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Shota Imanaga got 12 strikeouts in the 6th inning; Samurai Japan got consecutive wins and will play in the final

November 18, 2017

 On Saturday, November 18, the third day of "ENEOS Asia professional baseball championship 2017" was performed in Tokyo Dome. SAMURAI JAPAN which faced Chinese Taipei won a clear-cut victory with eight to two and won 2 straight victories and decided the preliminary first place passage.

We are not shaken unluckily

 Because we declined by trouble in college student days, Shota Imanaga pitcher (YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS) which became with the first SAMURAI JAPAN fully showed characteristic by the superlative performance and led SAMURAI JAPAN to Final Game advance.
 When we went on mound, we looked back saying "there was unique feeling of strain in the first Uniform", but we took all the outs away from first inning by struck out swinging and showed excellent start. Then, in second inning just after that, we give off solo home run that Shuta Tonosaki outfielder (Saitama Seibu Lions) jumps into reverse light stand and succeed in the initiative.
 We go berserk, and Imanaga encouraged in this more takes 8 strikeouts to third inning mainly on fastballs which no is good for.
 And it is forth inning to have become this game biggest highlight. We invited no outs 1B, pinch of third base with infield fly that small fried food clogged up fell in front of second baseman plop and second base bad throw of infielder Hotaka Yamakawa (Saitama Seibu Lions).
 But it was here, and we cut and took, and Imanaga did not permit three persons continuation struck out swinging of the best part tie score saying "mistake of Yamakawa was aggressive and we thought that it was "chance to be able to gain trust of all" with pinch unintentionally and threw this as it was result that we performed".
 Then we got two points of protection from fifth inning by two-base hit of Yota Kyoda infielder (Chunichi Dragons), and Imanaga went down mound by completely near contents called sixth inning three hits 12 striking out.
 Furthermore, SAMURAI JAPAN adds three points to seventh inning by two-base hits of Go Matsumoto infielder (Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters) after this. We add one point of double check to eighth inning by infield fly of Kyouda, and 8 gets a score. We suffered 2 Run in the last inning, but we show baseball with a few chances in offense and defense and win 2 straight victories. SAMURAI JAPAN decided Final Game advance with Korea (one win one defeat).

Comments by manager and players

Manager Atsunori Inaba

"Imanaga did expected splendid throw. Attack tied well. Another point of fifth inning was big. We used bunt and sent the runner today as check of partner pitcher was good. Sotozaki attacks space and steals the third base, and, as for the baseball that we want to play, there is 80%. We get victory by power of all and want to take the final"

Shota Imanaga pitcher (YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS)

"We talked with Tamura (ryuhiromehoshu) and talked to use inside. We were able to throw at mitt of Tamura without straining. It is not that me alone is relieved because we won today. We want to prepare well tomorrow"

Shuta Tonosaki outfielder (Saitama Seibu Lions)

"Sense that we hit (scene of home run) was good, but was running when beyond brain of outfielder. It is like a dream that one lap of ground was done in this Uniform. There is much pitcher of the first Opponent, but it seems to be oneself and is aggressive can hit"

Chinese Taipei, Hong Yi-Chung director

"We have been completely held in check by Japanese pitcher. There was not hand to show. It was result called straight defeat, but there was thing which learned. This failure will lead us to better place"

ENEOS Asia professional baseball championship 2017

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Meeting Schedule

From November 16, 2017 to November 19

Thursday, November 16 19:00 Japan 8-7 Korea
Friday, November 17 19:00 Korea 1-0 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, November 18 18:30 Chinese Taipei 2-8 Japan

Sunday, November 19 18:00 Japan 7-0 Korea


Tokyo Dome

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Chinese Taipei National Team, Korean national team, Japan National Team

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November 6, 2017 starting pitcher edition
November 7, 2017 relief, relief pitcher edition
November 8, 2017 catcher edition
November 9, 2017 infield knitting by hand
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