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Sweeping victory thanks to homers by Soma Uchiyama and Fumiya Kunugi! One more win to take the championship since 2013

November 4, 2017

 The fourth day of the ninth BFA U-15 Asian Championship (Shida Stadium / Izu-shi, Shizuoka) that six countries and areas hung Asia numero uno on November 4 and competed for was performed. We put 15 to two fifth inning Called victory in Pakistan and did SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 which we nominated clear victory for with three to 0 for Chinese Taipei during meeting the third straight victory on the day before with another one win until championship for the first time in 4 meetings.

The new batting order functions; scoring spree

 Achievement of players who should become axis of the batting order led to great victory.
 When Fumiya Kunugi outfielder (of Southern Alps Municipal Shirane Koma) who got out of first inning, the second in the first got to first base by three-base hit as for the SAMURAI JAPAN U-15, catcher Soma Uchiyama which fell down from the first to the third after the 1 out (among private Seiryo) gave off initiative two run homer home run more than left fences and grasped initiative of game.
 Although one point was given back to the back, we added five points of one action to second inning by timely and partner mistake of Masayoshi Yamada outfielder (private Sundai Gakuen Junior High school) and Sei Hamada pitcher (private Kohchi Junior High school). We piled up scores and when Kunugi hit extra-base hit of center over, we gave off inside-the-park homer which transferred fast runner, and came back alive at a stretch and told fifth inning again afterwards.
 As for the hill staff, Takumi Miyamoto pitcher (private Sendai Ikuei Gakuen Shukoh Middle school education school) and 濵den suffered by 1 Run, but Kohtaro Yamashiro pitcher (of Fukuoka Municipal Takamiya) closed forth inning, fifth inning by contents of no hits 4 striking out in good fastballs (fastest 137km/h) and sliders of slalom and let fifth inning Called victory establish.

 While Manager Masahiro Ito (in the Narashino Municipal first) gives frank advice to game contents overnight after victory of the game that really matters saying "players had carelessness", "Uchiyama was going to get to first base at the first, but was one which had swung which went for expectation too much, and put to the third. In addition, we talked about response of the new batting order that we tried on that day saying it turned out that we beat even if Kunugi was what number.
 And, for game with Korea (13:30 plan to start) on 5th, we talked about the prospects to fight that championship for the first time in 4 meetings suffered from saying "we want to value from the first pitch as partner was power baseball that was good enough from the first ball".
 SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 which Asia was number one and bet check on. It is a pleasure while pressure appears what kind of pulse players show.

Comments by Players

Soma Uchiyama catcher (among Seiryo)

"We had broken form of swing, but were able to swing in good form today. As next is the last game to fight by this team, we gain a complete victory by power of all the members, and Asia wants to become number one"

Fumiya Kunugi outfielder (of Shirane Koma)

"We are relaxed (four hits and favorable condition continue today) and are aware of not hitting-and-running, and swinging ball which came. Next becomes important fight. We change feeling and want to win the championship at team bullet today as game contents were bad"

Kohtaro Yamashiro pitcher (of Takamiya)

"We prepared from once. It becomes future confidence to have got many strikeouts in such an international stage. We want to keep calling and the making of good atmosphere in mind without losing feeling even if game with Korea does not have chance coming out"

The ninth BFA U15 Asian Championship

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Meeting Schedule

From November 1, 2017 to November 5
Wednesday, November 1 13:30 26-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Thursday, November 2 11:00 Philippines 0-10 Japan
Friday, November 3 13:30 Japan 3-0 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, November 4 11:00 Pakistan 2-15 Japan
Sunday, November 5 13:30 Japan 1-0 Korea


Japan (Shizuoka)

Participation country

Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong, the Philippines




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