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Samurai Japan U-15 National Team finally won the championship after the hard-fought game against Chinese Taipei

November 26, 2017

 On November 26, the last day of U-15 Asia Challenge Match 2017 was performed in Matsuyama Stadium of Ehime. SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 won championship playoff with Chinese Taipei which faced final match by two wins 0 defeats with ten to six in the same way and won the championship.

Win slugfest, and championship of dignified presence

 For the strong batting order of Chinese Taipei which gave two games 33 score, SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 just sent Yuta Nakamigawa pitcher (Bo, Oyama is) of meeting first pitch to starting mound at the ready. Relation Mikawa sent opening batsman by mistake of teammates, but we suppressed later three people tight and showed excellent start.
 The first hit is born of the back, Ichita Nagumo infielder (Urawa little senior) of the captain who was just meeting no hits, and dugout swells. And we succeeded in the initiative in two points of timely to left field of Sota Adachi outfielder (Shimura Boys) when we extended chance by hit of Ryuki Watarai infielder (Sakura little senior).
 Furthermore, we added four points to third inning in Takayoshi Yamamura infielder (Musashi Fuchu little senior), outfielder Ogawa Yugo (Urawa little senior), timely of outfielder Daiki Ryoi (Bo, Matsubara is) with timely two-base hit of right over of Watarai as a start.
 But we arrested relation Mikawa, and we returned three hits and squeeze for three points, and Chinese Taipei counterattacked third inning, too.

 On the other hand, SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 does not decline naturally, too and adds two points to fifth inning by sacrifice fly of both wells, two-base hit to right of Taiga Nakai catcher (Urawa little senior). Adachi gives off this day second and timely two-base hit that it is and tells the back again when we add one point to seventh inning by sacrifice fly of Nagumo although three points were returned home runs for in eighth inning.
 Finally, control the last hitters in fouled out to C though Yuta Asai pitcher (Bo, Oyama is), ninth inning of the third person given from eighth inning in mound provide the runner, and game is over. Players whom there was in dugout jumped out like a brick, and there was ring of delight on the mound, and players gave vent to joy.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Takayuki Shimizu

"We could win the championship and were relieved. Tossing shoulder-high into the air was glad. We want to thank player. Partner had much hitters with power, but all the members fought tenaciously in the battery center"

Ichita Nagumo infielder (Urawa little senior)

"We could move in three games best and were game that was able to become bullet. As well as one captain, it was team which was able to swell together. Tossing shoulder-high into the air was the highest so far and was comfortable"

Sota Adachi outfielder (Shimura Boys)

As "they presented with the goal of championship, and this was meeting of the junior high school baseball last, it was game that we wanted to beat somehow or other. We were able to mark the opposite direction with each of the two timely for image to connect to on-deck hitter"

U-15 Asia Challenge Match 2017

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From November 24, 2017 to November 26

Friday, November 24 16:30 Japan 11-1 Matsuyama-shi national team
Saturday, November 25 10:00 Australia 1-16 Japan
Sunday, November 26 10:00 Japan 10-6 Chinese Taipei


Japan (Matsuyama-shi, Ehime)

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Japan, Chinese Taipei, Australia, Matsuyama-shi national team

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