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The team as one won the pitching duel against South Korea and claimed a perfect victory since 2013

November 5, 2017

 The fifth day of the ninth BFA U-15 Asian Championship (Shida Stadium / Izu-shi, Shizuoka) that six countries and areas hung Asia numero uno on November 5 and competed for was performed. SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 which faced final match by four clean scores won by one to 0 winning in the bottom of the ninth inning in fierce battle with Korea which aimed at upset victory from three wins one defeat and carried out championship of the way of 4 meetings second.

The new batting order functions; scoring spree

 SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 met pinch from first inning. Is 2 hit by pitch without control of the starting right arm, Ginya Ogihara pitcher (among private Seiryo) being decided; 1 out 1B, third base. But Masayoshi Yamada infielder (private Sundai Gakuen Junior High school) of the captain handles grounded out to 1B of strong hit of partner cleanup hitter hitters calmly here. At first we drove the third base runner who jumped out halfway into rundown play, and completed double play when we stepped on first base and escaped from pinch.
 As for the hill staff, the Korean batting order suppressed 3 innings in no Run 3 innings, left arm, Haruka Nemoto pitcher (among Shiraoi Municipal white Sho) Ogiwara. On the other hand, the batting order which wanted to give protection point invited the last inning without being able to step on home without another one appearing before handling of dignified mound of the Korean starting right arm, KWON JI MIN pitcher.
 And guardian deity, Naruki Teranishi pitcher (of Nomi Municipal Negami) held top of the seventh inning in check in three people with a slam, and higher than draw were settled at this point in time, and championship was decided. But we just aimed at complete championship as Manager Masahiro Ito (in the Narashino Municipal first) looked back saying "PH wanted to win".
 Then outfielder Fumiya Kunugi of meeting peak form (of Southern Alps Municipal Shirane Koma) just stood in turn at bat after 1 out when top Teranishi invited error of third baseman at other party by obstinate blow and advanced to second base.
 Kohtaro Yamashiro infielder (of Fukuoka Municipal Takamiya) who advanced to third base in pinch runners when Kunugi carries the batted ball by splendid bat control in front of center here is the safe return. Complete championship of five wins clean score was decided by winning in the bottom of the ninth inning, and players jumped out of dugout and rushed to at full speed to Kunugi and shared joy.
 After having finished tossing shoulder-high into the air, Manager Ito showed smile of the whole face saying "we are glad". And the bull pen praises seisui*toshu (in Takasaki Municipal Naganogo) which waited saying, "intended to exchange with him as soon as there was dangerous scene" after starting pitch of first match in many scenes; "is Shimizu gaitekuretakarakosono championship. In addition, we ate words of thanks to central figures of shadow saying we heaped up in dugout, and Sei Hamada (private Kohchi Junior High school) volunteered for position.
 If there were many players at participation opportunity to game, naturally there were few players, but result that each person thought about what you could do well for team was connected in delight for the first time in 4 meetings.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Masahiro Ito

"Pitcher is the first cause of victory. There was concentration of the here first. As for Kunugi, splendid thing had against stress after we changed to blow to swing. Hero was born every one game and let you feel when possibility was infinite"

Fumiya Kunugi outfielder (of Shirane Koma)

※Batting average. We record 588 and get meeting MVP
As "there was good hitters behind, we stood in turn at bat with feeling to be allowed to strike out. It is feeling whether is good by oneself (as for the MVP). We took communication with all the teams and were relaxed and were able to face game. We regard this memory as important and want to make unrefined play in future"

Haruka Nemoto pitcher (among white Sho)

"We had taken out walk by game with first Hong Kong, but we could revise after greatly giving foot from Chinese Taipei round, and throwing relaxedly, and it was possible for it today. As thing that I run out of was found in oneself through days and game with high-level friends, we want to keep alive in the future"

The ninth BFA U15 Asian Championship

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From November 1, 2017 to November 5
Wednesday, November 1 13:30 26-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Thursday, November 2 11:00 Philippines 0-10 Japan
Friday, November 3 13:30 Japan 3-0 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, November 4 11:00 Pakistan 2-15 Japan
Sunday, November 5 13:30 Japan 1-0 Korea


Japan (Shizuoka)

Participation country

Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong, the Philippines




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