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Litmus test for "9th BFA U-15 Asian Championship" - four warm-up games wrapped up with satisfaction

August 27, 2017

 "The ninth BFA U-15 Asian Championship" which is started on November 1 in Shida Stadium of Izu-shi, Shizuoka. The Training camp third day of "SAMURAI JAPAN U-15" aiming at championship for the first time in 4 meetings since the fifth meeting of 2008.

 The SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 staff and 14 players improve after the arrival in Tokai University Ichihara looking into the distance high school ground of Ichihara-shi, Chiba and handle play catch, fielding practice. We performed Chiba Fighters B and Warm-up Game of 7 innings system which consisted of Chiba selection athlete national team candidate as well as the second day two games.

 The forerunner of the first game Haruka Nemoto (12th grade out of Shiraoi Municipal white Sho) of the left arm. Splendid start when bottom of the first inning, bottom of the second inning take powerful fastballs by two strikeouts to weapon. Then the support affects by good defense, too, and Soma Uchiyama (among Seiryo) of catcher catches the runner in bottom of the third inning with pick-off throw by pinch of two outs second base; third base tag. It was made hit before right by two outs second base, but it was out and could do the runner over third base just before home base, and forth inning did not permit point, too.

 As for the SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 which got flow from defense in this way, seventh, Yuya Hasegawa (12th grade out of Niigata Prefectural Kurosaki) is singled to right field from top of the fifth inning, dying. When pinch hitter, Ginya Ogihara (12th grade out of Seiryo) was walk and made chance of two outs 2.3 base with filler, sacrifice bunt of Riku Kamizato (12th grade out of Haebaru Municipal Nansei), first, Uchiyama who stood in turn at bat here gave off daring 3-run to left field and scored the first three points of one action.

 Although Naruki Teranishi (12th grade out of Nomi Municipal Negami) which pitched with the back, the second person lost one point by error, the batting order explodes in top of the seventh inning again. Teranishi who Shinnosuke Sugaya (12th grade out of Funabashi Municipal seven Hayashi) holds out by foul top pinch hitter in this time, and entered the eighth when we get to first base in walk is three-base hit to the left middle at good time. Kamisato spreading out hits three-base hit to tear between the right and center deeply and we give three points by extra-base hit offensive and tell again. Teranishi closed bottom of the seventh inning of the last inning by two people consecutive strikeouts and won a complete victory with six to one.

 SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 which Warm-up Game second game changed the batting order and position from the first game and faced. When well score the first good omen by timely two-base hit more than overhead of right of cleanup hitter, Masayoshi Yamada (Sundai Gakuen Junior High school 12th grade) in bottom of the first inning, do with the two outs twelfth base in Ogiwara and consecutive hits of Yamada, and go in the sixth, Riku Katoh (Kaisei-machi folded letter hit 12th grade), and add two points to third inning by three-base hit more; three to 0.

 Pitching not to let starting Ogiwara who got lead in the early stages makes full use of curve to be greatly broken lengthwise and slider slippery aside, and the partner batting order focus. We held down 4 innings to one infield fly and showed nice pitching of no Run. And leave once, and took the field in third, but is scene of the sixth inning no outs twelfth base; again to mound. This pinch took tripartite consecutive strikeouts for cleaning up of partner, too and determined whereabouts of game.

 And, as for the last inning, Teranishi pitches again. Although we gave 1 walk, all the outs took by strikeout in straight and sliders full of sense of speed, and we succeeded in escaping, and SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 decorated Warm-up Game 4 successive victory from the day before with three to 0.

SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 that the correspondence becomes key to use Soft baseball and metal bat different that we usually use by junior high school rubber-ball baseball of Japan in "the ninth BFA U-15 Asian Championship." Manager Masahiro Ito looks back on four games including the point; "was out of timing of hitters because prevented waving and from being late, but kept the reflection alive the day before today. When we commanded U-15 before 11th grade, we felt, "we cannot win when PH did not repeat scores", but ate response saying we think that team in this year could cope earlier than the last time.

SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 which already embodied in Training camp for ambition of Manager Ito saying "we want to try dream and hope hard to all as SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 was national team of 200,000 that played baseball by the junior high student generation to be given." 14 people work hard at further study until 18 and the second camp just before meeting that it is, and is performed in Izu at the end of October through measuring of Uniform and Training camp which takes a picture, and finishes all menus in the morning by each team on 29th.

The ninth BFA U15 Asian Championship

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From November 1, 2017 to November 5
Wednesday, November 1 13:30 26-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Thursday, November 2 11:00 Philippines 0-10 Japan
Friday, November 3 13:30 Japan 3-0 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, November 4 11:00 Pakistan 2-15 Japan
Sunday, November 5 13:30 Japan 1-0 Korea


Japan (Shizuoka)

Participation country

Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong, the Philippines

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