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Japan's great combination of pitching and batting defeated Chinese Taipei that has achieved 3rd consecutive wins! Japan wins three games in a row from the opening of the tournament

November 3, 2017

 The third day of the ninth BFA U-15 Asian Championship (Shida Stadium / Izu-shi, Shizuoka) that six countries and areas hung Asia numero uno on November 3 and competed for was performed. Throw/Bat of SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 is engaged and, for Chinese Taipei during meeting the third straight victory, wins a clear-cut victory with three to 0. We kept clean score and became big one win for championship for the first time in 4 meetings.

Kamisato is energetic in offense and defense

 As for the two countries starting pitcher, it was ace confrontation of the 34th all-Japan boy rubber-ball baseball meet First Runner-Up right arm, Ginya Ogihara pitcher (among private Seiryo) 191cm right arm, sumomo*薰toshu, SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 Chinese Taipei.
We give opening batsman walk so that Ogiwara looks back saying "we were tense first". Furthermore, Manager Masahiro Ito (in the Narashino Municipal first) went to mound when it became 2 balls. Here Ogiwara "is scared “? Gave up controlled following hitters and exceeded bunt hit in no Run in the second hitters to look back laughingly saying it was said to be "and was taken the ease.
 Furthermore, second inning nominated opening batsman by infield fly, too, but we pricked with the runner by pick-off throw of Soma Uchiyama catcher (among private Seiryo) and got out of trouble.
 Then each hitters ascertains fastballs of fastest 147km/h to throw down from high stature of plum well and chooses 3 walk so that back, Manager Ito say, "the top of belt informed that we do not be involved".
 Riku Kamizato infielder (among Haebaru Municipal Nansei) succeeded in the initiative of two points of progressing from full count persistently in front of center here saying "there was no strikeout and was going to certainly roll".

 Furthermore, Kamisato fires beautiful performance by defense after this. It is diving catch with the batted ball which Fumiya Kunugi outfielder (of Southern Alps Municipal Shirane Koma) of center fielder transfers fast runner to sixth inning, and seems to fall in front of center. The left arm, Haruka Nemoto pitcher (among Shiraoi Municipal white Sho) of pitch met good defense by no-hit relief by 2 innings from fifth inning, too.
 And Manager Ito appoints trump, Takumi Miyamoto pitcher (private Sendai Ikuei Gakuen Shukoh Middle school education school) of pinch hitter when we make chance with 2 walk from sixth inning, replaced chohishikuiketsutoshu. We took valuable some extra points for insurance in response to expectation by two-base hit that Miyamoto broke the L middle here.
 Guardian deity, Naruki Teranishi pitcher (of Nomi Municipal Negami) holds in check in three people, and the last inning wins a clear-cut victory with three to 0. SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 gave glory to start 3 successive victory.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Masahiro Ito

"It was powerful enemy, but the first goal was big as we thought that we managed it if we opened the scoring. Continual pitching of pinch hitter and pitcher of Miyamoto became as good as expected, too. Sei Hamada (private Kohchi Junior High school) enlivened from warm-up. As well as appearing nine people, we can fight in all the members"

Ginya Ogihara pitcher (among Seiryo)

"We were able to make use of control of characteristic. As we threw in severe scene in Seiryo, the experience was valid. As for the Masaru, Asia wants to become number one by another two games all-out war"

Riku Kamizato infielder (among Haebaru Municipal Nansei)

As "we were not able to play an active part for more than two days, it was good to be able to play an active part. Defense did first step and batted ball judgment, that we stepped forward carefully and had father hit knock in house. Remainder two games want to take persistently like today, too"

Takumi Miyamoto pitcher (Sendai Ikuei Gakuen Shukoh Middle school)

As it "was said that we hit vicariously in scene of chance and appointed, we were going to tie. We saw strike zone in dugout and were able to ascertain. Thing that we could hit to the opposite direction of characteristic was good. We are physically strong-minded, but want to raise even remainder two games in oneself"

Naruki Teranishi pitcher (of Nomi Municipal Negami)

"Three outs were removed, but they revise and want to gather balls low as body still questions before too much. We can win, and we are glad, but remainder two games want to pin partner to the floor today, too"

The ninth BFA U15 Asian Championship

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Meeting Schedule

From November 1, 2017 to November 5
Wednesday, November 1 13:30 26-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Thursday, November 2 11:00 Philippines 0-10 Japan
Friday, November 3 13:30 Japan 3-0 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, November 4 11:00 Pakistan 2-15 Japan
Sunday, November 5 13:30 Japan 1-0 Korea


Japan (Shizuoka)

Participation country

Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong, the Philippines




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