Game Report

Japan defeated by Korea, 4-6, in the last game of Super Round, failing to advance to the final

September 10, 2017

SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 which participated in "the 28th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup" (Canada Thunder Bay) fought in Super Round final match with Korea on September 9 and lost with four to six. Results (as for carrying over from opening round of Group B one win one defeat) in total became two wins three defeats and missed Final Game advance. In this, Japan is the Super Round fourth place. We hang bronze medal and will face hometown, Canada (the third place) tomorrow.

 "Union card" to final advance was to win by this game with Korea. The forerunner was the left arm, Fumimaru Taura (shutakekan) which they rescued for five of seven games until the day before. We planned Kento Kawabata (shutakekan) at first, but received the batted ball on RF calf by game with Canada on the day before when we rescued with the third person.

"There was hematoma at moment when we were. Did not go to hospital, but overcompensation (Mamoru Koeda director). However, it is said that we were not able to embark on starting used saying "you had to see state". "We became Taura concerning team which we swung in method of elimination. There is not pitcher which is not tiring, and fielder is 10th, too; nine games. There is spare and is only a little. We used unreasonableness by agreement. It was Taura who threw for willpower to here, but after all seemed to be severe condition.

 Taura makes a bad throw to second base on bunt to in front of the second Pitching when we permit bottom of the first inning, the top hit and opens two, third base and wound. We permit the first goal between the fourth grounder to 2B though we take dying by struck out swinging with the third. We are exposed to consecutive timely hits to five, the sixth to continue, and three points in total are scored the first. It is Japan which assumed behind for breath, but harasses. The ninth, Kenji Nishimaki (Sendai Ikuei) drops from two outs second base persistently to left front when we give back two points to top of the second inning including enemy's error, wild pitch and catches up with tie score. However, condition of Taura of request does not look up. We push in 2 continuation walk after L taking the lead on horseback including bottom of the second inning, walk, strikeout. Taura leaves net win in gave up scene. Kawabata rescued for the second person, but curve that entered rather high is carried to left front, 2 Run in total. As it was the catch-up mood, it was disappointing inning. Manager Koeda entrusted southpaw as reason that interested Taura saying "it can happen to tell the desire" (when he/she improves), but has already exceeded limit of physical strength.

 Throw of guts that we finish giving up Kawabata till the last though we suffer 1 Run in bottom of the forth inning. It is barely enough for Japan to pursue to return sacrifice fly of Yuto Koga (Fukuoka Univ. size moat) for one point in top of the sixth inning. It was suppressed for five hits, 13 striking out for relay of 3 Korean pitcher.

 The third, Hisanori Yasuda (Riseisha) which Manager Koeda expected as "axis", cleanup slot, Kotaro Kiyomiya (early fruit) got no hits, and there was not something to be done. Manager Koeda showed severe expression before getting in moving bus after the game.
"Did you miss several pitches of balls to be able to hit?…As for damaging…. Working ball is difficult"
We finished summer Koshien meeting and, without closed interval, reached World Cup. When will not use up power at meeting in future after having cleared such a tight schedule either, of earnest wish world's best, do not reach. It is to have been pointed out at every international meeting, but Manager Koeda says until now.
"He/she throws pitcher well. Another one attack……. Place there is irritating. Correspondence of wooden bat. It is very difficult when we do not change metal style early"
Through fierce battle in Canada, problem that U-18 Age Range had was highlighted again.

Comments by manager and players

Mamoru Koeda director

"Players did it well. We were able to never squeeze up. I am sorry that we are annoyed. One game still remains. We want to take heart. We want to make mobility and axial linkage, game which can keep strong" (and at 3rd Place Match)

The Kotaro Kiyomiya captain

"Oneself was not able to get to first base. I am sorry. Type that of course was good, but still is near Japan (as for the Korean pitcher). It was easy to look at ball, but there were many oneself, foozles. If oneself beats more. We were not able to give 100% of power to be able to have. Though it is 3rd Place Match, you should win. It is serious toad to change, there is game. Finally, Masaru wants to be over"

Kento Kawabata pitcher

"(state of foot?) It was entirely all right as it was thrown state. We surrounded taping. We believed that teammates got point someday and were going to no longer do point. We came over as two pieces of reputation of shutakekan and threw share of Taura in thought that you must cover all this while"

The 28th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup

Overview Players Broadcast Schedule

Meeting Schedule

From September 1, 2017 to September 11

Opening round
Friday, September 1 22:30 Mexico 1-10 Japan
The Sunday, September 3 5:00 Japan 0-4 United States
Monday, September 4 6:00 Japan 7-2 Cuba
Tuesday, September 5 3:00 Netherlands 1-3 Japan
Tuesday, September 5 22:30 Japan 12-0 South Africa
※The start time Japan time (sander bay: at time difference -13 time)

Super Round
Thursday, September 7 22:30 Japan 4-3 Australia
Saturday, September 9 6:00 Japan 4-6 Canada
Sunday, September 10 2:00 Korea 6-4 Japan
※The start time Japan time (sander bay: at time difference -13 time)

3rd Place Match
Monday, September 11 1:00 Canada 1-8 Japan
※The start time Japan time (sander bay: at time difference -13 time)


Canadian sander bay

Participating nation

Group A
Canada, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Australia, Italy, Nicaragua

Group B
Japan, United States, Cuba, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa

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