Game Report

It is won a great victory with six runs batted in of the starting left arm, Itto Morokuma by the Matsuyama-shi selection! Game against Australia will be held on 25th

November 24, 2017

 On November 24, U-15 Asia Challenge Match 2017 began in Matsuyama Stadium of Ehime. We fought against the Matsuyama-shi selection by first match, and SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 became great victory departure by 11 to one seventh inning Called victory.

Even if throw; forth inning one hit 9 striking out

 Itto Morokuma pitcher (Sakura little senior) which it was Giants cup which competed for the best junior high school hardball baseball in Japan that the forerunner of important first match was left, and became championship pitcher. We stole first inning with walk and it was wild pitch and we permitted, but we resembled and got back one point of initiative several times with own bat.
 SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 is walk, mistake, wild pitch of partner, and bottom of the first inning catches up with tie score immediately. Then, in second inning, top Tomoya Yanagino infielder (Kobe center little senior) is going to the first base by two-base hit to break between the left average saying "we wanted to go to base by any means". We succeeded when we hit hit that Morokuma lost persistently in front of left field after 1 death that Yanagino came back alive through touches of catcher well and led.
 Furthermore, when Morokuma hits two points of timely in third inning to before center, we give off three-base hit to break between the right and center in fifth inning, and three points are timely again. We gave the sixth run batted in to laugh at saying "it is not (team) team".
 Morokuma was throw, but we pulled power after second inning well saying "we let you kept good point of tempo that was characteristic alive and hit and were going to take" and regained presence of mind. And is weapon when fix count with slider and curve; go berserk; of no good 120km/h Taizhong board straight, took strikeout away in sequence, and did not give the Matsuyama-shi selection batting order another point by forth inning one hit 9 striking out.

 In sixth inning, we gave off two-base hit of fence direct hit of Takayoshi Yamamura infielder (Musashi Fuchu little senior) of participation on the way and raised eleventh point of double check by sacrifice fly of catcher pinch hitter, Soma Futamura (Gifu east Boys) when we did Sanshin afterwards.
 As for the hill staff who received the back of Morokuma, Shunnosuke Takada pitcher (fresh Kushikino dreams), Shu Fujita pitcher (Sakura little senior), Naruya Wada pitcher (southern country young people Mariners) controlled by 1 inning in no Run, and it was good departure by 11 to one seventh inning Called victory SAMURAI JAPAN U-15.  We face Australia from 10:00 on 25th.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Takayuki Shimizu

"Players showed power while there was strain of first match. Morokuma did the best in Throw/Bat well. We will talk about given problem in meeting from now on and want to face in state that will be better tomorrow today"

Itto Morokuma pitcher (Sakura little senior)

"First inning was tense very much, and ball had been stormy, but tempo of characteristic kept good throw in mind after second inning. 9 strikeouts are the results. Blow was able to show power in well-conditioned one from the day before. We want to contribute to championship by throw that the runner of one does not provide tomorrow if we heap up team in dugout, and there is pitch opportunity the day after tomorrow"

Tomoya Yanagino infielder (Kobe center little senior)

In "previous time, judging from dugout, we were able to get timing of partner pitcher. We were able to always practice sliding by team team. We make play as hard as possible (as for two remainder) and want to contribute so that team can win"

U-15 Asia Challenge Match 2017

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Meeting Schedule

From November 24, 2017 to November 26

Friday, November 24 16:30 Japan 11-1 Matsuyama-shi national team
Saturday, November 25 10:00 Australia 1-16 Japan
Sunday, November 26 10:00 Japan 10-6 Chinese Taipei


Japan (Matsuyama-shi, Ehime)

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Japan, Chinese Taipei, Australia, Matsuyama-shi national team

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