Team Report

2nd day of the training camp - Members put the camp themes "learning" and "communication" into practice in the intra-squad game.

February 24, 2018

SAMURAI JAPAN Women's aiming at the sixth straight victory stayed in a training camp at great king Valley movement park baseball field of Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki in "8th WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup" (August 22-31 days, Florida, America) secondary to the day before on 24th.

 It is national team experience-rich professional three players in the afternoon in the morning this day that intrasquad game of 7 innings was made together, that got a lot of looks. Infielder Yuki Kawabata (Astraia) and outfielder Iori Miura (Flora) who played an active part in meeting as 3 meeting continuation key player from meeting for Ayami Sato pitcher (Dione), 12 years when we got MVP for 14 years and 16 years. We call out to young players positively at the same time as all three of them leave result by intrasquad game and convey experience.

 Sato which went up for the Red Branch second person of intrasquad game first game in mound controlled two hits of third inning in no Run. "It was oriented to control and threw by 7, power of 80% for the first time. We looked back toward the first pitch with assent face in this season without straining saying it is crop that strong ball was thrown.

 Though we had not thrown in earnest yet, we pitched breaking ball many times. This is because it did not shake neck for signature of Chihiro Funakoshi catcher (Heisei International University). "Communication with catcher is important for pitcher. Breaking ball for breath having a plan for her. Sato which thought how long you were thrown, but laughed saying sense was good. We listened to the thought after having met demand of 21 years old catcher tight.

 It is the oldest with Kawabata in this national team candidates at the same time as anyone is Japanese ace detecting. Full one which we have experience of representing can come to be hard to approach of 36 people in only ten young teams, but Sato calls out to young player by oneself. After this day, own pitch, we had a long talk with Nana Ishimura pitcher (Riseisha High School) which started in advance in same Red Branch with gesture gesture eagerly.

"We talk about experience including difference with foreign countries. As, rather than mission, it is that seniors did it until now. We can challenge partner by power of several times even if we lose in size and power of body when we match power of all. Team where Japan does such a thing. Because because national team must make team in a short term, and person on sushi speaks, bottom becomes easy to tell"

 It is inherited until now even if director takes place of tradition of Solidarity power of team which became driving force of the fifth straight victory even if we largely become younger. Sato laughed with full of playfulness saying "we played with a lot (in young people) and want to draw good place".

 Kawabata and Miura leading fielder are the same thought. As for this day, Kawabata, one run batted in of 3 hits in 5 at bats, Miura are one run batted in of 2 hits in 5 at bats by two games by two games. Let alone showing sample by result, we talk to younger students with smile between practice.

 Miura says. "Team where Japan won with team power. We share experience and keep in mind to be gathered up more as team. As there was part which declined last time as it was mid-sized, but we know fear of world meeting and experience than young children. Myself am talkative and go for talk below.

 Young players gather around Miura so that we are attracted by the gentle smile. Miku Kitayama outfielder (Riseisha High School) who played in same Red Branch "professional thought before coming for camp that will not speak, but is really kind. We brightened eyes saying we want to take in to improve in this camp.

 Manager Megumi Kitta acknowledges superiority of experienced three people, too. "You take the lead and can show sample. As well as play, we pull line and prepare for tea when we have time and. We send expectation to synergy with young person saying young person learns including such a posture more and more.

 25th on the last day moved back practice end plan for rain forecast for one hour on that day. After having performed case batting that we follow the runner after having handled intrasquad game two games, we carry out *da and *shu. On day of baseball pickles, it just became day with full of result in "learning" and "communication" that were theme of camp.

8th WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From August 22, 2018 to August 31


The United States (Florida)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
United States, Venezuela, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Netherlands, Puerto Rico

Group B
Japan, Canada, Australia, Cuba, Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic

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