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"World Baseball" A baseball story that has been passed on in Sri Lanka - The shining dream of baseball in Sri Lanka "People who support baseball in Sri Lanka"

September 13, 2017

Sentence, photograph = Kazuya Yagi

 Japanese everybody kohomada (how you are)? ? ?
 All schedules finished High School Baseball Championship Tournament that included many dramas from caucus to Koshien meeting this year. While I sometimes checked, it kept on being excited from Sri Lanka. In addition, world meeting according to Age Range is held and burns life for baseball that children love all over the world. Of course we are madly in love so that baseball of here Sri Lanka does not lose heat of Japan!
 To here, we wrote story of the "history of baseball in Sri Lanka" "origin of baseball in Sri Lanka". The third yearns for Oden esaseteitadakerebanato about "people supporting baseball in Sri Lanka" this time.

 By the way, the last contribution introduced a little, but three meetings were held through 6, 7.8 Mon. At first this photograph is National Baseball League and state of the final round performed from June through July. Navy (the navy) team where the fifth piece won the championship this time, the sixth piece are photographs of Ranabima Royal Club of First Runner-Up.
 Some rule changes were accomplished, and rule of PC restrictions was just applied to pitcher by meeting. With it, we put up each team color color and strategy, and we kept ace, and fielder was put out of business in mound and was meeting that there was invention, and was interesting at all. He/she told that it was saying "ace performed to seventh inning and has been changed in sixth inning though it was strategy to succeed in escaping with the second person from there" when we talked with player of team which had lost regrettably. Game development wins with one point to eighth inning and holds when hitters enters the second round and loses by reversal. Contents to think about increase by change of rule and have a feeling that each team seems to be improved.

 This is state of national convention of U14 performed at the end of June. We gathered in south town called finish prefecture from the whole country and were held. Rule changed, and base interval and distance to mound increased by some these meetings and were standardized Pony League. Originally we unified size of small diamond in international standard and were held. At first, it was children puzzled between wide base, but we adapted ourselves in practice to some extent and we did not have any problem and played.

 Championship is Wewala College. With completeness of overwhelming team, it was right the best part. I think about practice with coach while going around various teams basically and am concerned with school team in some forms giving technical guidance on basically, but there is team enjoying baseball as main coach by relations that coach is not together.
 We play baseball in children after starting baseball together together for approximately one year after I start for my new post. We did not let you strain with lose in the bottom of the ninth inning and Called defeat of 16-6, team first win in 18-17 regrettably children participated (as for the state photograph 2.5 pieces eyes).

 As only each Age Range, once a year has official game in Sri Lanka, there is no opportunity playing a game very much. Therefore children also provide feeling really joyfully on the front and fight. Of course they are important for victory or defeat of game, but therefore they get friend and perform in the first town as there is not readily at opportunity to go in other prefectures either, and children are active while there is such, enjoying.

And national convention of Collegiate was held one more in the middle of August. Considerable number increases to school team in Sri Lanka and shows upsurge, but in late years teams of Collegiate increase, too, and this shows considerable upsurge, too.

 This is state of the meeting. Player who played baseball for the school era makes team with Collegiate in the center and is impression called team which became independent. If there is team where coach is, there is not coach, and there is team only for player, too. Is it image such as Japanese Collegiate?
 As for the meeting, Kelaniya Collegiate just served as first championship. There is team winning and advancing to the next around of without team and coach of first appearance and feels when this is a pleasure.

 Meeting of Sri Lanka is held by league method or tournament method, and tournament is performed by knock out method (when it shifts to tournament of loser if we lose, and two games lose, we are defeated), too. In the case of tournament, it is over in Japan if we lose once, but can challenge in Sri Lanka until we are defeated twice.

 Meeting according to Age Range is held in this way in various parts of Sri Lanka. As well as players, we meet various places of many leaders and umpires, families, supporters when we go for meeting, and there is opportunity to speak. We feel that it is really valuable at time with these various places while I am active.
 Leader and umpires are friends who are active together in national team and play baseball by some team, and there is person who is active while most, it is alone so that it is said, and it does two jobs at the same time of work, national team and own club, coach or umpire and what position that it is said with player of adult who likes baseball, and tells players who are younger a lot basically. Including dream and wish of such them and baseball in Sri Lanka, difficult thing I can think about dream of Sri Lanka baseball in the same way while speak over and over again, and feel that it lights up way like compasses.
 When players go for meeting, player and several coaches of national team are there by all means.

 When the first piece wanted to talk on seeing game of this team, it is photograph when we had we ask for player of national team which went to visit the night lodgings, the second piece after the game, and director of national team talk.
 We wanted to send thought of leaders who fixed their eyes on wish to want children to have dream by talking with player and coach of national team and the Sri Lankan future to children that there was many and had you make such an opportunity.

 Wonderful hint is always hidden in their story.
"We were not able to win first, too. At first, we lost and we liked baseball and did not stop even (laugh) in 20-0. We like baseball and still do only kana for around 15 years already since then. Goal of all is not here. Because it is you that we become adult and become player of national team, and make the new times. We want you to continue favorite baseball all the time. You can meet if you come for meeting, and talk anytime if you see. You may hear baseball. Because we support as much as possible"

 They eat all together. Goal of all is not here. Please when we want you to continue favorite baseball.

 We cannot easily make with near distance in this way in Japan at opportunity to be able to talk with their heroes, but think that it is chance only in this country which player of national team plays a key role, and supports baseball. To hear thought of heroes that children fix their eyes on the future, we describe big dream. I feel that such relations are one of the charm of baseball in Sri Lanka.

 We just convey that we learned in Japan while we play baseball in Japan, and I who was brought up am concerned with person through baseball in Sri Lanka and after all do not reach. It is because this country is Sri Lanka not Japan. Baseball projects sports such as mirror, Sri Lankan sense of values, culture on there. We talk with people of Sri Lanka a lot and know culture and sense of values of Sri Lanka and often think that I see. I hear the story together and have which "a, this convey in this way in this country" does discovery that there is many "does convey importance including there because we take good care of here in this country?" and teach.
 It is some digressions, but contents taking good care of in both Japan and Sri Lanka are the same and notice that there is (when we translate into Sri Lanka specifications by original interpretation, and they tell to be easy to reach local children when different) a lot when we live a life in Sri Lanka when it is different in way of thinking in meaning and origin. I might be ordinary, but I was taught this by all people concerned in Sri Lanka. Therefore I learn from there, too and, through translation in Sri Lanka, take good care of children and tool and am active while thinking about following time. This thinks that it is the same in country of any place, but feels that we want to walk together while jumping in the same glance there, and valuing. Therefore, with people with such thought, we are active while feeling happiness in being able to face baseball of this country.

 By the way, the 28th Asian Baseball Championship begins on October 2. The last selection of member advances to the final stage, practice of national team little by little, too, and Sri Lankan team is finally the time, too.

 As for the combination, rule, partner of meeting first match are Korea. You prepare well, and please support hot heat of Sri Lanka as you just fight.

 We wrote the third about "people who supported baseball in Sri Lanka" this time. Thank you. We would like the next time.

Author profile

Kazuya Yagi
December 1, 1993 Nissei
After graduating from Ehime Prefectural Tanbara high school, we enter Oita University.
We assign to federation of rigid rubber-ball baseball in Sri Lanka as baseball member of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers from October, 2016. All over "the world aim at telling pleasure of baseball to Sri Lankan people, and going in motto in baseball boys". We work on the spread of baseball, and, as for the main activity, it is instructed technical guidance and national team to school, club team. Favorite words "baseball boy."

World Baseball
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