Inaba Japan wins a complete victory 2-0 – Kohdai Senga got six consecutive strikeouts

March 3, 2018

 Game 1 of ENEOS SAMURAI JAPAN series 2018 "Japan vs. Australia" was carried out in Nagoya Dome on March 3, and SAMURAI JAPAN put victory in Australian national team with two to 0.

 Game in Top Team without age limit which is performed for the first time after Manager Atsunori Inaba took office. We were high-ranking and set member of SAMURAI JAPAN regular customer beside the first, Shogo Akiyama (Saitama Seibu), the second, Ryosuke Kikuchi (Hiroshima Toyo), the third, Yuki Yanagita (Fukuoka SoftBank), cleanup slot, Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh (Yokohama DeNA) and spread the victory system in starting lineup.

 However, game surges into pitchers' battle saying "the finish is earlier pitcher Manager Atsunori Inaba as for this time" as we talked. "0" equalled each other's scoreboards to top of the sixth inning, but it is performance of the best part of Kohdai Senga (Fukuoka SoftBank) of the SAMURAI JAPAN forerunner that made flow. "It is abundant, and international experience is first match of Top Team in spite of being the first national team call in a year, too. The right arm sent off affects by wonderful result from manager saying we want him to throw well.

 Start when is the best by 150 kilos straight pitch and three persons continuation struck out swinging to the third fuse which continues with fork of big 132 kilos of drop to Kennelly of second-rate when we kill first inning, first, George of Australian national team for struck out swinging by straight pitch of 149 kilos. Consecutive strikeouts again tripartite as for the second inning from the fourth perception D RAS to the sixth desammigeru. In this as for the fish director of Australian national team "he has good thing. One of pitcher which was good while I saw. To take six strikeouts successively……. We couldn't but take our hat off saying we thought that it was great.

 Kodai Senga who went down mound by 6 strikeouts "put without feeling of strain as usual. Strike was relieved to enter. We thought that it is in no Run, but look back calmly saying we were enough as it was better result.

 Although we permitted hit, the second person Shota Imanaga (Yokohama DeNA), the third person Nao Higashihama (Fukuoka SoftBank) which caught the back quit follower well and come through second inning in no Run together. It is bottom of the sixth inning just after that that game changed. We were not able to arrest starting left arm, black Lee of Australian national team till the last, but get to first base in walk with a choice of the thirteenth pitch after the first, Shogo Akiyama of the SAMURAI JAPAN top was sticky in start of second person, Kent. When Ryosuke Kikuchi sends steadily, Yuki Yanagita of 2 strikeouts shows to here. As "2 struck out, pressure oneself. Fly before! Without defying with the second pitch after first ball strike saying thought of this; to in front of center. Shogo Akiyama of the second base runner splashes excellent foot and reaches home plate, and SAMURAI JAPAN has the long-awaited first goal in its hand. Yuki Yanagita which served as work by international match for the first time in 12th grade wonderfully is smile of the whole face really saying it "was good we say, and to fly in place".

 As for the SAMURAI JAPAN which does not relax way of attack, Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh of cleanup slot is still timely two-base hit more than overhead of right in dying second base and continuing scene. We looked back calmly saying "we put in the turn at bat with comfortable feeling as pitcher made good rhythm, and Yanagida hit initiative timely" and braced ourselves for Game 2 saying "you were responsible as you hit cleanup slot and must leave some results".

 It is enough for SAMURAI JAPAN hill staff with these two points. Cover which Shinji Tajima of hometown, Chunichi holds seventh inning in check with four hitters, and eighth inning gets the third fuse out on grounded out to SS though Sho Iwasaki (Fukuoka SoftBank) carries two outs two, pinch of third base on its back by teammates error, and is wonderful. Finally, closer, Yasuaki Yamasaki (Yokohama DeNA) of SAMURAI JAPAN held in check in three people with a slam and gave glory to first match with victory.

 About pitching staff which Manager Atsunori Inaba who was the first command in hometown, Aichi took 16 strikeouts in total away from the Australian batting order, and controlled for four hits of sporadicity, as for "the Senga (Ko University), even. Each pitcher used up characteristic and controlled. We send praise saying we think that we live by all means in the future and raise crop about attack saying "we hold out and hold out and gained a complete victory".

 On 4th, the following day, we move the stage to KYOCERA Dome Osaka (19:00 game start) and fight by Game 2 with Australian national team. As for the SAMURAI JAPAN, as for strikeout king, Takahiro Norimoto (Tohoku Rakuten) of Pacific League of the last season, the Australian national team, Timothy Atherton is going to start in advance. Saying "want to try so hard that can win tomorrow"; Manager Atsunori Inaba. It is place that we want to complete in contents, successive victory that result was accompanied by.


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Game Schedule

Saturday, March 3 19:00 Japan 2-0 Australia
Sunday, March 4 19:00 Australia 0-6 Japan


Saturday, March 3 Nagoya Dome
Sunday, March 4 KYOCERA Dome Osaka

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Japan - Australia

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