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Nice pitching by Takayoshi Yamamura and four RBIs by Ryuki Watarai contributed to an overpowering victory! Japan will play against Chinese Taipei on 26th for championship

November 25, 2017

 On November 25, the second day of U-15 Asia Challenge Match 2017 was performed in Matsuyama Stadium of Ehime. SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 faced Australia and gave glory to successive victory with 16 to one fifth inning Called victory.

We take 16 points and win a great victory! Good judgment of Uchino shines, too

 By Matsuyama-shi selection war on the day before, it was entering of slightly firm game, but SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 set massive attack from first inning this day.
 When Taiga Nakai catcher (Urawa little senior) gets to first base by left previous hit from 1 out, infielder continuing Ryuki Watarai (Sakura little senior) enlarges chance by two-base hit to break right line. Then we succeed in three points of initiative by infield grounder of Tomoya Yanagino infielder (Kobe center little senior), timely of Takayoshi Yamamura pitcher (Musashi Fuchu little senior), partner mistake.
 We let Australian opening batsman get to first base by unlucky hit in the starting right arm, mountain village, but we hold down the later hitters to tripartite continuation strikeout and show wonderful start. We add two points to continuing second inning in timely of Nakai. One point is returned 2 mistakes for on the back, but teamwork by good judgment of Uchino is fixed wonderfully and controls the later pinch in the smallest Run. In addition, mountain village interlaced breaking ball such as slider and change-up in fastballs of 130km/h Taizhong board carefully and did not let the Australian batting order counterattack.
 The batting order met this good tempo, too, and three times of Watarai gave off two points of timely in forth inning each and piled up score steadily. We added four points to fifth inning in two points of timely of Yuta Nakamigawa outfielder (Bo, Oyama is) and Yuta Asai pitcher (Bo, Oyama is) took tripartite continuation strikeout away finally and closed game.
 We face Chinese Taipei that SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 which became Called victory of two games continuation in this hangs championship in final match (10:00 plan to start) on 26th and boasts of heavy blow to.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Takayuki Shimizu

"One game shop was start that player seemed to get sense, and was good yesterday. Mountain village gave up mistake of teammates patiently while we picked quarrel, and fielding was good, too. We revise given problem today and want to face game in good state yesterday tomorrow"

Takayoshi Yamamura pitcher (Musashi Fuchu little senior)

"The forerunner was informed in the day before yesterday, but there was not strain. We were able to suppress point well today. We were aware of throwing breaking ball low. Hitters includes RBI and wants to contribute to championship tomorrow"

Ryuki Watarai infielder (Sakura little senior)

"It allowed that overseas pitcher waited for fastballs concerning partner and coped with breaking ball. Tea blow having of approximately 400 pitches from 300 pitches contributes every day (as for the superior bat control) in house. We give bat from the inside without opening body and are conscious of turning in axis. As it is only spirited player, we can play baseball let alone high ability happily"

U-15 Asia Challenge Match 2017

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Meeting Schedule

From November 24, 2017 to November 26

Friday, November 24 16:30 Japan 11-1 Matsuyama-shi national team
Saturday, November 25 10:00 Australia 1-16 Japan
Sunday, November 26 10:00 Japan 10-6 Chinese Taipei


Japan (Matsuyama-shi, Ehime)

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Japan, Chinese Taipei, Australia, Matsuyama-shi national team

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