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No-hitter relay & a win under the mercy rule - Samurai Japan Women's National Team wraps up the tournament winning the championship and all the games

September 6, 2017

 "The first BFA Women's baseball Asian Cup" that is held in Hong Kong, sarashisowanyugakujo in schedule of 6 days. Win against game with Hong Kong on the day before, and SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which let championship settle in 4 successive victories aims at meeting five clean score, is India and Opponent in final match. We piled up scores from first inning effectively and won in 17 to 0 forth inning Called.

 SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which warmed up at suggestion of Manager Megumi Kitta before game with Indian team. There was the scene to hit, and to teach to Pakistani player after the game is over on the meeting third day, but it was this time the second international exchange. On seeing Indian player who improved with smile lively, Harue Yoshii (Riseisha) of the captain said, "we felt when everybody looked happy and really liked baseball".

 When game makes first inning, chance of no outs full bases, Yuka Ogata (the Orio love truth) gives off hit to left field and opens the scoring. The batting order is connected, and they get a score 12 in massive attack of 16 hitters afterwards in this time. We determined whereabouts of game. SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which added one point to four points, third inning in second inning, and took 17 scores away with 18 hits in total. All the members speak from first inning positively, and this day changes completely with past atmosphere. As for "problem entry of game" and Manager Kitta who spoke "spoke while confirming their roles. Finally there was one mind and was relieved saying it worked in oneself.
 Asaka Tsuru (shinkohiromeryo), Mina Sugimoto (Kamata Women's), Shiori Tanaka (Saitama honor), Nanami Ohno (Fukuchiyama Seibi) threw hill staff by 1 inning and completed no-hit relay and showed pitching strength of 1 Run in total, hardness of defense through meeting.

 So that, after the game, Manager Kitta cuts off player;, thanks to "all, was able to finish by clean score. Thank you very much. When is enemy (in Japan), but say, is looking forward to the achievement, as for Eriko Nagano coach "look forward to this. We loaded with expectation in the future of players saying we want you to keep alive next without forgetting to have experienced this time.

 SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which won the first Queen of "the first BFA Women's baseball Asian Cup" by five clean scores in this way. Closing ceremony is held after Chinese Taipei of the morning of Thursday, September 7 vs. the game of India, and meeting will close curtain now tomorrow.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Megumi Kitta

"Anyway, we are relieved. We felt difficulty of pattern that was high school student including poor physical condition of player and it was uneasy start, but adapted day by day. We aimed at play to become sample of each Asian country, but there was not all what we demanded. We aimed at sample and behavior that we are used to, but dugout work of India was splendid thing, and there is that we must learn still more a lot. Myself make use of this experience, too and want to make step-up"

The Harue Yoshii captain (Riseisha)

It "was aim today that it was said to do tight game in all the members from first inning aloud. As even defense was able to speak well, it was good that we could get a score from first inning. There was usually sense of incongruity in team first as it was enemy, but while they spent, good place and characteristic of friend knew, and both baseball and everyday life were fun. We will think that there are many players who continue playing baseball in future. Meeting just challenged in high school students, but thinks that we can try hard each other so that it is chosen in full national team as we want to play together again"

Nozomi Abe (Fukuchiyama Seibi)

"It faced meeting with the goal of championship, but severe game was several games, or there was, and it was really big to have come by clean score championship in that. Indian player enjoyed warm-up and thought that such a place must learn. As it was not player who could contribute by extra-base hit, meeting was just keeping that we did higher than role given even certain attack that we played by defense in mind. We think that we might do it to a minimum"

The first BFA Women's baseball Asian Cup

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From September 2, 2017 to September 7

Meeting schedule
Saturday, September 2 16:00 Korea 0-11 Japan
Sunday, September 3 13:00 Japan 6-1 Chinese Taipei
Monday, September 4 17:30 Pakistan 0-17 Japan
Tuesday, September 5 13:00 2-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Wednesday, September 6 10:00 Japan 17-0 India
※The start time Japan time (Hong Kong: at time difference -1 time)


Hong Kong

Participation country

Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan

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