World Baseball

"World Baseball" Baseball in Nepal, a country that faces the Himalayan Mountains to its north. Report #24 "Challenge from the bottom rank"

February 14, 2017

Meeting (Yohei Kobayashi) of sentence, photograph = NPO corporation Nepal baseball lari glass

 The thirteenth BFA Nishi Asia baseball meet is held in Islamabad of Pakistan from February 25 to March 1. Participating nation is Pakistan of the WBSC ranking 24th place, Sri Lanka of the 52nd place, Iran of the 54th place, India of the 61st place, Iraq of the 67th place and Nepal of the 72nd place. We are divided into group by three teams at meeting and fight in preliminary league, and higher two teams of each group make a foray into the final round.
 Nepal entered Group A with Pakistan, Iraq, and Sri Lanka, Iran, India entered Group B. First match of Nepal is game with Pakistan (Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei, the Asia fifth place next to China). There are a lot of countries out of the rank in the above-mentioned WBSC ranking, too, but Nepal is last in rank, and, as for all other participating nations, it is upgrading from Nepal. Environment of each country participating in meeting is different each, but wants to face that Respect does each team as Representative each Kuniie and fights.

 Nepal became the first international meeting participation in 4 years, but, for these four years, there were various hardships including major earthquake in Nepal. However, meeting (the following, meeting of lari glass) of we Nepal baseball lari glass moved into action that Nepal looked ahead and could get over such hardship.

 It was thing that the second spoke from "hope even to despair" of this column, but student of Institute of pool Collegiate (Sakai-shi, Osaka) was Nepal where baseball was not known to, and we walked with Nepal since we began baseball interchange activity, and we learned many things from any place that there was not in 1999, too.
 And it will be always us for the current situation of baseball in Nepal that saw with eyes of question while it always supported baseball in Nepal. It shows problems by seeing with eyes of question. Meeting of lari glass moved into action with the goal of independence of baseball in Nepal, but it was that Nepalese people had such a critical mind that was important, and therefore meeting of lari glass did thought, activity to support them from behind with Nepalese people with stance of collaboration. Myself am repetition of monologue, too. And bond with Nepalese people was born while we repeated such an activity.

 In addition, by activity of meeting of lari glass, it accounts for important part to spread pleasure of baseball. We begin with thought to "want to enjoy baseball with Nepalese people", and this is part forming the basis of activity of meeting of lari glass. Baseball did not spread out, and meeting of lari glass was opposite to this seriously if not fun.

 And, in longtime activity, baseball in Nepal gradually walks way of independence, too. Figure which advances while a lot of problems thinking in oneself although there is, and making trial and error is place that activity of meeting of lari glass aims at.
 This Nishi Asia baseball meet was thought to have difficult participation, too, but the Nepal side had strong will and performed fund-raising in oneself and managed to reach participation. Travel costs to Islamabad where meeting is held by custom of international meeting are charged to participating nation, but Nepal is problem of fund, and we hang for four days, and airplane moves from 3rd to Islamabad by bus and train without being usable, and, as for the arrival, it is on the day before of meeting. There is uneasiness on physical condition side by long journey, but Nepalese national team team faces meeting with pride to carry mother country on its back for strong faith.

 In the meeting of lari glass, iku terutokatoiukotoo was aimed for international meeting participation or professional player and was not active. However, as a result of beginning with zero in 1999, and having been active, myself am surprised at having become such a form very much. But this meeting is only one passage point of baseball development in Nepal, too.
 It is the world last place, and, like the said article, Nepal is developing in WBSC ranking still more. Challenge to baseball development in Nepal will continue from now on. Until the thirteenth BFA Nishi Asia baseball meet, start of so-called "another WBC" to become preliminary skirmish of the Olympics, it is another ten days.

World Baseball
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