN Support Talk Show" will be held on B1F Sun Plaza Stage at 17:00 and baseball commentator Tomoya Satozaki who was a member of the 2006 WBC winning team, comedian Tetsuya Ikeda who loves baseball and Mayuko of "Japan National Vendor Team" will appear as guests. Furthermore, the members of False Japan and Tamabe will appear again.

Asahi Super Dry Presents SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Matches

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Game Schedule

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 SAMURAI JAPAN 5-8 CPBL selection Chinese Taipei
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 CPBL selection Chinese Taipei 1-9 SAMURAI JAPAN


Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome


CPBL Chinese Taipei Selected Team

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