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"World Baseball" Japanese instructor’s challenge - Hong Kong national baseball team "Baseball in China I saw"

September 13, 2017

Sentence, photograph = Toma Irokawa

 On May 7, 2017, Hong Kong delegation participated in festival of the China's biggest sports to be played once in four years called People's Republic of China whole country athletic meet (under an alias all luck society). With all luck society, it is said to be meeting that is more important than the Olympics for the Chinese nation and seems to be given bonus for approximately one year of Chinese average yearly income when we win the championship at this meeting. Therefore we strengthen for this meeting once in four years every each ministry. In addition, we let baseball of each ministry continue to these all luck society with Chinese baseball league and start to measure reinforcement and seem to be run. Sense is different from professional sports to be managed as performance if we say in such a meaning.

 Ten teams including Hong Kong participated in this all luck society preliminary and reached level that could work together in competition in enough number of people and teams to run as team at each ministry. This was impression that "baseball of country level" run in developing countries such as Iran or Pakistan was performed at each ministry in China. Because the number of top players is limited in developing country of baseball, there is not competition in team. In addition, force largely falls if we leave even one of the starters for some reason and falls into level not to be able to fight. Furthermore, it often becomes coach Kaneto in everyday practice, and it becomes difficult to chip time to own practice.
 China which it is run the cause of support, leadership of the government for countries always next door to chain of such an L, and depths drive into baseball through the year. We keenly realized size of Mainland China and realized reason stayed to Asia a little over four (Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei, China) with the body now again.

 In practice before the start, story was put on some Chinese staff in Japanese. We spent school days in and Japan which we interpreted in the times when there was Japanese leader, and there was meeting with judged now. Baseball of China did not receive impression that was Americanized as far as we saw practice. As we heard that there was development center of United States Major League, we imagined when there was meeting with American, but American was not included in leader and the staff of China domestic league. As American director participated with Chinese American for me in the last WBC, we were convinced whether it was one which played baseball Americanized more.

 By team of each ministry of China, Korea and foreign leader of Chinese Taipei played a key role and instructed, and practice before game seemed to be Asian baseball, too, and leading, fielding practice was performed. We practiced doing long T by batting practice before game from base before ally dugout to the outfield of ally side and were practice to see for the first time. Difference in preparations and tradition toward game in league of each country is discovery that I am looking forward to every time.

 We finished whole practice before the start as expected, and we had a meeting for Opening Game, and Hong Kong national team was finished with the best atmosphere for team.

Author profile
Toma Irokawa
We lead team to the second place as Iranian baseball national team coach for Nishi Asia baseball championship carried out in Islamabad (Pakistan) in February, 2015. After the university's meeting, we take office as Pakistani national team coach. In "the 27th Asian Baseball Championship performed in Chinese Taipei in September, 2015," we led Pakistani national team as director.

World Baseball
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