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Japan defeats Pakistan under the mercy rule, winning three games in a row from the opening of the tournament - Players don't show any tiredness in spite of a major time change

September 4, 2017

 September 4, SAMURAI JAPAN Women's is forth inning Called victory with 17 to 0 by Game 3 of "the first BFA Women's baseball Asian Cup" the fight with Pakistan in Hong Kong, sarashisowanyugakujo. We gave off 18 hits in total and performed start 3 with winning straight victories by great victory.

 Game due to begin 10:00 is started at 18:00 in Japan time by rain which it rains from the early morning. They switched from the first game to the third game, and, besides, it was game while there was announcement of Cancelled once, but players were full of energy, and they provided dai kina voice, and they played with smile without showing fatigue.

 First inning that Manager Megumi Kitta explains, "we were tense", SAMURAI JAPAN Women's are over in three up three down without being able to knock down Pakistani starting M.BASHARAT. However, we regained original batting after second inning, and the batting order was connected wonderfully.
 When Mayu Himeno (Hanasaki Tokuharu) who entered second inning, this day cleanup hitter gets to first base by hit, we score the first home student bringing back on the basis of two to center of Mina Sugimoto (Kamata Women's) at a stretch. Continuing Yuka Ogata (the Orio love truth) gives off timely and pushes forward game in predominance at score in 5 in this time.
 Third inning took four points in eight points, forth inning with seven hits including 6 consecutive hits and determined game by hard hit of 18 hits of 17 scores in total.

 There is change of Length of the game, and the starting left arm, Shiori Tanaka (Saitama honor) which went up in middle mound of adjustment hard to please processes first inning, grounder clogged up of opening batsman well. Saying "was difficult grounder, but was able to see in peace as dealt well"; Manager Kitta. We forgave no runner and completely held down second inning afterwards. Only one hit of hit that Hana Imai (Kamimura school) pitched as for the third inning in Mami Odajima (Hayato Yokohama), the last and permitted. We gained forth inning Called victory by complete blockade relay.

 In the scene that player of both teams performs toss batting after the game together, and deepens interchange. Finally, it became ring in turn and handled stretch after game while calling out to each other with smile and left ground.

 SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which we assumed three clean scores from the start by victory of this day. The next war faces Hong Kong from 13:00 in Japan time on Tuesday, September 5. We go to aim at the first Queen by clean score without being daunted by local encouragement.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Megumi Kitta

"Cannot readily experience what the first game changes to the third game. For World Cup after the next time, both players and myself were able to have a valuable experience. Some first inning were obstinate, but it was simple and hit as expected in place that we got point. We think that we can be connected tomorrow. As Hong Kong becomes better than to this (as for the tomorrow's game), winner like today cannot do it. We want to fight well with resolution"

Shiori Tanaka (Saitama honor)

"We were largely late because of rain, but tried not to run out of concentration. We threw mainly on fastballs of wide throw and were all right as we got wide swing. There was Announcement of Cancelled and thought that this was international meeting, but was enough once as we assumed so that we were thrown even in what kind of timing"

Yuka Ogata (the Orio love truth)

"We were able to be stirred up from the first-strike decisively. It was shock to have hurt shoulder during camp, but we take and do in forward looking. As for after tomorrow, we play our part and want to fight by another two games well"

The first BFA Women's baseball Asian Cup

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From September 2, 2017 to September 7

Meeting schedule
Saturday, September 2 16:00 Korea 0-11 Japan
Sunday, September 3 13:00 Japan 6-1 Chinese Taipei
Monday, September 4 17:30 Pakistan 0-17 Japan
Tuesday, September 5 13:00 2-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Wednesday, September 6 10:00 Japan 17-0 India
※The start time Japan time (Hong Kong: at time difference -1 time)


Hong Kong

Participation country

Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan

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