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Lee Jung-hoo, son of Lee Jong-Beom who was a Chunichi player, got a game-winning hit, allowing South Korea to defeat Chinese Taipei

November 17, 2017

 On Friday, November 17, the second day of "ENEOS Asia professional baseball championship 2017" was performed in Tokyo Dome. It was Korea which lost after ten times of extension in Manager Atsunori Inaba SAMURAI JAPAN to lead in Opening Game, but we defeated Chinese Taipei in close competition with one to 0 on that day and did Final Game advance that it was certain.

Thoroughbred which is described as "quality more than father"

 rinkiutsuritoshu (Kia Tigers) of the side hand right arm went up Korea without the back to starting mound for championship. So that was the Chinese Taipei batting order where seven L hitters forms a line, but Sun Dong-yol director (former Chunichi Dragons pitcher) tells, "thought that rather is effective for the left hitters as there is change-up good at all", change-up that has a slight sinker of the left hitters was low outside, and was fixed effectively. It was Sun Dong-yol director "who was five or six times of plans" at first, but we threw 109 pitches of seventh inning and kept out the Chinese Taipei batting orders by nice pitching with more than of expectation called two hits of no Run.
 On the other hand, the batting order was not able to readily take score in front of starting left arm, hinekanutoshu (Chiba Lotte Marines) of Chinese Taipei, but sumomomatsurigotoatsugaiyashu (Nexen Heroes) decided game.
 It was timely three-base hit to hit directly to right fence when we played the curve that entered indulgently of hinekanu from two outs first base in sixth inning back, and this became the final goal.
 The eldest son of sumomo*hanshi that sumomomatsurigotoatsu ever plays an active part in Chunichi Dragons and brings meeting along as coach now. We left 179 hits (league third place Thailand) to update new face most hit record in domestic league of this year in spite of being the high-school graduate first year. For the active play era father, *hanshi and Sun Dong-yol supervision that played "meat power is splendid. We appreciated with player with quality more than father and became form to meet the fifth used by result

 On the other hand, Hong Yi-Chung director of Chinese Taipei which lost dropped shoulder in unexpected development to score of one to 0 saying "hill staff who had uneasiness well held out, and hitters formation which there was of confidence has been suppressed".
 We looked ahead for fight with SAMURAI JAPAN on 18th when it was not lost for Final Game advance saying "we braced feeling up as it was high partner of ability and want to fight".

Comments by manager and players

Korea, rinkiutsuritoshu (Kia Tigers)

"kanshosawahoshu led well and kept the support well. We thought that you must win by any means and went on mound today"

Chinese Taipei, hinekanutoshu (Chiba Lotte Marines)

"Condition was able to face by all possible measures. As pitch of this day was said early, there was not pressure, too. We were able to throw ball of one one carefully"

ENEOS Asia professional baseball championship 2017

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Meeting Schedule

From November 16, 2017 to November 19

Thursday, November 16 19:00 Japan 8-7 Korea
Friday, November 17 19:00 Korea 1-0 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, November 18 18:30 Chinese Taipei 2-8 Japan

Final Game
Sunday, November 19 18:00 Japan 7-0 Korea


Tokyo Dome

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Chinese Taipei national team, Korean national team, Japan National Team

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