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"World Baseball" Naoyuki Shimizu's World Baseball Challenge - New Zealand Diary "WBSC U-18 World Cup Oceania Preliminary Round vol.2”

February 17, 2017

Sentence, photograph = former the Japan National Baseball Team Naoyuki Simizu

 Oceania preliminary of U-18 World Cup which ended in complete defeat in Australia. Though we fight than balance by rugby, and player does not look inferior for build either, why is it that difference opens when played baseball? It was opportunity to investigate problem with Australia.

 Make two in Australia; and two defeats. And furthermore, by complete defeat, we were too difficult really. The first game was Called defeat, and the second game was rainy weather Called, too. There was promising left-hander in the future. Though it was the generation 18 years or younger, there was pitcher which had already measured 90 miles.
 Talent scout of the U.S. major leagues marked and story to contract with team of Winter League to be carried out in Australia leaked and reached. We found good old face in such an Australian dugout.
 We played an active part in Nippon-Ham as closer and were Michael Nakamura who set 104 saves in total in the Japanese baseball world.

 We heard what kind of training the young generation in Australia did to him who acted as Pitching coach of this generation in Australia.
 It was that New Zealand and answer not to have possibilities to change came back for ability until around 15 years old that was unexpected. Then from when. It was next three years that he revealed, and Australian children were that it was in "seriousness mode".
 There is exercise in club team only twice a week, but is what players contract with trainer and coach personally and load individual exercise onto. Individual seems to practice for consciousness that is high in each with weight training and blow, throw, defense and every aspect. Actually, it is said that Nakamura does work of instruction in Melbourne to live in.

 With measure, time for whole exercise had little even spring camping and has heard when players practiced by each person from the afternoon in early morning. We find problem by oneself and spend time to overcome it. We thought that style of Australia might be similar to measure.
 For consciousness of New Zealand children who must bury big difference, we might regret very much.

 Because Australia won all games in preliminary as for the meeting in Guam, New Zealand, schedule of the fourth day when the final round was planned disappeared. However, ground is suppressed on the meeting side.
 There was nice invitation from Australia. "Do you not do practice game with much effort? Joint exercise form is all right if player is not enough.

 After confirming to coach immediately; "children digest schedule of 3 days, and is tired. In addition, we only have stolen completely even if we play a game with Australia. You may decline.
 We asked children. There was player to want to do it, but was asked about negative answer, "anyway, not to do practice game if it was game". Player of Guam finally joined, and practice game was realized, but myself was angry in manner that I am sorry in Australia which provoked.

 When we escape because we have stolen completely if I hate, we cannot beat even if we stand till when. We cannot but practice if weak. It does not force nature theory, and this is because it thought that it is opportunity to find their problems.
 Difference of consciousness is difference of power. We had a feeling that severe reality was thrust.

[19th Edition]
Author profile
Naoyuki Simizu
We are from Kyoto born in November 24, 1975. Via Nihon Univ., TOSHIBA Fuchu, we join Lotte with the draft second place in 99. We continue rule IP, two columns of victory for 5 consecutive years from 2002 and play an active part as ace. We contributed to the best in Japan for the first time in 31 years in 2005. We participate in Athens Olympics of 2004, the first World Baseball Classic (WBC) of 2006 as Japan National Team. From ten years Yokohama (existing: Yokohama DeNA). 105 wins in professional 12 years in total, pitcher's earned run average 4.16. After retirement, we act as New Zealand aide manager of federation of baseball General, representative from country unification coach.

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