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Samurai Japan completely defeats Australia for two consecutive games – “Pitchers created good results,” says Manager Inaba

March 4, 2018

 Game 2 that SAMURAI JAPAN of the Japan National Baseball Team which concluded victory within Game 1 (Nagoya Dome) of ENEOS SAMURAI JAPAN series 2018 "Japan vs. Australia" moved the stage to KYOCERA Dome Osaka on March 4, and was performed won with six to 0 and just finished meeting in successive victory.

 As for the Game 2 that changed member except the first, Shogo Akiyama (Saitama Seibu) and clean up from Game 1, and faced, turn, the SAMURAI JAPAN batting order repeated points from first inning from pitchers' battle on the day before steadily, and it was game that two consecutive complete blockade and Throw/Bat were engaged as for the hill staff solidly.

 We do complete blockade relay by 6 pitcher on the day before in one of eyes, and it was Takahiro Norimoto (Tohoku Rakuten) which stood in starting mound saying "there was feeling of strain", but the right arm experienced internationally changes strong pressure into power. Although when showed wonderful start in three up three down of 2 strikeouts in first inning, second inning permitted top moanaroa two-base hit to the left middle; is gear changing at a stretch here. When cut, and take as struck out looking with the fifth, desammigeru, the sixth, Wade consecutively, cast straight pitch of 150 kilos stand for the seventh, shepherd in succession as "breaking ball was not good too much, and was short inning saying is all straight, and let's go", is three persons continuation struck out looking by straight pitch of 153 kilos that is fastest finally on that day. We escaped from pinch wonderfully.

 When Kazuto Taguchi (Yomiuri) which climbed mound from third inning was top Glenn and cut off follower by original pitching that gave up let you hit and took hit for inning in front of center and entrusted Mizuki Hori (Hokkaido Nippon-Ham) with 2 innings in no Run, this 19 years old left arm was the best part. When appear from fifth inning, perfect pitching of person of 2 inning continuation 3 easy retire. Finally, we killed candy RAS which beat against cleanup slot for struck out swinging by Game 1 and looked back in the way that we were satisfied saying what "we were able to do well without being tense was big".

 After that without permitting score by handling of calm mound when Tsuyoshi Ishizaki (Hanshin) which showed power pitching of fastest 153 kilos to equal Yuhei Takanashi (Tohoku Rakuten), Takahiro Norimoto of SAMURAI JAPAN Top Team first call holds down 1 inning to by three each and ties to Yuki Matsui (Tohoku Rakuten) of closer although we permitted top ninth, George two-base hit. For two consecutive complete blockade relays as for Manager Atsunori Inaba "crop is pitcher. It was really splendid. We praised saying, he/she fully showed each characteristic blindly.

 On the other hand, the batting order which was over only in 2 scores receives instructions of manager, "we will take good care of first inning, "1" including the first ball" in meeting before game, and Game 1 attacks asaton of the Australia forerunner from first inning. When Shogo Akiyama (Saitama Seibu) which the first contained secondary to Game 1 plays keenly back in front of left field and gets to first base, Go Matsumoto (Hokkaido Nippon-Ham) of second-rate used takes a posture of bunt promptly. This leads to first base overthrow of asaton when we roll the first ball before pitcher surely, and the hitters runner lives for first base, too. There were report intentional walks of cleanup slot, Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh (Yokohama DeNA) after this, too and assumed bases loaded and two outs, and the sixth, Seiji Uebayashi (Fukuoka SoftBank) was infield fly to in front of pitcher, and good omen took one point away well.

 Timely hit that Shogo Akiyama that first inning made in chance when we tie with singled to right field triggered by going to the first base by partner error after Kenta Imamiya (Fukuoka SoftBank) which entered the ninth was sticky by foul breaks between 1B, second base with the sharp batted ball of the eighth, Tatsuhiro Tamura (Chiba Lotte) top in second (inning). In addition, Go Matsumoto was sacrifice fly and added two points steadily in this time in no outs two to continue, chance of third base.

 Timely which SAMURAI JAPAN which does not relax way of attack makes by Tatsuhiro Tamura, eight, the ninth combination of Kenta Imamiya in forth inning again in chance, and Go Matsumoto breaks between two play from dying 1B, second base persistently. When sixth inning nihamitabi Kenta Imamiya gets to first base by two-base hit to right, we push no use with timely three-base hit to break the L middle of Shogo Akiyama, in front of right timely of Go Matsumoto. Manager Atsunori Inaba nominates "connections from low rank to high rank" for point of the batting order, this day, three hits of, as for two hits of Kenta Imamiya appointed as the ninth, 2 scores, first, five at bats of Shogo Akiyama get to first base with all two runs batted in 2 scores and second-rate, two hits of Go Matsumoto are three runs batted in. There were two times of attacks to begin with the eighth with forth inning, sixth inning three times, but we tied all to score and met by result wonderfully.

 Manager Atsunori Inaba who finished this Warm-up Game in 2 successive victories declares for the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 that approached after the 11th grade saying "this member lays the foundation". However, we promised that we raised team to acquire gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 while calling young person who played an active part in pennant race in future.

 It is undecided about activity of this autumn of SAMURAI JAPAN Top Team, but, in the last year of the Tokyo Olympics, has WBSC premiere 12 in 2019. We make use of this crop and problem in the next activity and charge to gold medal acquisition that is aim.


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Saturday, March 3 19:00 Japan 2-0 Australia
Sunday, March 4 19:00 Australia 0-6 Japan


Saturday, March 3 Nagoya Dome
Sunday, March 4 KYOCERA Dome Osaka

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