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Samurai Japan U-18 defeats Canada over the third place winning a bronze medal

September 11, 2017

SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 participating in "the 28th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup" (Canada Thunder Bay) wins with fight, eight to one in 3rd Place Match with Canada on September 10. Although we missed 1B of earnest wish of the world with the Super Round fourth place, we won bronze medal and displayed crowning beauty.

 Game start local time 12:00 (Japan time 1:00 a.m.). Day game on Sunday and this day had been blessed cheerily, and a large number of hometowns, Canada fans just went to visit port Arthur stadium which was main venue of meeting.
 It is beating time with hands in scene of the here first. And the stands dyed red by shout of "Let`s go CANADA Let`s go" heat up for scoring opportunity. It was the situation of 〝 perfection away 〟 for Japan, but member of 20 of SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 fought by game bravely in the last.

 Japan takes four points in total away in center field timely hit of top of the third inning, enemy's error and wild pitch and Kotaro Kiyomiya (early fruit), sacrifice fly of Shuto Sakurai (Nihon Univ. three) and grasps initiative. Top of the forth inning added two points in timely of Kyota Fujiwara (Osaka Toin) and Hisanori Yasuda (Riseisha), too and "connection of the batting order" that Mamoru Koeda director idealized made final match and fully appeared.

 When we throw, the forerunner, Ginji Miura (Fukuoka Univ. size moat) plays a game with three hits of seventh inning no Run, 12 striking out and makes up. As for the eighth inning, as for Shunpei Isomura (Chukyo University Chukyo), the ninth inning, Tatsuya Shimizu (Hanasaki Tokuharu) suffered 1 Run, but just succeeded in escaping.

 The now meeting second game. It may be said that Miura that there were not many turns led Japan to bronze medal until now. Even Super Round final match with South Africa is excellent at fifth inning no Run and a sense of stability. Meeting, Japanese hill staff were just pitching low breaking ball many times using superabundant nerve for partner that there was much hitters which we swung. A lot of effective scenes were seen so that it was representative by the left arm, Fumimaru Taura (shutakekan). But walk and hit by pitch was outstanding by vicious circle that ball ball increased to when, on the other hand, partner hitters ascertained. Miura of this game is strike precedence. We pushed forward game with 1 only walk and count that pitcher was always dominant. Rhythm of pitcher influences fielder protecting. It goes without saying that good tempo of Miura chained attack with connection. "We were able to pitch oneself. We got count by strike, breaking ball with straight, too. Because it was the last, Masaru wanted to be over. Is made to win by team; said, was able to throw a ball with substantial expression.

 Japan is medal acquisition in 3 meeting continuations following 2013, silver medal of 15 years in this. Manager Koeda said, "we turned to bottom and cannot return to Japan" before game in front of the reporters. We emphasized some other time to cut off player in meeting before game saying "even one pitch must not pull mind because it was 160,000 high school boys who plays baseball, Japanese national team". Shock that missed Final Game advance by game with Korea on the day before was immeasurable. However, we change feeling in a night, and, as for the bronze medal capture with 20 members making "unity", there is big value. Top of the ninth inning, the Canadian last hitters are grounder to 2B. Captain, Kiyomiya presented winning ball to Manager Koeda.

Comments by manager and players

Mamoru Koeda director

"We lost yesterday and made a breakthrough. Their colors appeared today. The concentration in short term worked hard to know player each other with effort while it was difficult. It took time, but what we were able to bind together with (bronze medal) in the last was good"

The Kotaro Kiyomiya captain

"We won, but vexation remains. We were not able to contribute to team, but came without saying one word. There was uneasiness, but was team where it was very good that everybody spoke. As it was come over as captain, we were all right. We thought that we did not feel very much (as for own blow), but made a great difference when we saw as result mark (metal bat and woodenness). We felt that practice was necessary still more. It was technically human (in this as for the High School Baseball box) and was able to greatly change own life in these two and a half years"

Kyota Fujiwara outfielder

"We were not able to win the championship, but good form was all right as it was able to be over. We sat down in the first in spite of being second grader and were going to draw out. Place that brings oneself up (as for the international meeting). We share this experience with classmate, younger student to be able to choose after having come back to team and want to take Japan 1B in Osaka Toin again next year. We prepare well and want to fight to spend remainder 10th grade, High School Baseball without regret"

The 28th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup

Overview Players Broadcast Schedule

Meeting Schedule

From September 1, 2017 to September 11

Opening round
Friday, September 1 22:30 Mexico 1-10 Japan
The Sunday, September 3 5:00 Japan 0-4 United States
Monday, September 4 6:00 Japan 7-2 Cuba
Tuesday, September 5 3:00 Netherlands 1-3 Japan
Tuesday, September 5 22:30 Japan 12-0 South Africa
※The start time Japan time (sander bay: at time difference -13 time)

Super Round
Thursday, September 7 22:30 Japan 4-3 Australia
Saturday, September 9 6:00 Japan 4-6 Canada
Sunday, September 10 2:00 Korea 6-4 Japan
※The start time Japan time (sander bay: at time difference -13 time)

3rd Place Match
Monday, September 11 1:00 Canada 1-8 Japan
※The start time Japan time (sander bay: at time difference -13 time)


Canadian sander bay

Participating nation

Group A
Canada, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Australia, Italy, Nicaragua

Group B
Japan, United States, Cuba, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa

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