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Introduction of Samurai Japan top team players / Yasuaki Yamasaki (YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS)

February 10, 2018

 ENEOS SAMURAI JAPAN series 2018 "Japan vs. Australia" is held in KYOCERA Dome Osaka on Nagoya Dome, 4th on March 3. Press conference is held in Tokyo on January 23, and part of five coaching staff and National team players announces. Two pitcher (DeNA, Yasuaki Yamasaki, SoftBank, Kohdai Senga), catcher one (SoftBank, Takuya Kai), infielder one (Hiroshima, Ryosuke Kikuchi,) outfielder two (SoftBank, Yuki Yanagita, six people of DeNA, Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh) in total. As for this international match in Australia, it is important positioning to be made with base of team which fixed its eyes on gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics and two games that it is. We introduce mainly on the results in Japan National Team of six players elected from today.

 "International meeting debut" as manager of Manager Inaba and ENEOS Asia professional baseball championship 2017 of last November when it was. SAMURAI JAPAN won the championship at three clean scores against Korea, Chinese Taipei of rival who formed Asia a little over three. It was Yamasaki that closed first inning in the last of Final Game with first match with Korea and Korea which faced again. We can grasp 〝 confidence 〟 if we see the used method of two games.

 First match with Korea finishes eighth inning, and three to four. In spite of led development, Manager Inaba put Yamasaki for the sixth person generously. We catch up with by back, pushing out of partner pitcher when we completely suppress 11 pitches of attacks of top of the ninth inning of Korea in three people. We never give up though we are robbed of three points in tie-break and the top of the tenth inning when it was. Victory dramatic on the back by tie score 3-run of SoftBank, Seiji Uebayashi and walk-off hit of Lotte, Tatsuhiro Tamura. According to the good relief of guardian deity, Yamasaki, it had a big time to have called victory of team bullet together.

Final Game with Korea where hung "Asia king" with first match as turn Japanese pace. As for the inning, SAMURAI JAPAN put score on both militaries zero march after the middle stage in 3 in the early stages. Ninth inning, Manager Inaba who led seven points were scenes where there is not save in, but appoint Yamasaki to the third person. It was perfect, and only 12 pitches, this day controlled three hitters by handling of calm mound, and it was pitcher to toss shoulder-high into the air.

"Being really glad that we go last. We want to thank director and Pitching coach, staff"

 It is international stage that it experienced twice in college student days that Yamasaki found aptitude as stopper. We played an active part as the starting pitcher mainly in Asia Univ., but guardian deity is left by Japan-U.S. Collegiate championship (holding in Japan) elected in 12th grade and contributes to championship in four games 6 inning no Run. In addition, we give three wins by relief even in harem baseball week (the Netherlands) when we sometimes participated for four years and accomplish First Runner-Up.

 We devote ourselves to relief after the entering professional. We take important role of closer from the first year, and, in 2015 when we got rookie of the year, it is elected Top Team for the first time by the first WBSC premiere 12. We settle 1 inning in three people for the third person in the Dominican Republic, preliminary league of Group B with the United States together and contribute to victory of team.

 In addition, we killed inning in three up three down for the third person in 3rd Place Match (seventh inning Called) with Mexico in 1 in the last. Perfect game that no runner permits with five games in total, hitters 15 including the Asia championship of last year continues throwing a ball.

 Two seam that winning shot of Yamasaki learned for Asia Univ. Era. From swing of arm same as straight, we almost change by the orbit. It is effective in foreign hitters swinging strong and, in international game that most become first interview, shows the power. There is mound courage, too and has all of nature as guardian deity with us.

 Manager Inaba surveys used as closer in Yamasaki at the press conference on January 23. Yamasaki will adjust aim to first match on March 3 well.

 The Asia championship of last November. When "Yasuaki Yamasaki" was called, we sent seat of Tokyo Dome off by familiar "jump" in stronghold, Yokohama Stadium of DeNA. In Nagoya Dome where this Warm-up Game is held, KYOCERA Dome Osaka, strong pushing by fan will be that it is courage of closer closing inning in 1 in the last.


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Game Schedule

Saturday, March 3 19:00 Japan 2-0 Australia
Sunday, March 4 19:00 Australia 0-6 Japan


Saturday, March 3 Nagoya Dome
Sunday, March 4 KYOCERA Dome Osaka

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Japan - Australia

Introduction of Samurai Japan top team players
History of fierce battle in Australia



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