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Perfect victory! Kazuto Taguchi pitched for scoreless seven innings, while Shuta Tonosaki got game-winning hits on consecutive days, allowing him to win the MPV

November 19, 2017

 On Sunday, November 19, the final of "ENEOS Asia professional baseball championship 2017" is carried out in Tokyo Dome, and SAMURAI JAPAN wins a clear-cut victory over Korea with seven to 0. Perfection of three clean scores won the first international meeting after Manager Atsunori Inaba appointment.

Throw/Bat is engaged and wins a clear-cut victory

 As Manager Inaba told, "Taguchi did good throw and made good flow", after the game, nice pitching of Kazuto Taguchi pitcher (Yomiuri Giants) was connected for clear victory.
 Although speed of a pitched ball of fastballs did not reach 140km/h, as for the Taguchi which we placed as "the collected studies of this year" and expected, control of characteristic shined. We control type of pitch which goes berserk, and was full of to lenience and severity carefully and make fun of the Korean batting order. We repeated out steadily.
 Then outfielder Shuta Tonosaki giving off initiative home run (Saitama Seibu Lions) gives off timely more than right overhead, and, in four times of batting orders, even game with Chinese Taipei on the day before succeeds in the initiative from no outs 1B, second base. It followed that we met trust of Manager Inaba who judged, "right-handed was good (even if not hit), and advancement PH can beat from Miyazaki camp".
 We permitted Korea consecutive hits from 2 out in fifth inning, but Taguchi gets ho珉unaiyashu (NC Dinos) out on grounded out to 2B and gets away from pinch. Taguchi achieved courageous shout.
 When SAMURAI JAPAN which did not hand force in this gave off timely which Sotozaki fell into in fifth inning this time in front of left field, infielder Ryoma Nishikawa (Hiroshima Toyo Carp) gave off two-base hit to break between the right and center, too and raised three points in this time. Furthermore, Nishikawa hammered in insurance solo home run into light stand in two points of timely, eighth inning of infielder Hotaka Yamakawa left cleanup hitter to with all three games in seventh inning (Saitama Seibu Lions) and raised 7 scores in total.
 When Taguchi suppresses hill staff in three hits of no Run to seventh inning, close without eighth inning permitting the runner that Yasuaki Yamasaki pitcher (YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS) is alone Tsuyoshi Ishizaki pitcher (Hanshin Tigers), ninth inning, and game is over.
 For Korea which fought to extension tie-break in Opening Game, this day overwhelms Throw/Bat together, and SAMURAI JAPAN acquires the first throne of this meeting. Sotozaki who showed clutch blow day after day was chosen as MVP.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Atsunori Inaba

"It was players of young Age Range, but we united and were able to fight while feeling heaviness to carry the Japanese flag on its back. We acquire study more and yet more, and myself am we want to play with everybody to win gold medal by 2020 Summer Olympics"

Shuta Tonosaki outfielder (Saitama Seibu Lions)

"We are really glad that we were able to win the championship. As it turned around by chance, we were going to meet expectation. As confidence comes, we want to provide own color from now on"

Kazuto Taguchi pitcher (Yomiuri Giants)

"We were tense, but we could take out one by one and were able to feel rhythm. As we did not meddle with ball ball on seeing Korean picture, low control that was characteristic thought that it was to key. We are devoted every day and want to play with Manager Inaba again"

Korea, Sun Dong-yol director

"Hitters have strained before lenience and severity and control of Taguchi pitcher. Good experience, lesson was possible through this meeting three games. For Tokyo Olympics of 2020, it was meeting that we were able to learn when there was a lot of having to prepare"

ENEOS Asia professional baseball championship 2017

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Meeting Schedule

From November 16, 2017 to November 19

Thursday, November 16 19:00 Japan 8-7 Korea
Friday, November 17 19:00 Korea 1-0 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, November 18 18:30 Chinese Taipei 2-8 Japan

Sunday, November 19 18:00 Japan 7-0 Korea


Tokyo Dome

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Chinese Taipei National Team, Korean national team, Japan National Team

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November 6, 2017 starting pitcher edition
November 7, 2017 relief, relief pitcher edition
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