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Samurai Japan Women's National Team gives joyful comments in a press conference on the championship at "1st BFA Women's Baseball Asian Cup"

September 8, 2017

 SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which fights successfully through "the first BFA Women's baseball Asian Cup" practiced in Hong Kong for six days of last from 2 to 7 on September by clean score, and had title of Queen first generation in its hand is returning home on September 8. We won the championship in Narita Airport and held a press conference.

 This SAMURAI JAPAN Women's is aimed for upbringing of young player, competition power improvement and reinforcement and organizes in players 18 years or younger. When gain 11 to 0 and Called victory by game with Korea of first match at meeting, and get on force, is 17 to 0 afterwards in six to one, Pakistan in Chinese Taipei. And we win close battle with hometown, Hong Kong with two to 0 and establish championship. We won against India of final match with 17 to 0 and decided five clean score championships.

 Five people of Ririna Kanemitsu (open intending to tread the path of learning garden high 12th grade) elected as Yuka Ogata (Orioaishin high School 12th grade), ERA title and top nine (pitcher section) Mayu Himeno (Hanasaki Tokuharu high 12th grade), catcher who got Harue Yoshii (Riseisha High School 12th grade) which won the top nine (shortstop section) in the captains including SAMURAI JAPAN Women's, Manager Megumi Kitta for press conference, meeting MVP and the top nine (designated hitter section) by top flight defense in total are going on the platform.

 "We can win the championship and are relieved while there is domestic expectation that Manager Kitta who led team as woman director first time Japan National Team history may easily beat by Asia concerning the whole World Cup the fifth straight victory. The Yoshii captain showed smile that was bright saying it "was good to be able to win the championship at baseball that it was new environment, but seemed to be Japan at the first international meeting" when we spoke of joy of championship saying it became meeting helped by spirit and smile of high school student.

 In addition, "we thought that we could not be defeated and stated, we changed into power and tried hard" by words of thanks about SAMURAI JAPAN U-18, Tatsuya Shimizu (Hanasaki Tokuharu 12th grade) of the amount of Hanasaki Tokuharu fighting in WBSC U-18 World Cup now after Ogata of meeting MVP said, "we realized with splendor of baseball on seeing figure which enjoyed baseball heartily in crop which we got at international meeting while Women's baseball did not spread still more in India or Pakistan", and Himeno who pulled team with throw of no Run said, "we want to thank various places of fielder as what was produced in ERA title had you take out toward the fielder contributed to the fact.".

 Furthermore, rich ha where good reed shined said, it "was problem that interested pitcher, but thinks that it was good that what we were able to pull well could contribute to championship".

 "Level goes up as the result surely in comparison with time when we saw Indian team approximately ten years ago afterwards after "this meeting is what for the spread of Women's baseball of Asia, or Manager Kitta revealed aim that you should carry out with Queen first generation acquisition saying it is meeting that we feel and challenged that we want to contribute" to. Other countries being at all more different in environment than Japan where spikes and Uniform are ordinary as for what we told to Japanese players in that. We participated in this meeting and actually explained, Japanese player thinks that they realized that they were endowed very much.

"World Cup of the next year approaches, too. Manager which just put expectation to meeting member some other time saying we want you to make an effort finally which enters a lot of full national team at this member alone. SAMURAI JAPAN Women's which there is WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup during the fifth straight victory now in the next year enters preparations to the sixth straight victory to make new survival race and Women's baseball widely available with dissolution of the existing national team more to the world.

The first BFA Women's baseball Asian Cup

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From September 2, 2017 to September 7

Meeting schedule
Saturday, September 2 16:00 Korea 0-11 Japan
Sunday, September 3 13:00 Japan 6-1 Chinese Taipei
Monday, September 4 17:30 Pakistan 0-17 Japan
Tuesday, September 5 13:00 2-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Wednesday, September 6 10:00 Japan 17-0 India
※The start time Japan time (Hong Kong: at time difference -1 time)


Hong Kong

Participation country

Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan

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