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Samurai Japan Women's National Team wins four games in a row, practically winning the championship! Japan wins a close game against the host country team Hong Kong with solid defense

September 5, 2017

 "The first BFA Women's baseball Asian Cup" that is held in Hong Kong, sarashisowanyugakujo. Game 4 on the fourth day, SAMURAI JAPAN Women's face hometown, Hong Kong and win with two to 0. It became severe game to carry the runner on the back over and over again, but let we won close battle, and seat of the first Queen settle at last.

 Hard fight more than expected was forced this day, Hong Kong team to, but reliable defense of SAMURAI JAPAN Women's Uchino shined.
 First inning, starting Ayumi Ono (Saitama honor) cause dying 2, pinch of third base by walk and hit suddenly, but they get continuing hitters out on grounded out to 3B, struck out swinging and come through in no Run. When the back, Natsuki Hiruta (Saitama honor) got to first base in walk, Nana Watanabe (the House of product first learning experience) gave off sacrifice fly to right from dying third base, and SAMURAI JAPAN Women's opened the scoring. Fleet-footed Ruri Adachi (kyotoryoyo) puts back home to bunt of Harue Yoshii (Riseisha) from second base live at a stretch and gives another point to third inning. However, we reach pinch over and over again without being able to take another point after this.

 Runa Matsushima (Riseisha) which broke out in mound from forth inning, previous time invites pinch of two outs second base, but Hiruta deals with grounder to the twelfth base interval and holds. We came through no outs 2, pinch of tie score of third base in struck out looking, grounded out to C, grounded out to 3B in sixth inning.
 In seventh inning which championship approached near at hand, steal is prevented by wonderful connection by dying 1, third base. We saved team by reliable defense of Uchino and won by complete blockade without letting Hong Kong to attack daringly set foot on home.

 Four win all games from the start in this. Championship was settled because we won against direct confrontation with other four teams even if we lost in Opponent with India of the next day without waiting for final match.

 SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which had seat of the first Queen whom we aimed for in its hand. The next war to become final match is India and Opponent which raised their this day meeting first win from 10:00 in (Wed) Japan time for six days. We go to get victory surely toward clean score championship to return home with smile.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Megumi Kitta

"It is toilsome, to have thought that he/she fights, but to be so toilsome. Player to see hitters which we hit yesterday overswinged. We think that we were able to break a little more if we use delicate technique including safety bunt. Infielder protects well while employing runner and thinks that he/she showed baseball like Japan. Players had effect of hard fight and rain at the first international meeting, but do in spite of being thought. We want to fight with resolution once again tomorrow."

Natsuki Hiruta (Saitama honor)

"We heard this game when we won when it was championship, but faced game in front with feeling that it was said to beat as we were off our guard when we felt relieved there. We kept in mind to protect calmly patiently (in scene where pinch led to). We were not tense very much. As pitcher of Hong Kong had many loose balls, we waved well and we were going to hit the strong batted ball and entered turn at bat."

Nana Watanabe (the House of product first learning experience)

"Player of Hong Kong kept in all the members since up and felt when it seemed to be strong. We were aware of only returning runner as one at bats of eye (flied out to RF,SF) might be out. As we thought that he/she absolutely did in out if we flew to the infield (about defense of the infield), we were relieved."

The first BFA Women's baseball Asian Cup

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From September 2, 2017 to September 7

Meeting schedule
Saturday, September 2 16:00 Korea 0-11 Japan
Sunday, September 3 13:00 Japan 6-1 Chinese Taipei
Monday, September 4 17:30 Pakistan 0-17 Japan
Tuesday, September 5 13:00 2-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Wednesday, September 6 10:00 Japan 17-0 India
※The start time Japan time (Hong Kong: at time difference -1 time)


Hong Kong

Participation country

Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan

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