Team Report

2nd day of training camp - Head coach Kido's message for players

April 14, 2018

SAMURAI JAPAN Women's aiming at the sixth straight victory stayed in a training camp in Stadium of Aki-shi, Kochi managed by Aki-shi in "8th WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup" (August 22-31 days, Florida, America) secondary to the day before on 14th.

 As for the intrasquad game to become if camp is the second time, Red Branch wins in 1-0 now. Manager Megumi Kitta who gave instructions to talk about combination of pitches well appreciated eight pitcher and four catchers who participated on that day. As for "the catcher, good condition was able to draw pitcher. We think that we understood the importance of conversation, and battery harvests. As for the Japanese pitcher, the world is number one. We caught reliable response in the smallest Run about pitching strength that it was in union card to the sixth straight victory saying there was indication to go to.

 On the other hand, we gloomed expression when question extended to the batting order which was over to eight hits in both teams. "You must send runner to make use of mobility of quality of Japan. Pitcher was splendid, but accused at player today saying we want you to show it looking for it being just possible for oneself even if you let you throw PC that you tried safety bunt or could not hit tomorrow.

 We tried various options by defense. We appoint Yaya Kojima (International Pacific University) of outfielder registration in second base as a starting member. We let first base and the left wing, Yuka Ogata (Riseisha RECTOVENUS) protect first base in Ririka Tabata (the amount of Orio love sincerity) and Nanako Hanabusa (Nihon Univ. international relations department) of catcher registration. "Public performance performs nine games in 20 players in ten days. We think about every variation, and manager talks about the aim saying player who can follow return number position is necessary three people or around four.

 As for this day, all the members actually handled new position passably. Kojima who got all the start for seven games as outfielder in spite of being infielder registration at meeting for 16 years, "therefore, even Collegiate practiced the infield, and prepared. Infield, both and outfield are enough for awareness as utility pre-yeah saying we want to make that we can do it strength. "Kojima protected second base at the age of high school student, and, as for Manager Kitta, all were good relatively. We confide, troubles increased (selection). Narrowing from 35 to 20 to perform after the last day on 15th seems to carry out an activity hard to please.

 In night meeting, Katsuhiko Kido head coach (Hanshin baseball team headquarters Manager) performed 30-minute lecture to player. It is importance of preparations to have preached. "It is not good and must show technique only by having. Baseball plays sports with interval. Offense and defense do not change suddenly, and the batting order does not turn around suddenly. We predict that it seems to take place and become advantageous if we prepare. Pitcher assumes scene where we employed the runner and puts QUICK by warm-up pitch between innings and puts timings together in form of partner pitcher from dugout if it is hitters and. Furthermore, with scene which it was easy to image finely, we initiated into preparations that there was if we used head. Manager Kitta thanks saying "we tell to careful thing carefully and are saved".

 Presence of wicket head coach concerned with Women's grows big from try out of last November day by day in team. In camp, we compromise with female athlete by oneself and talk in Kansai dialect and take laughing well now. Such as father who is slightly interesting, and is gentle point to point out to player is sharp while standing, and being at position. In base running practice which served as up, we adopt practice of how to cut of start of steal. Akihiro Isaka coach acted as the part of pitcher, and this day practiced making a start two seconds after we lowered some chins. Because "face falls, and there is pitcher throwing in large quantities in ichi, ni plenty. Wicket head coach explains intention when we notice such a habit saying baseball becomes more fun. Besides, we initiated into checkpoint to steal habit with straight pitch and quiz form including direction of difference and tiptoe of gap between right elbow and body condition in set of breaking ball.

 It is battery person in charge, but widens base running and blow and width of advice basically. It "is purpose to have this camp knows baseball well though there is the choice of the personnel and return. Even if when do not notice even if grow, and there is margin, hang zero how; zero. Beat, have be interested except that throw, and wicket head coaching feels hot saying want to return to hometown, and to spread, and hit instruction of Women's baseball.

 New life Women's which gets professional cooperation, and advances. We perform the last intrasquad game on 15th, and 20 people challenging the sixth straight victory are selected.

8th WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From August 22, 2018 to August 31


The United States (Florida)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
United States, Venezuela, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Netherlands, Puerto Rico

Group B
Japan, Canada, Australia, Cuba, Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic

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