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Samurai Japan collegiate national team returns home, expressing determinations for the future in a press conference on the championship with smiles

August 31, 2017

 SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team which won gold medal of 2 meeting continuations in the 29th Universiade Tournament (Chinese Taipei, Taipei City) on August 31 returns home. We won the championship and held a press conference and talked about voice of joy or future ambition.

Factor of championship

 We held down Run to a minimum, and Collegiate National Team which established important point in getting a score by various patterns just carried out championship by meeting seven games clean score, stable fight called 61 score 9 Run.
 Manager Tatsuya Zemba looked back about attack saying "there was wide margin (by game) and was fight that there was narrow margin in, but home run appeared four effectively and twined foot when we could not knock down, and there were various score patterns".
 In addition, we praised about hill staff who shut out the semifinals, Final Game saying "Hideyuki Suzuki coach grasped characteristic of state and the other country of pitcher, and Hiroki Obata (Rissho Univ.) did good lead".
 And though there was not experience of the captain, we said, "it was not form that appeared with regular all the time, but was doing the watch attention in various place" about Haruki Takemura infielder (Meiji University) whom we selected as the captain since elementary school days and consoled saying "other players covered slightly unreliable place and it seemed to be Haruki and did how to stop in gentle excellent now".

Action of players praised as model

 As we spent long time from camp just before Japan-U.S. Collegiate baseball on July 6 and strengthened, the high Solidarity stimulated each other's spirit of self-advancement. Captain Takemura looks back saying "it was able to become strong whenever we play a game".
 We lived in the Olympic village and players found the when and where while it was limited at practice time and repeated the behavior and private training every day.
 It is said that we were praised saying, "posture to work on is useful for other competitions fantastically" in this posture in the case of closing ceremony by general manager Koji Ueno of Japanese national team.
 They take office as director in 2013, and "atmosphere, "we become good every one game" is good, team's leader and Manager Zemba whom we took office as again this year root by habit last year. We smiled at its having been able to leave clean score and stable grade this time at seven saying we think whether you were connected when there was thing which was inherited even if member changed.
 In addition, we looked back saying "we scolded many times, but were able to become team like family who did not remain even if we said who was not hard to say it".

 It must be baseball that there is not of chance when action that all of Collegiate National Team showed inside and outside the ground in these two months seems to be Japan to have been connected. Therefore role interesting the Collegiate baseball world, the Japanese baseball world is expected in future by players.
 Manager Zemba who finished term at meeting just entrusted players with message with such thought.
In "this Uniform, we want to expect play, action worth this gold medal. Brightness of eyes of player when Manager Atsunori Inaba of Top Team had inspection come remained in impression. These players are in time for Tokyo Olympics of 2020 tightly. Even two people are three people alone by all means from here, but kaku wants gold medal in Uniform of Olympics through sleeve"

Comments by Players

Hiroki Obata catcher (Rissho Univ.)

"Drawers in lead increased while we considered how you coped every opponent countries. As words that had you say, "bring even 1 centimeter of each one close to 100%" from Manager Zemba remained in impression in particular, we value it and want to take to go in team

Infielder Keita Nakagawa (Toyo Univ.)

"We were able to leave good result and were meeting that brought oneself up. We devised while we threw orbital ball and breaking ball which worked unlike Japanese pitcher, and drawers in batting increased. In addition, we learned posture and human being power who worked on baseball from seniors. Since we caught gold medal, we want to become player pulling the Collegiate baseball world"

The 29th Universiade Tournament

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From August 20, 2017 to August 29

Preliminary round (Group B)
Sunday, August 20 12:00 Russia 0-19 Japan
Tuesday, August 22 12:00 Japan 7-2 Mexico
The Wednesday, August 23 12:00 Japan 11-5 United States
※The start time Japan time (Chinese Taipei: at time difference -1 time)

Super Round
Friday, August 25 12:00 Japan 2-1 Korea
Saturday, August 26 19:30 Czech 1-8 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Chinese Taipei: at time difference -1 time)

Monday, August 28 19:30 Japan 4-0 Korea

The final
The Tuesday, August 29 19:30 Japan 10-0 United States


Chinese Taipei (Taipei)

Participating nation

Group A
Korea, Chinese Taipei, Czech, France

Group B
Japan, the United States of America, Mexico, Russia

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