“Nippon Express & Samurai Japan” Baseball class for children lectured by manager Inaba and pitching coach Tateyama

December 10, 2017

 NIPPON EXPRESS Co., Ltd. which acted as diamond partner of SAMURAI JAPAN and "NIPPON EXPRESS X SAMURAI JAPAN" by SAMURAI JAPAN baseball lesson were held in Saitama municipal management Omiya Stadium blessed with good weather from 10:00 on Sunday, December 10.

 42 times of Intercity Baseball Tournament meets participate, and lecturer position of this day hits house championship first inning (1964), amateur baseball Japan championship 19 times participation; championship first inning (1994). Player of NIPPON EXPRESS baseball club which produces many ball players including Kazuhisa Makita pitcher (Saitama Seibu) of WBC SAMURAI JAPAN Top Team to alumnus in 2017, coaching staff 27. It is also Manager Atsunori Inaba of SAMURAI JAPAN Top Team, 29 people of Yoshinori Tateyama Pitching coach in total.

 The part of lecturer stood before mic including Manager Hiroaki Yabu of NIPPON EXPRESS at opening ceremony where approximately 100 people participated in led by boy, girl who played baseball in Saitama until elementary school 3 through 6 and said hello to children, and Manager Inaba called out saying "it was time when it was short to become fun so that baseball became delicious, but would like".

 Baseball classroom moves tea blow, pitching, infield defense, outfield defense by four groups rotation after warm-ups such as light running and stretch, dash.

 As for Manager Inaba, voice, "it is good" hangs "OK" to the sharp batted ball as person in charge of tea blow and teaches form to sometimes close how to get and the side of take back in man-to-man with oneself bat, and to move arm. In interval after though "stretch out arm at the time of all batting, and is going to hit impact as for stretching out arm. We bend arm, and near one of body can provide power. We told, you bent arm, and swing with gentle expression and let you sense that which we bent arm and pushed could provide power bodily than we let children push actually own body and we stretched out arm and pushed.

 In addition, reserved mountain coach instructs pitching (how to throw). Oneself stands to child that body fell down to first base side as a substitute for wall and, at the time of throw, advises saying "you step straight forward not to hit person standing on the left side, and throw". Besides, how to use elbow and how to move gloves (the left hand), how to grasp balls taught in total, and they showed smile individually saying "we told as we had ear that there was all concentration and heard and were worth".

 On the other hand, players of NIPPON EXPRESS instruct defense practice of the inner outfield. We catch ball and practice Pitching gerumadeo repetition after catching glove on head so that face does not turn to bottom by infield defense, and doing, and letting body cram basic posture. We confirm movement from catching of grounder to throwing by outfield defense. Furthermore, we practiced movement to run backward, and to catch backward fly ball.

 To corner where Ryosuke Abe pitcher answers question of participants with Captain Manager Inaba, reserved mountain coach and Tsuyoshi Urabe of NIPPON EXPRESS after having finished baseball lesson of approximately two hours in this way. For question "what kind of thing is Manager Inaba thinking about when entered turn at bat?" "own, swinging." It was simple and plain, and reserved mountain coach gave question "what kind of thing should keep in mind in practice?" advice saying "you should practice while imaging what wanted to happen to oneself with purpose".

 In addition, Urabe asked "the number of times to swing bat in practice" persuaded importance of "continuing, and waving bat hard every day than the number of times", and Abe pitcher told knowledge of pitching saying "we play by putting in and out of wide throw low at the time of pinch even if it was breaking ball even if straight".

 After rock, paper, scissors meet that question corner, autographed bat of Manager Inaba are finally "NIPPON EXPRESS X SAMURAI JAPAN baseball classroom" to closing ceremony. Manager Inaba encouraged children saying "please try both baseball and study hard with the goal of what was chosen as SAMURAI JAPAN" and saw off participants by high five with lecturer formation when we left ground.

 We finished baseball lesson, and reserved mountain coach told, "it was the first baseball classroom, but was able to spend good time for oneself in Uniform of SAMURAI JAPAN", and Manager Inaba looked back saying "we are glad of it most if children wanted to wear being attracted by Uniform of this SAMURAI JAPAN sometime soon".

 Thus, "NIPPON EXPRESS X SAMURAI JAPAN" that we were wrapped up in smile and cheers, and children and adults spent four hours happily baseball classroom. We will support future SAMURAI JAPAN, baseball players powerfully from now on while it is always strong, and parenthesis says to NIPPON EXPRESS and SAMURAI JAPAN for children, and there continues being as existence.



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