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February 16, 2017

Sentence, photograph = kazuto Nonaka

 It is Indonesia baseball holding much uneasiness and negative factor in the present conditions including problem of exercise place that representative Indonesia team by full-scale remodeling of ground for international meeting holding and personnel affairs revision of federation of amateur baseball that is umbrella organization of Indonesian representative national team in Indonesia and administration method, Asian Games holding uses, team operation, but we accept all situation and we provide motivation and must advance to player and team for improvement.
 As project of that purpose, we accomplish baseball ascetic practices to foreign territory of player individual, but at first finish choice in domestic club team meeting of the end of last year about the player choice of the personnel of this part. However, we cannot cover that it affects players chosen as overseas baseball ascetic practices more or less that the present East Asia cup meeting holding is undecided. We will think that personal interview that compared individual life designs and the present baseball circumstances with each player is necessary in future.
 You must do player reinforcement for Asian Games of 2018 while fixing the eyes on mental condition of such players. As the program, we let player of Indonesian representative Top Team position make a voyage to Class Fukaya hardball baseball part at the end of March. And we let player make a voyage to Nihon University associate hardball baseball department, Teikyo University associate hardball baseball department in August and we dispatch player and coach to Surugadai University hardball baseball part and carry out baseball ascetic practices in the same way.

 About the baseball training to Class Fukaya hardball baseball department, we let player make a voyage as 1 cycle in three months like last year, but, about this year, think about baseball training travel of second inning that there is more once than last year. Actually, as result of player who made a voyage, and trained himself/herself, practical skill was only to be expected last year, but all small movement playing a game changed into direction that was good as baseball player. Result that learned movement that became tuning appears in this among high-level Japanese players clearly. Mind to delicate part for overall baseball by travel ascetic practices includes and holds big expectation in travel players to train itself this year.

 In addition, it is plan to let player make a voyage to the baseball training to Nihon University associate hardball baseball department and Teikyo University associate hardball baseball department to start in this year for several weeks at time of camping in fall. Furthermore, we are to let player and coach make a voyage in the one-month baseball training at time of camping before league match start and each practice game in fall of August and, about Surugadai University hardball baseball department, are.
 We use together with domestic club team meeting and hold international goodwill interleague ball that contained federation of eastern capital associate hardball baseball all-star team successively at end from the middle of November. We publicize meeting in country from early time, and there is by plan to send game broadcast in meeting of November to media organization this year. We invite several teams from other Asia baseball developing countries and want to build form propelling more international exchange and raise of Asia baseball developing country with rink characteristics.
 In addition, we carry out participation in joint exercise to Nihon Univ. Mitaka who is my old school and joint exercise participation in Japanese Independent League, offer of much added value on teaching try outs again, and putting the establishment of amateur baseball team in the field of vision in Indonesia, and playing baseball to players.

 Furthermore, we continue in this year and hold on the basis of three times a year of baseball caravans when we talk about baseball caravan going around the country whole land that started from last year of Indonesia. It is in Denpasar City of State of Palembang and State of Lampung of Sumatra, State of Manado of Sulawesi and State of Bali, and area where held request of baseball caravan comes to holds baseball caravan for the first of this year now in State of Palembang of Sumatra in (from last year the circumstances fourth), May.

 About State of Palembang, we comprise baseball field that met international standard at place where Derby in Southeast Asia was held in 2011 when we easily explain each holding city this year. In addition, even Asian Games of 2018 is Jakarta that is Host place and Location which we used together, and baseball population is to it showing signs of increasing mainly on youth, and future expectation is big area.
 In addition, to State of Lampung, is State of First Runner-Up of the National Athletic Meet in Indonesia, and ability that acquires championship or First Runner-Up in country club team meeting is high; local. By baseball ascetic practices program this year, several players make a voyage to Japan.
 In addition, about Bali state, we succeed in fifth place winning a prize at the National Athletic Meet of last year in Indonesia and are area where ability improves year by year. At the next National Athletic Meet in Indonesia, further leap is expected.

 And State of Manado is located the south of Philippine Mindanao and is place located in the north most of Sulawesi. This Sulawesi is area where softball has been performed for a long time, and State of Manado is the affected place, too. After baseball caravan of this year is held, about baseball, it will start in earnest, but after all thinks that the spread of baseball is early as there is base called old softball.
 In addition, about contents of baseball caravan, introduce by baseball and stretch to children of local representative of state team and club team, school visit, orphan home and poverty rank like last year, but for characteristic this year than last year of “ society-like baseball is to stand, and to push the side called position “ on the entire surface.

 While color takes slogan of decrease and destruction for problem called drug and crime that stand, and occur frequently by process for stage of growth from infanthood that is big social problem to have in Indonesia with position to youth of this baseball densely in baseball caravan, we approach each engine positively.
 The important thing is it is to establish base for acceptance of baseball in the country by there being in nothing of simple sporting event by baseball, and taking thing called human being education to include within instruction of baseball in social phenomenon, and promoting approach, and giving the country one action factor and new cut end where it is where baseball carries contribution to society on.

 Particularly, for culture and manners and customs in Indonesia, it invites many obstacles to development and improvement of baseball to develop baseball Hiroshi because the present conditions, sense of values of sports itself are socially low. We think that measure that changed deareba, viewpoint of sports itself is necessary and aim at providing the acquisition through baseball in how to catch from infanthood to morals and things in part which is different from each religion in youth because part by intention of parent occupies most of, thing such as correspondence. When we push forward this measure and put, we keep interlocking movement characteristics to each special treatment system by baseball.
 And, as for the element becoming this greatest root, there is process placed under the colony rule for higher than in history for 350 years of revival of temperament of Indonesian people namely Indonesian country. During the rule era, there is revival of lost identity.

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Author profile
Kazuto Nonaka
June 6, 1961 Nissei. We participate in national high school baseball championship as Nishitokyo representative in summer of Nihon University 3rd HighSchool attendance at school 12th grade.
We enter Nihon University physical education society hardball baseball department afterwards. We disturb physical condition in Nihon University from autumn of 10th grade and stay away from two years and finish the active baseball life. We work in Philippines, Saipan and, after graduation from university, emigrate to Indonesian Bali in 2001. We begin to teach children of Bali baseball from 2004 and start in little league in 2005. We take office as Bali state national team coach in 2006 and, also, start in club team. We take office as director of Indonesian representative national team in 2007. We participate in championship, Asia championship of the same year as bronze medal, Asian Cup of 2009 in SEA games of 2007. We resign director of Indonesian representative national team and take office as State of east Java national team coach for local state raise afterwards. It is bronze medal in First Runner-Up, national polity preliminary skirmish of 2012 in Indonesia in Indonesian national polity preliminary of 2011 in championship, the Indonesian national polity final in the same year. And we return to director of Indonesian representative national team from 2014 and are a runner up with East Asia cup in 2015.

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