Game Report

Japan gives Chinese Taipei a lead until the late innings but turns the game around in 6th, winning two games in a row from the opening of the tournament

September 3, 2017

 Game 2 of "the first BFA Women's baseball Asian Cup" held in Hong Kong, sarashisowanyugakujo. SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which won in game with Korea fifth inning Called on the day before, and got on force just faced powerful enemy, Chinese Taipei of the meeting first. We come from behind, and it is won with six to one by sixth inning though we permit lead until the end game. We gave glory to start 2 successive victory.

 Manager Megumi Kitta who just placed the first powerful enemy, Opponent with Chinese Taipei in meeting saying "we think with the virtual final" whom order is decided on by round robin by all six teams. According to the words, development that grew tense to compete for one point until the end game continued.

 Game moves in forth inning while firm defense shines each other, and no score continues though both teams send the runner from the early stages. When starting Asaka Tsuru (shinkohiromeryogakuen) starts the runner in the first walk from dying on that day, by sacrifice bunt in two outs second base. We permitted the sixth YANG CHIA HUI which spread out double to right line, and Chinese Taipei scored the first one point and broke balance.

 Expected player who has begun to be able to see a fret without being able to play baseball Manager Kitta "will tell with figure playing baseball happily to stand. Dugout regains brightness again when we inform, we will cheer up and shows upsurge.
 Natsuki Hiruta (Saitama honor) widens chance by hit to between the right and center when we get to first base by safety bunt that sixth inning, Ruri Adachi (kyotoryoyo) are unexpected. While Harue Yoshii (Riseisha) of the captain is driven here; is timely of tie score to left field. Hiruta returns to home from one out and the bases loaded to grounded out to SS of Ririna Kanemitsu (open intending to tread the path of learning garden) and succeeds in reversal at last. We took six points in total away with partner battery error and timely two base to the L middle of Sakura Mitsuura (Riseisha) and pushed Chinese Taipei at a stretch afterwards.

 Pitch continually with Nanami Ohno (Fukuchiyama Seibi) from Runa Matsushima (Riseisha), sixth inning in fifth inning, hill staff who suppressed wonderfully. Ohno takes struck out looking from the last hitters in fastballs of pride, game-set. We finished game that grew tense and shed smile over players.

 SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which won 2 straight victories from Korea, Chinese Taipei and skilled player of Asia. The next war faces Pakistan from 10:00 in Japan time on Monday, September 4. We go without stopping paying attention for victory of this day to get victory surely.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Megumi Kitta

"First inning fell into the measures of partner and did not advance to good direction of thing to make after second inning in chance either, and a fret was seen to player. Habits of ball and umpire could not make a calm decision, and partner team exceeded at point of experience. Before attack of sixth inning, we called out to have you see figure which played baseball hard happily and tried hard that players cheered up and heaped up. Therefore we think that we might be used to one. We felt that we must tell part without international meeting experience of this Age Range in words."

The Harue Yoshii captain (Riseisha)

"We were very glad that we could hit timely in important scene. Head had squeeze, too, but we had you say that you gave up and entered turn at bat at director to wave strike well. It was inserted in fast fastballs in the early stages, but we had bat briefly compactly and coped. It prevents you from being defeated by other teams well very much as it is team with spirit."

Nanami Ohno (Fukuchiyama Seibi)

It "was told to be the virtual final by director and went with strong feeling. As sweet ball was considered to be hit surely, being conscious of course, we were able to throw well. As team was able to beat from practice game all the time, we believed when he/she absolutely took point."

The first BFA Women's baseball Asian Cup

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From September 2, 2017 to September 7

Meeting schedule
Saturday, September 2 16:00 Korea 0-11 Japan
Sunday, September 3 13:00 Japan 6-1 Chinese Taipei
Monday, September 4 17:30 Pakistan 0-17 Japan
Tuesday, September 5 13:00 2-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Wednesday, September 6 10:00 Japan 17-0 India
※The start time Japan time (Hong Kong: at time difference -1 time)


Hong Kong

Participation country

Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan

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