World Baseball

"World Baseball" Step by step with baseball in Kenya - Young Japanese manager/former independent leaguer strives! "Magoso School"

March 14, 2018

Sentence, photograph = *taniyasaki (Kenyan baseball national team coach)

 We came back to Kenya on February 3 and restarted activity. We asked after a long absence to be usable immediately as electricity, gas, water supply stopped when they came back to home. Something is wrong with light, and Wi-Fi lives a very inconvenient life in the situation not to be usable, too. As Kenya is not set in infrastructure still more, we seem to have a hard time in future.

 We had you invite to magososukuru which Japanese ran this time. It becomes Kenyan orphan home here. While children who do not have parent live, we act for study every day. And children sang song of welcome for us.
 We were really pretty with all smile. And we decided to pick up glove and ball, and to show children me. Children stared to tool to look at for the first time wonderingly.
 As we did not know how you used, we performed demonstration strike military ration once. This would be because they did not see, or children chased ball with eyes desperately. Child who it became smile little by little whether children wanted to do it, and voiced saying "we want to do!" appeared. And we remember what raised all hand all at once when we hear with person who wants to challenge children. All the girls raised hand, too.
 As there was too much number of people, all the members were impossible, but had you challenge several people.

 I thought. After all Kenyan is great.
 When we usually play catch for the first time, we receive while avoiding when we catch as scary and it is natural for ball to roll behind, but Kenyan children expose ball to glove from the first pitch and catch.
 Please imagine. Figure that small child plays catch with father in park. Picture that ball which father threw well from bottom falls down behind. There was never it in Kenya. If I think, Kenyan people have good eyesight very and feel that the speed to convey thing which we saw with eyes in brain is very fast. In brief, we think whether kinetic vision is exceptional from other countries.
 It is small thing, but I think that own expertise may be reached by increasing small thing. We think that it is my duty to stretch out good place of children.

 We think that we can do activity to still open baseball to have few think that we have you know baseball of Kenya even a little and are engaged in baseball, and the life changed. It was few numbers, but contributed ball. We think that he/she comes to like baseball in this even a little.
 There is limit only by my power. I think that it is your support, support gaattekosono ji. It is such me, but would like support, cooperation from now on. Please contact if you may be some help.

Author profile
Aim at professional after the graduation with team as high school, Collegiate and baseball club; to club team. We go to the United States towards further height and participate in winter league. We join age Ehime Manda Rin Pirates. We retire for injury of shoulder afterwards although we improve our skill in Independent League. There is opportunity to get to know Kenyan embassy concerning work of father and receives percussion of Kenya national team coach. When visited visit in the field, talk with local players, and is impressed though hesitate about appointment; is the acceptance in directors. We widen baseball in Africa without staying only in Kenya, and birth of professional player aims at WBC, Olympics participation more from Africa!

World Baseball
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