Join of coach Masaru Takeda, long-term activity, and international experience for the future [Review of the 9th BFA U-15 Asian Championship]

November 6, 2017

 The ninth BFA U-15 Asian Championship which closed curtain by championship of the way of 4 meet second of Japan on November 5. As for the thing which SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 got at this meeting, there are various things as well as long-cherished laurels.

What Masaru Takeda coach wanted to convey

"View on baseball changed in ten days with Takeda"
 It is Manager Masahiro Ito (in the Narashino Municipal first) who commanded the second following meeting last time in 2015 that talked so. NPB experienced person joins instruction formation of SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 by rubber-ball boys who plays baseball as coach from this time. Masaru Takeda who pitcher of Nippon-Ham included two columns of consecutive victory for four years, and played an active part joined from camp just before meeting and hit instruction. Role there did not remain only for role as Pitching coach. We clowned proactively and were ridiculous for players and volunteered for the making of atmosphere of team positively.
 Takeda coach said, "we want so playful thing to notice that hint hid in that even if we said" when we asked the real intention at place away from players. As for what there is in the root, it be said with "thing to enjoy baseball even if often hard".
 Manager Ito "was earnest, stoic one. Consideration is great and always works earlier. It is said that we realized importance of independence asked in higher than high school student more again saying we thought that it is not human being who became independent that we cannot play in professionals.

Long-term activity and international experience brought

 The beginning of organization had atmosphere that declined, but players shared the food and sleep in long term, and a sense of unity became strong whenever we repeated practice and games.
 And existence such as seisui*toshu (in Takasaki Municipal Naganogo) which did not neglect preparations owing to Sei Hamada pitcher (private Kohchi Junior High school) and climax and fight with Chinese Taipei and Korea where it was that became mood maker in the bull pen to be able to leave for mound anytime was born from warm-up proactively, and Manager Ito provided their devotion in mouth many times. We lowered the corner of the eye saying Takeda coach "was glad of having been seen in what player became adult, and grew up in feeling of strain".

 And it is irreplaceable property to have been able to fight against the foreign countries group of characteristic unlike Japan. sumomo*薰toshu of Chinese Taipei which started in advance by game with Japan threw in fastballs of fastest 147km/h from high stature of 191cm, and MLB baseball team was just plural talented people as they came for inspection of meeting. When each hitters ascertains calmly and collects the runner in course of a pitched ball of such non-experience in walk, infielder Riku Kamizato (among Haebaru Municipal Nansei) rolls persistently in front of center and scores the first. We win by complete blockade afterwards without permitting counterattack of partner by nice pitching and good defense. Game with Korea of final match did not let partner set foot on platform, too and made few chances thing.
 In addition, we showed copybook to Hong Kong, Philippines, Pakistan where there was ability difference in by accurate high play in order to convey good baseball of Japan. It is to be connected for development of the future Asia baseball world as this does eager play that Pakistan which experienced meeting last time mistakes this time, and having raised victory from Hong Kong.
 And aim of the next Age Range and play, behavior that it was were demanded from live streaming with picture under influence carried out without remaining in dispatch of article this time. Story yoni, the very role were fulfiled Manager Ito in that saying "rubber-ball was able to send when but we could play".
 For players whom this meeting participated in, it must be all people whom it was concerned with again to have been significant meeting that brought new vision and sense of values.

The ninth BFA U15 Asian Championship

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From November 1, 2017 to November 5
Wednesday, November 1 13:30 26-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Thursday, November 2 11:00 Philippines 0-10 Japan
Friday, November 3 13:30 Japan 3-0 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, November 4 11:00 Pakistan 2-15 Japan
Sunday, November 5 13:30 Japan 1-0 Korea


Japan (Shizuoka)

Participation country

Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong, the Philippines




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