Summary of the Inaba Japan’s first participation in ENEOS Asia Professional Baseball Championship 2017 highlighting the powerful offense and defense plays

November 20, 2017

Three Japan won complete championship by clean score, and "ENEOS Asia professional baseball championship 2017" got the first throne. When we took Atsunori Inaba new director which took office as director of SAMURAI JAPAN Top Team from this year, it was at excellent start.

 Participation qualifications of meeting were less than 24 years old (after January 1, 1993 / Date of Birth) or three and limit were just established "Overage" which did not correspond to these two points within joining an organization 12th grade. Rise of player who aimed at the core of future SAMURAI JAPAN in that became reassuring for Manager Inaba.  Both left arms of Shota Imanaga pitcher (YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS) and Kazuto Taguchi pitcher (Yomiuri Giants) carried out three hits of sixth inning no Run, three hits of seventh inning no Run and each starting role in pitcher sufficiently in the forerunner. Speed of a pitched ball of fastballs often did not reach 140km/h, but interlaced breaking ball centering on fastballs with growth skillfully together. "There was not hand (the measures) to show" (Chinese Taipei, Hong Yi-Chung director), and sigh leaked from manager which faced with (Korea, Sun Dong-yol director) whom "it was readily said as for the pitcher with all these control, and there was not".
 In addition, we pitched for two games, and Yasuaki Yamasaki pitcher (YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS) held 1 inning in check in three people guardian deity who accomplished outstanding performance in season of NPB each, too. By game with Korea of Opening Game in particular, we pitched in top of the ninth inning of one point of behind and drew flow to the later tie score drama.

 Shuta Tonosaki outfielder (Saitama Seibu Lions) gives two games winning runs batted in that continue in fielders; four runs batted in, batting average. We get MVP by 462 achievement. It is more likely to be really useful utility that base running technology and Uchino who let steal of the third base that pointed out chance of partner pitcher succeed daringly can protect.
 In addition, meeting was batting average ranking that it went, and player of SAMURAI JAPAN linked the name with Ryoma Nishikawa infielder (batting average .636/ Hiroshima Toyo Carp), Kensuke Kondo catcher (batting average .583/ Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters), Sotozaki, Go Matsumoto outfielder (batting average .400/ Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters) from the first place to fourth place Thailand.
 There is failure of bunt several times while there was active steal like the said article on strategy side and wants to give precision more. We want to expect this part for words of Manager Atsunori Inaba who said, "myself want to study more and yet more". In spite of being director first menstruation omen, command that rich international experience that we loaded as player and coach including flexible player used which accepted continual pitching and partner pitcher of hill staff who made role clear after selection shined was at every turn.

 And strength of Solidarity power has thing succeeded from Former Manager Hiroki Kokubo Era, and this national team tells Manager Inaba, "he/she played at ease happily" particularly because age group between players is near while feeling heaviness to carry the Japanese flag on its back.
 And Korea, Chinese Taipei of the same Asia and experience that worked together in competition will be precious property in future. Because manager said, "it was meeting with much learning" in chorus, size of the significance is transmitted through it with the two countries.
 Pennant race of this year finished all schedules in this. It is a pleasure what kind of form young players who just got valuable experience and confidence at meeting heap up the whole baseball world in in after next year.

ENEOS Asia professional baseball championship 2017

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Meeting Schedule

From November 16, 2017 to November 19

Thursday, November 16 19:00 Japan 8-7 Korea
Friday, November 17 19:00 Korea 1-0 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, November 18 18:30 Chinese Taipei 2-8 Japan

Sunday, November 19 18:00 Japan 7-0 Korea


Tokyo Dome

Entered team

Chinese Taipei National Team, Korean national team, Japan National Team

SAMURAI JAPAN player introduction

November 6, 2017 starting pitcher edition
November 7, 2017 relief, relief pitcher edition
November 8, 2017 catcher edition
November 9, 2017 infield knitting by hand
November 10, 2017 outfield knitting by hand




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