Details of "SAMURAI JAPAN Kickoff Ceremony" held on February 27 are released - manager and players as well as cheerleaders and mascots to be on stage

February 14, 2017

※Photograph is for illustration purposes, taken at "SAMURAI JAPAN Kickoff Ceremony" in 2015

 Details of "SAMURAI JAPAN Kickoff Ceremony" held at Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk at 18:30 on February 27 were released.
 SAMURAI JAPAN national team manager Hiroki Kokubo and players will appear on stage at the ceremony and convey their enthusiasm for "Asahi Super Dry Presents Samurai Japan Send-off Games(against CPBL Chinese Taipei selected team)" held next day.
 Joining are cheerleaders and mascots of each baseball team, members of "Japan National Vendor Team" who sell beer at stadiums as well as manager Kokubo and players to bring enthusiasm to the ceremony.
 Lotteries will also be held and winners will get a right to present a flag on which vistors will write supportive messages at the entrance, and gorgeous prizes including balls on which players will write their autographs on stage.
※Details such as guests can be changed without notice.

Event Overview


18:30-20:30 on February 27(Mon), 2017(doors open at 17:00)


Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk 1F "ARGOS"


SAMURAI JAPAN national team manager Hiroki Kokubo, players who will play in SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Match(※)
Mascots of 12 baseball teams, cheerleaders of each baseball team and others
※MLB players do not participate because they will join after March 1.

Ticket Needed

Please purchase "Samurai Japan Send-off Games (Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome, Feb 28 and March 1) tickets including SAMURAI JAPAN Kickoff Ceremony admission(Reserved seat A, 3rd-base side)" on Lawson Ticket.
※An admission ticket handed when you buy the game ticket will be exchanged on a first-come-first-served basis with a "reserved seat ticket for viewing the kickoff ceremony" at the reception of "ARGOS"

Kickoff Ceremony Details

SAMURAI JAPAN manager, coach and players appear

Manager Kokubo and players who will participate in SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Match go on stage and attend a talk show.
※The appearance of SAMURAI JAPAN players will be approximately from 19:00 to 19:30.

Samurai Japan Ambassador Norihiro Akahoshi joins

A special talk event will be held under the theme of "SAMURAI JAPAN: Prospects of the games".

Great Lotteries

Lotteries will also be held and winners will get balls on which players will sign on stage, and gorgeous prizes including a right to take photos with mascots of baseball teams.

Mascots of 12 baseball teams get together

Mascots of 12 baseball teams get together for SAMURAI JAPAN fans in Fukuoka! After the event, they will join a photo shoot event where they take pictures with winners of the lotteries.

Cheerleaders of baseball teams perform dance

"Japan National Cheerleader Team" consisting of Cheerleaders from each baseball team will perform "the best dance in Japan" to bring excitement to the event site.

※Photograph is for illustration purposes, taken at "2016 Mazda All-Star Game"

"All Might" "Yoshida" "Ultimate Muscle" "Japan National Vendor" and "False Japan" show up

All Might in "My Hero Academia," Yoshida in "Secret Society Eagle Talon" and Kinnikuman in "Ultimate Muscle" who are all corroborating with the send-off match will come to the event site. "Japan National Vendor Team" which was formed specifically for the send-off match as "Flowers in the stands" and SAMURAI JAPAN unofficial cheering squad "Fake Japan" will also participate.

Asahi Super Dry Presents SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Matches

Overview Ticket Broadcast Schedule List of Players

Game Schedule

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 SAMURAI JAPAN 5-8 CPBL selection Chinese Taipei
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 CPBL selection Chinese Taipei 1-9 SAMURAI JAPAN


Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome


CPBL Chinese Taipei Selected Team

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