Team Report

Perfect three-day camp will allow Samurai Japan Collegiate National Team to make a leap forward in 2018

December 4, 2017

 The "candidate Japan Collegiate National Team training camp" that cadet 50 players of "SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team" which planned participation in American held USA-Japan International Collegiate Series in 2018 gathered last day was performed in the morning at son stadium of Matsuyama-shi, Ehime on Monday, December 4.

 This day carried out intrasquad game of 6 innings system after the warm-up play catch fielding practice promptly. All 18 pitcher which 4 pitcher goes up by 3 innings in mound here, and were just called for camp is pitches. Other pitcher entered the indoor bull pen by turns the other day and made use of reflection by intrasquad game in throw.

 One fielder develops hot position fight in turn, freezing cold on ground like two days from conventional two days. Red Branch which took three points from no outs 1.2 base by Yoshiaki Watanabe (Meiji University 12th grade, infielder), consecutive timely hits of Takaaki Yoshida (Jobu Univ. 12th grade, catcher) in top of the second inning was three to 0, and eager posture that they individual showed than Match Results that delivered victory through three days convinced leap of the Collegiate baseball world including "SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team" in 2018.

 Chairperson All Japan University Baseball Federation director society who is one of the members of a selection committee, Tatsuya Zemba (Meiji University director) gathers 50 people and, just after game, instructs. "We want you to make use of stimulation that you experienced in this camp spring later. And, to one one of the words to want you to take pride in action with "watch, the attention" as national team candidate, players greatly nodded.

 Finally, all menus are completed by cool-down by two Nippon Sport Science Univ. trainer workshops which human trunk training instructed during camp. "We think that this camp was managed thanks to two people. All the members react to Watanabe who told, thank you very much and speak thanks, and candidate SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team training camp for son stadium three days when "it is said because it is said, and ground makes state and had you cooperate very much, and it was in contents" (Chairperson Zemba) invites grand finale.

 And we asked for theme of "SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team" to 2018, and Watanabe of mediator whom SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team member of Universiade which won Japan-U.S. Collegiate baseball championship, gold medal experienced stated personal crop and person concerned with Ehime baseball, "we listened to stories such as shooting for left-hander as the left hitters and were studied while we were, and high-level member made environment that used wide ground, and was easy to play baseball" this year after having spoken words of thanks.

"We were able to win the championship at Universiade, but even if Japan and the United States Collegiate baseball in 2018 is what kind of form, we want to gain a complete victory and are as we drop game which can win by Japan-U.S. Collegiate baseball and have had a loosing record. Therefore at first we want to make from feeling with same consciousness, directionality. It becomes premise that I enter SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team, but wants to advise what we noticed in various ways because we experienced in 2017"

 SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team that the base was piled up steadily in three days in Matsuyama-shi decides director, coaching staff in Manager at All Japan University Baseball Federation society of January, 2018. In Schedule until June, it is 50 people of camp participation and Collegiate baseball, Universiade participation member for 2,017 years in Japan and the U.S. now. And first graders of entrance to school elect the best Japan and the United States Collegiate baseball member who can cope with foreigner from players of federation of whole country 26 that we included in next April, too.




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