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"World Baseball" Baseball in Nepal, a country that faces the Himalayan Mountains to its north. Report #37 "Honoring memory of the late Khawar Shah, president of the Pakistan Federation Baseball"

February 5, 2018

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 On last January 16, sad news arrived. It is the death of the chairperson of kawaru Shah at federation of baseball in Pakistan. As I was taken care of by Shah very much, we are surprised at sudden news of death, and I am sorry, and it is not. This column introduces baseball of Nepal, but wants to write down about Mr. deep Shah of connection with baseball in Nepal this time.

 Shah founds federation of baseball in Pakistan in 1992 and makes an effort for Pakistani baseball development as Pakistani leader and is person who pulled baseball world of not only Pakistan but also Nishi Asia. Nepal achieved participation to international meeting and participation to world baseball softball league so far, but would not realize such a thing if there was not effort of Shah. Shah is benefactor for baseball in Nepal.

 It is about the first Southern Asia baseball championship held in Lahore of Pakistan in April, 2011 that I met Shah for the first time. It is the first international meeting participation, and, in the university's meeting, I proceeded to Lahore as coach of Nepalese national team for Nepal, but invitation from Mr. Shah suffers from Nepal having been able to participate in university party at opportunity.

 When general meeting of federation of international baseball was held in Tokyo in April, 2013, Shah visited Japan, too and met again afterwards. We received request that we wanted you to cooperate to let Pakistani child acquire international experience from Shah on this occasion. As it was thing by effort of Shah that Nepal was able to join federation of international baseball, I willingly consented to this request. And we were ordered this federation of baseball director in Pakistan residing in Japan (the April, 2015 retirement) and supported activity in Japan to master including "Higashiosaka, Pakistan U16 baseball friendly" which we held in June of the year.

 In addition, "the eleventh Nishi Asia baseball meeting" to become the second international meeting participation for Nepal in December of the year was held in Lahore, and I acted as Nepal national team coach. At this meeting, the leadership was praised generously by Shah and had Directing Award. We still just remember that we deeply appreciated like the yesterday's thing without having you commend everyday activity at the same time from federation of baseball in Pakistan, and being able to tell what is what.

 I was able to see only in international meeting and international conference, but it became the last recently to have met at world baseball softball association general meeting held in Gaborone of Botswana in last October. He/she talked with gentle smile whenever we meet saying "you are Nepal why not Pakistan", but cannot hear the already lines all the time either. Not only baseball but also thing that we performed to sightseeing together in Osaka-jo Castle and Todai-ji Temple, the Tokyo Skytree is good memory.

 It is innumerable to have learned from Shah. If there was not encounter with Shah, current development might not have baseball in Nepal, too. Achievement of Shah is grand, and your loss is big serious injury for World Baseball world as well as Pakistan and Nepal. Not to make any letting route that Shah built cut off, it is necessary to think in the whole baseball world.

 We remember achievement of kawaru Shah and pray soul may rest in peace heartily.

World Baseball
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