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Samurai Japan U-18's manager Mamoru Koeda and three coaches strongly trust each other

September 10, 2017

SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 participating in "the 28th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup" (Canada Thunder Bay) fights against Canada in 3rd Place Match on September 10 (local time). Is the ninth game now in meeting ten days; willpower, condition that is severe with physical strength. We missed "it is the number one in the world" of earnest wish, but want to bring bronze medal to Japan somehow or other.

 Japan High School National Team which started from domestic camp on August 22. As for playing a game in SAMURAI JAPAN of these 20 people as follows, 10th is the last the Kotaro Kiyomiya captain (early fruit). In addition, for Mamoru Koeda director becoming instruction formation that it lasts from Asian Championship (Chinese Taipei) of last year when we won the championship, Toshiyuki Ohfuji head coach, Takamitsu Yonezawa coach, Teppei Azuma coach, it is fight of the collected studies. Harmonious four people. Relationship of mutual trust of the staff who bundled up 20 players was strong.

 It is duty that Ofuji head coach (former Chukyo University Chukyo director) supports baseball that Manager Koeda imagines from the nearest position. We snuggled up with player, and figure which instructed fiery zeal was always seen by batting practice. We send precise instructions during game and give player who made a mistake care of heart immediately. There was gentleness in severe words. When Shosei Nakamura (Koryo) which had trouble with correspondence of wooden bat gave off taking the lead on horseback among in Super Round with Canada, we were pleased like own thing.

 Yonezawa coach (Manager Toichi Seki) stands at third-base coach box during attack and encourages players. Meeting, maximum 〝 work 〟 are Super Round with Australia now. By top of the sixth inning, defense of Japan, it is great fly balls from one out and the bases loaded to the left wing. The third base runner reached home plate by tag up, and the second base runner returned to second base. On the other hand, bonehead play that most moving passage base did second base as for the first base runner, but just comes back to first base without stepping on second base bass. Yonezawa coach who watched a series of plays from third base dugout appeals hard. "I cut around two blood vessels to convey that (laugh). As it is common thing, we always see. We checked this time by tie score (three to three) by 1 Run and, as a result, we won good-bye of 11 times of extension (four to three) and were great fine play.

 East coach (Tsurugakehi director) is pitcher person in charge. As for volunteering for blow pitcher in practice before game often. It is stationed during game in the bull pen and checks adjustment of relief pitcher. The bull pen of "port Arthur stadium" was to the right wing fence rear, and transceiver was handed communication with dugout from meeting Motobu. But there seemed to be trouble in environment unlike "(wry smile) that voice of foreigner was mixed and might be hard to hear" and Japan, too. Now that continual pitching held the key; meeting. If the particularly first games (9:30 a.m. start) were less than temperature 10 degrees, it was cold and took cooperation with Manager Koeda thickly while adjustment was difficult.

 Experience, Manager Koeda (former Takushoku University rouge Manager Ryo) who was supported with carrier by three abundant coaches observe still movement of players. And we waited until timing and sent exquisite advice. There was "hasty construction team" dakarakosono consideration, too.
If "it is player, they question at oneself and can say, but one step, scene which must fall down come out. Work to conform this and thought of the person to. In other words, without words that were repeated from Asian Championship of last year that is communication "succumbing without flinching." 3rd Place Match is Canada. We are defeated by narrow margin with four to six in Super Round and cannot be defeated by the same partner twice. Tomorrow is Sunday. In "complete away where many local fans flock to," can show original ability this time; or - -. The true value becomes final match called into question.

The 28th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup

Overview Players Broadcast Schedule

Meeting Schedule

From September 1, 2017 to September 11

Opening round
Friday, September 1 22:30 Mexico 1-10 Japan
The Sunday, September 3 5:00 Japan 0-4 United States
Monday, September 4 6:00 Japan 7-2 Cuba
Tuesday, September 5 3:00 Netherlands 1-3 Japan
Tuesday, September 5 22:30 Japan 12-0 South Africa
※The start time Japan time (sander bay: at time difference -13 time)

Super Round
Thursday, September 7 22:30 Japan 4-3 Australia
Saturday, September 9 6:00 Japan 4-6 Canada
Sunday, September 10 2:00 Korea 6-4 Japan
※The start time Japan time (sander bay: at time difference -13 time)

3rd Place Match
Monday, September 11 1:00 Canada 1-8 Japan
※The start time Japan time (sander bay: at time difference -13 time)


Canadian sander bay

Participating nation

Group A
Canada, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Australia, Italy, Nicaragua

Group B
Japan, United States, Cuba, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa

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