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“World Baseball” Indonesian Baseball “Baseball caravan in Yogyakarta”

December 19, 2017

Sentence, photograph = kazuto Nonaka

 Baseball caravan which is doing fuyubikku /Dr. stretch state and co-hosting in our Indonesian BIC from last year. We held baseball caravan of second inning in three times of last year and this year, and baseball caravan which became last in this year was located in center Java and held in Jogjakarta City where the old history and world heritage remained.

 Area called this Jogjakarta is particularly administrative city where Royal Family system remains alone in Indonesia, and, including the royal palace, it is in ancient city-like sightseeing spot with gamelan music and shadow play and buroboduru and famous world heritage such as plan Banan.

 Baseball caravan in Jogjakarta constructed each baseball movement instruction and stretch class to club team of baseball and softball in state that they used softball ground and four school visits and charge caravan. It is to have carried out charge caravan at parking lot of plan Banan world heritage to have been strong in impression in particular in this. We went to open space in national Gadjah Mada University at first, but children left for plan Banan world heritage for impromptu idea without all stakes.

 Gather children who were in worship with parents for students of school where came to for visit in plan Banan world heritage and MOS cue in parking lot; and is construction by baseball caravan. We ignored in time for return, and children devoted to "baseball gokko" innocently endlessly were impressive at all.

 By school visit, smile of winning with the highest possible score of big children who cheer, and run toward member of caravan is not still forgotten. In addition, nearly 70 students of elementary school which did not plan participated in baseball caravan by free participation at first. Really glad.

 Character "that Indonesian children do thoroughly if interested" is strong for impression that held baseball caravan in total in 6 cities this year last year. From this, at first we take a lot in that we have you try in the next fiscal year and provide "baseball gokko" as more familiar baseball and spread that it is possible for "baseball gokko" with one rubber ball and strongly push environmental construction connected from this "baseball gokko" to baseball out of "baseball gokko of closing a bargain on the front while being based on problems such as tools at stage before full-scale baseball even if we use soft ball".

 In addition, in the next fiscal year when it is the third year, we take in substantial class program on baseball movement and stretch targeting at the local field first finger guides every Location as part which we questioned on more. In deference to local viewpoint of local first finger guides, we establish class in Sun which before caravan start namely we arrived in particularly and have you receive bare ninatte class so that we avoid class on the same day and perform, and field first finger guide stands with children. And we have you take writing and examination of practical skill after the class. It is program to have caravan to children actually do participation after passing through this process.

 We have much difference feel directly if we see in reverse to share time with not only time when ground and school visit are short but also children for other programs, and to talk about each other's culture and manners and customs, and to have children appreciate videos of baseball that we brought from Japan, and to have baseball feel close more, and to have you have dream for caravan corps and take in camp caravan for the purpose of having work and foreign countries store duty in Japan and caravan activity in future Indonesia keep alive.

 Furthermore, organize improvising team with the staff of caravan corps and caravan assistant corps to make a voyage to from Japan going together from the field in total, and even as for the full-scale baseball excellent; do, baseball gokkodemo excellent; do, and is thinking about performing interleague balls in caravan Location.

 Because there is valuable opportunity that there cannot be usually, "meeting" "can come in contact", Japanese and Indonesian want to construct not only simple appearances but also baseball caravan which they dug down more deeply.

"Future to children!"

 In the bra sazu next fiscal year, we hold baseball caravan for this faith. In the next fiscal year, baseball caravan held request is from state capital Djajapura of New Guinea Papua state which is Location of the next National Athletic Meet in Indonesia. We do big thanks in being able to let you go around area with different unique culture through this baseball caravan, too. We would like the next fiscal year.

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Author profile
Kazuto Nonaka
June 6, 1961 Nissei. We play Nishitokyo national team in national high school baseball championship in summer of Nihon University 3rd HighSchool attendance at school 12th grade.
We enter Nihon University physical education society hardball baseball department afterwards. We disturb physical condition in Nihon University from autumn of 10th grade and stay away from two years and finish the active baseball life. We work in Philippines, Saipan and, after the graduation from university, emigrate to Indonesian Bali in 2001. We begin to tell children of Bali baseball from 2004 and start in little league in 2005. We take office as Bali state national team coach in 2006 and, also, start in club team. We take office as director of Indonesian national team national team in 2007. We participate in championship, Asia championship of the same year as bronze medal, Asian Cup of 2009 in SEA games of 2007. We resign director of Indonesian national team national team and take office as State of east Java national team coach for local state raise afterwards. It is bronze medal in First Runner-Up, national polity preliminary skirmish of 2012 in Indonesia in Indonesian national polity preliminary of 2011 in championship, the Indonesian national polity final in the same year. And we return to director of Indonesian national team national team from 2014 and are a runner up with East Asia cup in 2015.

World Baseball

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