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March 6, 2018

Sentence, photograph = kazuto Nonaka

 The 18th Asian Games which is started on August 18 in Jakarta of Indonesia. As for this the 18th Asian Games, holding was planned at first in Hanoi of Vietnam, but there is background where host country was changed to Indonesia by financial difficulty of the Vietnamese government. As holding host country for the first time in half a century, we are making various preparations now in Indonesia.

 Asian Games which Korea national team, Asia a little over three such as Chinese Taipei national team team participate in including the Japan National Baseball Team "SAMURAI JAPAN" Amateur. As readers that this column is loved reading think that it is with saw having an interest very, we want to write down in this clause about venue of baseball competition in Asian Games and Stadium facilities where it is.

 At first Asian Games is held in two places of Palembang of Sumatra which was Jakarta that is capital of Indonesia and holding venue of Southeastern Asian Derby (SEA games) of 2011. We use form distributed to Jakarta and Palembang by each event, but, as for the baseball, holding in Jakarta is decided.

 We build baseball ground newly in gurorabunkaruno general competition facilities in sunayan district of south Jakarta and assume main stadium of baseball competition in Asian Games. In addition, we assume plan to use baseball ground in Collegiate in waramagon district of east Jakarta together as subground. In addition, it is predicted that it is at movement time more than for two hours unless these two grounds usually have a distance for approximately 40 minutes by car and touch guards guidance corps of the police during meeting Schedule. As we think, we guess that team and the person concerned of each national team, supported people set up the lodgings in sunayan district with main stadium whether this part should be warned enough.

 Then we speak Details of baseball ground founded in gurorabunkaruno general competition facilities of sunayan district becoming main stadium next. Ground lays the infield, outfield together natural turf, and, as for the size, 318 feet and center meet 388 feet and international standard 328 feet, right left field. This left field and difference in distance of right come to have a short 10 feet by relations with promenade in the right rear. Seat is established to back seat behind home plate and 1st-base side, the dugout rear of 3rd-base side, but there is not seat of outfield part, and seating capacity of the audience is up to 1,200 people. Ground construction planned completion until the end of December of last year at first, but the current situation is largely delayed.

 In addition, improvement matter is notified about from federation of Asia baseball. As for "the seating capacity of seat, as for 5,000," federation of Asia baseball will carry out confirmation after visit about state of in approximately ten items and the improvement item mentioned above and subground "change from the present white with "change "truck and removal of groove in between turf" "left field and foul ball of right, color of stands and seat which we saw from the ground to plant removal and turf of building stones which we buried in boundary line of fair" and color of seat / chair" to 5m from present 7m by width of truck named fence of center and right "setting of back screen" that "kind of nature turf that improvement matter "half "lacks height of lighting tower 10m" capacity of lighting" is different" "improvement of electric signboard" for the last time again in Jakarta from left field" in the beginning of March.

 Actually, I went for inspection of this ground, but am in condition that accomplishment of improvement requirements is not yet done by federation of Asia baseball. Because slant of roof of the seat stands declined because of a feeling of me separately from improvement matter from federation of Asia baseball inward from the outside, rain felt worry to drift, and to enter ground. In addition, subground of waramagon district inspected before, but irregularities of the infield are severe, and there is process that gave up use because the depths of right are used together with soccer competition and were stormy. Besides, improvement thinks that it becomes use at international meeting with need for the details, but is information that maintenance improvement is not yet performed.

 There is the word to follow volost if we surely enter volost, do specifications that are slightly different from baseball ground of Japan and Asia baseball developed country not feel in various places considerable confusion of player of each team? We want to send to players of countries participating in Asian Games as foreknowledge and people concerned.

 When players of each country national team want you to prepare not to make any stress except need and having injury from the viewpoint of specifications and facilities top as baseball ground meeting built international standard for the first time, we pray baseball ground to use in international meeting, Jakarta that is capital of Indonesia again.

 We report the situation of ground as soon as information becomes available and would like to list about formation and reinforcement practice of Indonesian national team team in future.

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Author profile
Kazuto Nonaka
June 6, 1961 Nissei. We play Nishitokyo national team in national high school baseball championship in summer of Nihon University 3rd HighSchool attendance at school 12th grade.
We enter Nihon University physical education society hardball baseball department afterwards. We disturb physical condition in Nihon University from autumn of 10th grade and stay away from two years and finish the active baseball life. We work in Philippines, Saipan and, after the graduation from university, emigrate to Indonesian Bali in 2001. We begin to tell children of Bali baseball from 2004 and start in little league in 2005. We take office as Bali state national team coach in 2006 and, also, start in club team. We take office as director of Indonesian national team national team in 2007. We participate in championship, Asia championship of the same year as bronze medal, Asian Cup of 2009 in SEA games of 2007. We resign director of Indonesian national team national team and take office as State of east Java national team coach for local state raise afterwards. It is bronze medal in First Runner-Up, national polity preliminary skirmish of 2012 in Indonesia in Indonesian national polity preliminary of 2011 in championship, the Indonesian national polity final in the same year. And we return to director of Indonesian national team national team from 2014 and are a runner up with East Asia cup in 2015.

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